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On Thursday, 22nd June 2000 at 2.30pm CET the website were hosting a chat with Maxim. I took part myself and I thought there was a bit too many weirdos asking weird questions.

But anyhow, I've got the log of the full "conversation" here:

Everything Maxim says is orange, some of the weirder things have been pointed out in white ;P. The guy called 'Psyko' is the operator of the channel.

Session Start: Thu Jun 22 14:22:42 2000
[14:25] <Katja> "ER" wird sich ja dann wohl mit "richtigem" Namen anmelden........
[14:26] *** Trick has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[14:26] *** Eric ( has joined #festivalchat
[14:26] <Gansha> Neko kennst du die ehemaligen mitglieder von 'freak power'? und sprichst du noch schweizer dialekt?
[14:26] *** Daisy (~jc@ra-uni1-c71-nc.rrz.Uni-Koeln.DE) has joined #festivalchat
[14:26] *** Dieter (~jc@ has joined #festivalchat
[14:26] <Katja> war jemand von Euch auf RaR??
[14:26] <neko-> Ich war I'm Rock I'm park
[14:26] *** Freak ( has joined #festivalchat
[14:27] *** Freak is now known as maxim

[14:27] <PeterSkog> IS Maxim here ???
[14:27] <Gansha> He Neko- ich war auch in Rock im Park! Oasis fand ich Ÿberhaupt nicht gut.... aber Freundeskreis, Santana
[14:27] <neko-> hmm
[14:27] <maxim> hello
[14:27] <Gansha> u.s.w.
[14:27] <Inflicted> hi
[14:28] <Katja> where are you from??
[14:28] <Prodigy> hi
[14:28] *** Psyko sets mode: +o maxim
[14:28] <neko-> Gansha, die Hosen, Slipknot, ratm und golfinger waren gut
[14:28] <neko-> Goldfinger even
[14:28] <TaSTy> hi neko
[14:28] <Psyko> Maxim ist jetzt im Chat
[14:28] <neko-> hi tasty
[14:28] <Psyko> mamim is in now!
[14:28] *** Daisy is now known as angela
[14:28] <neko-> oh, hi Maxim
[14:28] <Prodigy> where?
[14:28] <Gansha> warst du backstage?
[14:28] <ant-hott> hello maxim
[14:28] <Prodigy> hi MAXIM!
[14:28] <neko-> Welcome to IRC Maxim
[14:28] <Inflicted> hi Maxim !!!!!
[14:28] *** Dieter has quit IRC (I Quit)
[14:28] <Benny> Hi MAXIM!!!
[14:29] <TaSTy> hi maxim
[14:29] <neko-> don't all scream at once Kids
[14:29] <PeterSkog> I respect u maxim!!
[14:29] <neko-> stop
[14:29] *** Auto (~jc@ has joined #festivalchat
[14:29] <ant-hott> ;)
[14:29] <neko-> not so hysterical please
[14:29] <Digga> maxim, what about your new record?
[14:29] <Prodigy> let's calm down
[14:29] <Prodigy> and ask him some things
[14:29] <Prodigy> yeah,what about it?
[14:29] <maxim> anybody has any questions
[14:30] <neko-> yes, we have a lot of questions
[14:30] <Inflicted> yep
[14:30] <neko-> ;)
[14:30] <Digga> yeah, tell me about your new record.
[14:30] *** Auto has quit IRC (I Quit)
[14:30] <Gansha> Will you come to AUSTRIA soon?
[14:30] <Digga> who will be on it?
[14:30] <Prodigy> any collaborations?
[14:30] <maxim> hell's kitchen is the new album coming out in september
[14:30] <ant-hott> one question at the time people
[14:30] <Prodigy> cool
[14:31] <Inflicted> When did you start working on the album ?
[14:31] <neko-> maxim: How can I get hold of the tracks from your whitelabel 'Grim Reaper'?
[14:31] <PeterSkog> I had: Two years ago every magazine in finland says, that prodigy is going to broken. that isnt true eh?
[14:31] *** TaSTy is now known as COOL_FM
[14:31] <Benny> How many collaborations like "Carmen Queasy" with Skin will there be on "Hells Kitchen"?
[14:31] <Psyko> one question at the tinme
[14:31] <maxim> there are many collaborations including poetic from the grave diggers,sneaker pimps, divine styler and a few surprises
[14:32] <Gansha> Maxim: Will you come to ATUSTRIA soon?????
