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thanks a lot to generally everyone who has visited this website and to all the people who have sent me info and other stuff in the past! Here a list of people that have helped me a lot in making this site what it is now, whether it was by sending me info and news, by helping me, encouraging me, inspiring me or just making this all a bit more worthwhile doing...

Adam Davis for the interview mp3
Alex Poustovoit for news
Alexandru Popescu for the vid
Alli @ fifth amendment
Anders Nivors
Anton Bobrovitskiy for the scans
Anton P.
Arie van der Wende for info and scans
Aubrey & Maxi @ Faithless
Bastian Benzinger
Cameron Brooks

Chris Brewer
Craig Williams
Damon Fadjo for loads of news and coming up to LA in Jan!
Des Mc Gouran
Didimusic in Greece
DJ Wez
Eliane (Sydney)
Emlyn Cardiff
Erik Westlund
Eugene @ Rockstar
everyone @ LGU
everyone I worked with @ opodo
Gary @ new vision
Gordon @ Dirty Dozen
Greg Bedwell
Grit Greenglow
'hated' for the Ukraine review
Hedrock Valley Beats: special thanks to Decky, Frankie and Foxy for loads of stuff!
Helen aka Bruise Violet
Ivan Vukovich
Janus Stark (Gizz, Shop, Pinch, Gavin, Carl)
Joe Cooper for sample spotting
John Fairs
John Roche special thanks for the sample spotting
Jon Stamos for the review
Kamen from Hongkong
Kieron Pepper
Kimmo Karonen
Lexy (France)
Luc Engelen
Maike (Sydney)
Maria Ekstroem
Martin James
Matt Orren
Matthew Franklin @ standtogethermag (Bristol)
Maxxer (Italy)
Michelle and everyone from the Gold Coast
Mike and Angie @ Midi Management
Miri & Maex
Netta, Tanja & Olivia
Nikola and Christo @ New Music Agency (Sofia)
Nismo, Chris Seager, 'TBB', DJ Swift, Marc Neale, Saku, JuGez, Sushy and the other irc weirdos
Olga @ Russias Maximum Radio
Paul Gault
Raf van Gorkum
Rob de Ford @ Anacondadesign
Ronald Kools @ mindstorml
Sébastien Bondue
Smitty & Jane and their Braintree crew =
all snowboarders in Arosa … (aaaah, I wanna go!)
Soren Sloth
Spencer aka Benny Blanco for loads of live stuff, mpegs etc
Spoz and 'chemkeith' for Australia scans
Tal for the banners
the ant for the intro, tomb 'rider' and other shit
The Prodigy: Liam Howlett, Maxim, Keith Flint, Leeroy Thornhill - for the music, the great shows and staying so down to earth with their fans. Great respect...
Tom Ward

Yuki - thanks loads for the help in Tokyo
Zed @ second division

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