Liam Howlett @ Fabric Live 21st July 2000

"Preview of the review"

So, Liam Howlett DJing at Fabric, London, his first and so far only DJ date this year. Big anticipation had preceeded the set, and of course I had to be there! Now here's a little 'preview of the review' by neko, for all those of you who can't wait to hear what happened and kept bombarding me with questions today morning. A full and much more comprehensive review including some pictures will be available after the weekend, once the big hangover is gone ;)

Liam played for 2 hours in a very very crowded room. Some of the tracks he played have been heard at his DJ sets before, some were a bit surprising. Surprising in the meaning that there was a bit less of the unknown or underground stuff than at his previous sets, but a bit more of what I would say is just 'chart music'! The fact that he played 'Try Again' by Aliyah was a bit a shocker to many of us I'd say, cause if Prodigy go RnB, then God help us! Another 'trip into the charts' was when he played Ol' Dirty Bastard's 'Got Your Money'.
I don't want to complain though, since highlights of the set included the Chemical Brothers remix of Swastika Eyes by Primal Scream and of course the Mexican! Similar to most of his DJ dates last year the tracks from the Dirtchamber Sessions that got played included Rock da house by the B-Boys, I'm Sick and Radio Babylon. Also as at Bug Jam and Fabric '99 the track with the 'Now Hear Dis' sample got played, even twice if I'm not mistaken. Other weird tracks were a strange remix of Bugman by Blur and some weird version of a Rage Against The Machine song. 
Also buzzing to Liam's set were a bald Keith Flint, Ex-Prodigy Leeroy Thornhill and even 3D from Massive Attack turned up! All of them being very down to earth and just mixing with the crowd although being recognized by many people.

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