[14:32] <Katja> do you wear allready funny,scared contact lens??
[14:33] <Gansha> Maxim: Do you like GOA Sound? and will you come to Austria soon?
[14:33] <maxim> i hope to come to austria to do some press interviews, but as far as shows i will be with the prodigy
[14:33] <Inflicted> Are you going to do a video for scheming ?
[14:33] <Prodigy> Maxim:When are you gonna start touring for the new PRODIGY album?
[14:33] *** neko has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[14:33] <maxim> goa i am not sure what that is
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[14:34] <Gansha> Psychedelic Trance...
[14:34] *** Eric is now known as geewhiz
[14:34] <nekooo> umm, I just got disconnected
[14:34] <Psyko> calm down, please.
[14:34] <Digga> why did you record this solo-record?
[14:34] <maxim> i will be doing a video for scheming and it will be totally different to carmen queasy, it will be out in september
[14:35] *** Giny ( has joined #festivalchat
[14:35] <nekooo> Any plans for the video of 'Scheming' already?
[14:35] <Benny> That is great!
[14:35] <ant-hott> :)
[14:35] <ant-hott> maxim: Are there any remixers choosen for the next single (Scheming)?
[14:35] <Inflicted> will liam be in it ?
[14:35] *** Biene ( has joined #festivalchat
[14:35] *** nekooo is now known as neko
[14:35] <COOL_FM> maxim how is prodigy without LEE ROY?
[14:35] *** Giny is now known as Liam
[14:35] <Gansha> Maxim its psychedelic Trance, do you etnica, atmos,....?
[14:36] <geewhiz> maxim have you written all the traks on your own?
[14:36] *** kjoa (~jc@ has joined #festivalchat
[14:36] <neko> lol
[14:36] <neko> this is funny
[14:36] <ant-hott> hmm some weird people inhere ;)
[14:36] <neko> yeh
[14:36] <maxim> i recorded my solo project because the Prodigy were having a rest, and this gave me a chance to express my own style of music, which I hope you will all enjoy.
[14:36] <PeterSkog> maxim, are you gonna come finland, when "Aleays Outnumbered, Never..." comes out?
[14:36] <Liam> and I thought it was just me being Wierd
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[14:37] *** Ida is now known as Keeti
[14:37] <Digga> why did leeroy break with the prods?
[14:37] <Keeti> hi
[14:37] <Liam> Maxim.. Is there a club tour planned?
[14:37] <Benny> Your music is GREAT!!!!!
[14:37] <maxim> There will be some remixes for Scheming. you will have to wait and see who they will be done by.
[14:37] <neko> there will be another 'fuck.the.internet' shirt byProdigy after THAT chat, I guess
[14:37] *** Fuchs ( has joined #festivalchat
[14:37] *** Law ( has joined #festivalchat
[14:38] <ant-hott> maxim: thank you ;)
[14:38] <Biene> prodigy when is the next album ready?
[14:38] <Psyko> perhaps you should try asking questions.
[14:38] <Maximfan> Maxim,how many tracks are ready for AONO?
[14:38] *** Fuchs is now known as Ruff
[14:38] <neko> maxim: How can I get hold of the tracks from your whitelabel 'Grim Reaper'?
[14:39] *** kjoa (~jc@ has left #festivalchat (kjoa)
[14:39] <PeterSkog> Maxim, How many track is ready for "Hells Kitchen"?
[14:39] <maxim> We will not really feel the effects of Leeroy being missing until we actually go back out on the road. Leeroy is busy doing his music now under the name of FlightCrank and is very happy.
[14:39] <Ruff> Do you have any solo plans after Hell's Kitchen and how's that goin' to influence on your Prodigy career?
[14:39] <geewhiz> i must say that "my web" wasnt all what i expected ... could it be that liam had 2 much influence on that record?
[14:39] *** Narcotix ( has joined #festivalchat
[14:40] <Gansha> ........Maxim.......Which kind of music do you hear privacy?????
[14:40] <Narcotix> afternoon
[14:40] <DJH> will "dog day" or "factory girl" be on your album?
[14:40] *** Inflicted has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[14:40] <Psyko> calm down again, please.
[14:40] <neko> maxim: so what is Prodigy live gonna look like now? First without Gizz and now also without Leeroy, so its 'just' Liam, Keith, Kieron and you left?
