Liam Howlett DJing Liam Howlett to DJ @ Fabric  (again!)



Friday 21st July 2000 Prodigy's Liam Howlett will have his first and so far only DJ date for 2000 at the Fabric in London Farringdon. Here's some info:

Tickets are on sale now!

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What can you expect?

The Fabric is a 2'500 people capacity venue in London Farringdon with 3 rooms. Friday evenings are called Fabric Live with James Lavelle as resident. On 21st July the line up is announced as follows (still subject to change of course):

Room 1:

Liam Howlett
James Lavelle
Will White (Propellerheads)

Room 2:

Talvin Singh
DJ Die
Bad Company
Electric Lane
MC Dynamite

Room 3:

Ali B. (7 hour set)

It is always very unpredictable what Liam is going to play. Expect some tracks from The Dirtchamber Sessions (e.g. the Mexican), expect Chemical Brothers, Leftfield, maybe stuff by Hardknox or Blackalicious, but also Sex Pistols, loads of Hip Hop, weird tracks you have never heard before and don't be surprised if he plays something completely different than I have predicted here ;P.

Fabric is a really really cool club, but it can get VERY crowded, many times far too many people are in there. Many Prodigy fans are expected to turn up. I have heard from people coming from USA(!), Irland, Sweden and all over UK coming to this DJ set!


I want to go, what do I need to know?

Fabric is strictly over 18's only. I have seen them many times refusing people under 18 or without ID. Make sure you bring your ID! On the other hand they are not too bothered about dresscodes though, compared to other clubs in London. It's still advisable not to turn up in trainers and blue jeans. Fabric is in Central London, so leave your car at home and come by train. Take the tube to Farringdon and when you leave the station just turn left and follow the street. The event is scheduled for 10pm - 5am and will cost 10 (8 MEMBERS & NUS). You can find Fabric @ 77A CHARTERHOUSE STREEET, LONDON EC1M 3HN. Tickets are now on sale on:

Of course the DJ set will be reviewed on Nekosite ( for those of you who can't go there themselves.

Don't forget to bring your lighter, kids!

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