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- Here some info about how to contact me and also some info about who I am because quite a lot of people have been asking lately. -


The best way to contact me is by e-mail. Feel free to send me your comments or questions to neko@nekosite.co.uk.
Please do NOT send me any files as attachments without having asked me beforehand, because otherwise i will just delete the whole mail before downloading it.

  about me

Many people send me e-mails and ask me personal stuff, why I am doing this web site, where am I from, etc. So here's some basic info. Alternatively you can also check out my (outdated) portfolio page: http://www.nekozine.co.uk/andrea/

I'm female and was born 18th January 1978 and grew up in the german part of Switzerland. During my teenage years I developed a big passion for various sorts of music: punk, hard rock, and then finally Prodigy's Out Of Space got me into dance. Another passion was travelling, so by the time I finished my high school with 20 I had done youth exchanges with USA and also Japan plus various other travelling around. Immediately after my final exams I went to work at a bar in the ski resort Arosa cause this gave me the chance to work at night and go snowboarding every day. Had an amazing time that winter.

Then got a job for IBM Switzerland where I stayed for a year. At this time also started to get into the Internet and set up the first version of nekosite 16th October 1998. But I also decided something in my life had to change and ended up moving to London in April 99 and still love it here. Now I live in the Shoreditch-Islington area near Old Street . I worked for a year for online travel portal Opodo and just finished my BSc course in Multimedia Systems at London Guildhall University.

At the moment I am working for the games company Electronic Arts in quality control and am doing a full-time MSc in Multimedia Computing for e-Commerce at Brunel University, which alltogether keeps me pretty busy most of the time!

go to visit my portfolio: http://www.nekozine.co.uk/andrea/

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