[14:41] <maxim> Gansha - 90% of the track on my album were written by myself. But I've bought in different people because i thought the album would be quite bland if it just had 12 tracks of just my vocals. music isn't something to be selfish with.
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[14:41] <Maximfan> tell us about the Prodigy maxim
[14:41] <Maximfan> how many new tracks u have?
[14:41] <Digga> how important are keith'n you for prodigy?
[14:42] <ant-hott> hmm
[14:42] <Inflicted> and what about your website ? what can we expect from it in the future ?
[14:42] <Ruff> Which festivals are you goin' to play next year?
[14:42] *** Moxi ( has joined #festivalchat
[14:42] <maxim> PeterSkog - when the next Prodigy album comes out, we will be everywhere possible - so people can hear our new material.
[14:42] <angela> i heard you will perform live with the skunks at their gig on saturdy in cologne...?!
[14:42] *** noa (~jc@ has joined #festivalchat
[14:42] <Prodigy> COOL!
[14:42] <PeterSkog> maxim, thank you
[14:42] *** Biene has quit IRC (I Quit)
[14:43] <Gansha> ............Maxim............. thanks but what music do you hear at home, in your free time????
[14:43] <maxim> Liam - i do not plan to tour with my music at present. I just want to put music out there which is different.
[14:43] <ant-hott> maxim: Weren't you asked to make a remix for the Eagle Eye Cherry?
[14:43] <passiflor> Maxim, if you werent that famous as you are, what job would you do ?
[14:43] <Ruff> You say that Prodigy is going to be harder and stronger.In what way?
[14:44] <maxim> Neko - I'm not against the internet. I think it has positives and negatives.
[14:44] <Law> Maxim.......Who else as well as skin did you work with on your album?
[14:44] <COOL_FM> MAXIM: I wish u all the best on your new career ;-)
[14:44] <maxim> Biene - the next prodigy album should be out sometime in 2001. there is no rush.
[14:44] <Moxi> canada needs a much stronger Prodigy influence...
[14:45] <Ruff> No singles before AONO?
[14:45] <Narcotix> maxim: are there any artists who you would like to remix, or would like them to remix you?
[14:45] <maxim> Maximfan - We don't like to give out too much information. When the album is ready, it's ready.
[14:45] *** benn ( has joined #festivalchat
[14:45] <Prodigy> MAXIM,will NO SOUVENIR be released as a single?
[14:45] <geewhiz> no thats true! i myself write my own tracks and have allways been a fan...and so ive allways been trying to get in contact with you guys,the nearest ive come is"cosima" she was a dancer on tour and is my cousin you all know her and shes had a child called liam!!!
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[14:46] <Ruff> Have you ever thought of leaving Prodigy?
[14:46] <PeterSkog> Maxim, i just want to ask, that is "Uranus Experiement Track" in the AONO?
[14:46] *** Monster (~jc@p-165-096.zrz.TU-Berlin.DE) has joined #festivalchat
[14:47] *** Bart ( has joined #festivalchat
[14:47] <maxim> Neko - there is someone in London who has 500 copies of it, which I sold to them. i only have one copy myself. i have lost contact with that guy now.
[14:47] *** Monster is now known as MovingSha
[14:47] <neko> oh, I see. thanks
[14:47] <maxim> PeterSkog - all 12 tracks are now completed.
[14:47] *** Moxi is now known as WeatherX
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[14:47] *** MovingSha is now known as MovinShad
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[14:48] *** MovinShad is now known as try2bust
[14:48] <try2bust> ARIGHT MAXIM!
[14:48] <PeterSkog> thank you...
[14:48] <passiflor> Maxim, is it true that you like gardening ?
[14:48] <maxim> Ruff - Yes i plan to write more albums in the future, alongside my prodigy career, also with different artists. Who knows what the future holds.
[14:48] *** Anja ( has joined #festivalchat
[14:48] <geewhiz> how can i get you 2 feature an a track of mine maxim
[14:48] *** Anja is now known as samiam
[14:49] <Inflicted> maybe you could record a track with leeroy....
[14:49] <samiam> hi
[14:49] <Ruff> ok,thanx
[14:49] *** COOL_FM has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[14:49] <samiam> kann mir jemand helfen (stichwort sms)
[14:49] <Benny> Maxim, where do you get your inspiration from?
[14:49] *** noa (~jc@ has left #festivalchat (noa)
[14:49] <maxim> Dog Day or factory girl will not be on hells kitchen.
[14:49] <try2bust> oi maxim whatch think of uk-garage?i mean i love it but did you eva think of somin with 2step breaks???
[14:49] <Maximfan> MAXIM:is there a possibility you will play live with leeroy?
[14:49] <WeatherX> maxim... what music store section would you put your new album uder? Electronica? or is there a more instrumental influence?
[14:50] <PeterSkog> Maxim, What about My Web?
[14:50] <samiam> hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[14:50] *** Homer has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[14:50] *** samiam was kicked by Psyko (Psyko)
[14:50] *** getz ( has joined #festivalchat
[14:51] *** getz is now known as juGez
[14:51] <maxim> Inflicted - my website is still under construction, and is being updated frequently. I'm just trying to give out true information about me and my music.Some sites don't even know my real name.
[14:51] <ant-hott> hi juge ;P
[14:51] <benn> maxim: which of the prodigy albums do you personally like most? and what do you think of hard underground techno?
[14:51] <juGez> hi folks..
[14:51] <Gansha> .......Maxim........I saw you in reading 1996 (backstage) I was afraid of you because of your make-up :-)
[14:51] <benn> juge :)
[14:51] <neko> hey jussi
[14:51] <Inflicted> ok, thanks
[14:51] <Ruff> This is a stupid question but I'd like to know if Prodigy's goin' to play near Croatia?
[14:51] <juGez> neko and benn.. and maxim of courxe ;)
[14:51] <try2bust> WOT ABOUT GARAGE???
[14:51] <Law> alright Juge
[14:51] <neko> try2bust: calm down
[14:51] <Ruff> What do you think about drugs?
[14:51] *** angela has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[14:51] <maxim> Gansha - i listen to a wide range of music. I relax and chill out to Gil scott-Heron.
[14:52] <neko> maxim: Is there a chance that we will get to see Prodigy live this year?
[14:52] <Narcotix> maxim: do you go clubbing much/at all?#
[14:52] <geewhiz> my question was ment seriously maxim! how can i get you 2 feature on one of my tracks?
[14:52] *** Harry ( has joined #festivalchat
[14:53] <PeterSkog> Maxim, i want to ask you, that do you think, that Prodigy is one of world superstars?
[14:53] *** passiflor is now known as Meteor
[14:53] <neko> maxim: aren't you tempted to go to Glastonbury this weekend? ;)
[14:53] <Law> Maxim...Do you ever get inspiration from Rock bands, do you ever go to rock gigs?
[14:53] <WeatherX> maxim... you should come do a gig in Toronto or Ottawa... the people here are dying for a kick ass show like yours...
[14:53] <ant-hott> neko ;))
[14:53] <maxim> narcotix - as far as remixing goes I don't want to get involved in that just yet. I want to perfect my skills as a producer first.
[14:53] <Psyko> clam down please and let maxim answer your questions one after another
[14:53] <Meteor> hi Jaser
[14:54] *** Assel ( has joined #festivalchat
[14:54] *** Assel is now known as COOL_FM
[14:54] *** Daisy ( has joined #festivalchat
[14:54] <Ruff> Summe's here.Are you going anywhere on holidays?Or do you plan to spend the rest of the summer in your studio?
[14:54] <Meteor> Hello Mr. Palmer
[14:54] <maxim> passiflor - Yes i love to see a good garden. But I also love to hear a hard tune.
[14:55] <Harry> Hello Mr.Palmer
[14:55] <maxim> The questions are coming in too fast, so i am sorry if I am missing some out.
[14:55] *** Meteor is now known as passiflor
[14:55] <juGez> maxim.. how many lyrical songs there will be on album?
[14:55] *** Daisy is now known as Hedrock
[14:55] *** Harry is now known as COOL
[14:55] *** COOL is now known as Harry
[14:55] <maxim> geewhiz - I don't plan to feature on anyones music right now.
[14:55] <ant-hott> juge: it is vocal, not lyrical
[14:55] <ant-hott> ;P
[14:55] <neko> ;P
[14:56] <geewhiz> sorry!
[14:56] *** try2bust is now known as ALI
[14:56] <Law> hehe
[14:56] <passiflor> thank you for answering ! Now my noon is perfect :)) Oh, I like gardening,too. My nick explains all
[14:56] <maxim> Inflicted - maybe!!!
[14:56] <juGez> whatever.. how many? ;)
[14:56] <benn> maxim: which of the prodigy albums do you personally like most? and what do you think of hard underground techno?
[14:56] *** ALI is now known as ALIG
[14:56] *** Homer ( has joined #festivalchat
[14:56] *** TBB ( has joined #festivalchat
[14:56] *** Harry is now known as Kith
[14:56] <maxim> Benny - inspiration can come from a good movie, or anywhere at all. It depends on my mood.
[14:57] *** Majo (~jc@ has joined #festivalchat
[14:57] <ant-hott> maxim: Weren't you asked to make a remix for the Eagle Eye Cherry or something like that?
[14:57] <Digga> what kinda movies do you like?
[14:57] *** Majo is now known as birgit226
[14:57] <Ruff> Where do you see yourself in 30 years?
[14:57] <birgit226> is it true that you perform at Hurricane festival?
[14:57] <maxim> try2bust- some say my next single, Scheming, is 2step. But it wasn't intentional, it just turned out that way. It is hard, its real and its me.
[14:57] <maxim> I'm happy.

[14:58] <Law> good, good
[14:58] *** Gaby (~jc@ has joined #festivalchat
[14:58] <juGez> nice
[14:58] <Kith> Hello maxim wold you play an actor in a movie
[14:58] *** Kith is now known as Keith
[14:58] <neko> lol
[14:58] <juGez> ah.. now whe have keith too ;)
[14:58] <Benny> Thank you, Maxim.
[14:58] <maxim> benn - the fat of the land. I like hard underground techno. But some of it is very repetitive and not challenging in any way.
[14:59] <ALIG> wicked man cheers mate
[14:59] <Maximfan> did you like the ROCKWAVE 99 gig Maxim?
[14:59] *** Keith has quit IRC (I Quit)
[14:59] <Ruff> Do you like this kind of interviewing?
[14:59] <maxim> Ruff - of course we will play Croatia. We will play everywhere our fans want to see us.
[14:59] *** ALIG is now known as ALI-G
[14:59] <Law> Maxim...Would you ever consider playing live, in a few years if prodigy split up?
[14:59] <juGez> Finland is also waiting :)
[14:59] <ant-hott> maxim: where are those movie samples from the Sin City and stuff?
[14:59] <birgit226> hi maxim - are you coming over to Germany soon?
[14:59] <Hedrock> Will you be at glastonbury this year?
[14:59] *** Moxi ( has joined #festivalchat
[14:59] <neko> Hedrock: ;PP
[14:59] <Law> hehe
[15:00] <Maximfan> WE WANT TO SEE YOU IN GREECE!!!
[15:00] <Narcotix> i wanna go to glastonbury.......
[15:00] <ALI-G> r u gonna be @ gatecrasher???
[15:00] <Narcotix> wonder how high that fence is ;)
[15:00] <ant-hott> hihi
[15:00] *** DJH has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[15:00] <Homer> what about new prodigy-ishh?
[15:00] <ant-hott> narcotix: long time no see
[15:00] <ant-hott> ;)
[15:00] <passiflor> Maxim, did you change ( your bahaviour) since you are father of a child?
[15:00] <Law> I would like to see one small gig this year, anywhere
[15:00] <WeatherX> mxm.. you should do a mix with Busta Rhymes, that would be the best song EVER!
[15:00] <maxim> Neko - drugs are a very big part of this society. When used irresponsibly can be very harmful. It depends on your personality and your strengths and weaknesses.
[15:00] <Ruff> Well you better!We're expecting you here for ages!!!
[15:00] *** Ruff has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[15:00] *** birgit226 has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:01] <Homer> what about listening to rap-stuff?
[15:01] <ant-hott> it is hip hop
[15:01] <ant-hott> ;P
[15:01] *** Berta (~jc@ has joined #festivalchat
[15:01] <Gaby> Hi Maxim do you play some festivals in Germany?
[15:01] *** Moxi has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:01] <maxim> juGez -90% of the songs are lyric based. There are 2 instrumental tracks. I don't expect people to understand everything, but that's me.
[15:02] <juGez> oh.. that's ok
[15:02] <PeterSkog> Maxim, who has done the scratchs of Pissed?
[15:02] <Homer> its triphop sumthing like drumnbass?
[15:02] <juGez> I like Carmen Queasy a lot
[15:02] *** spencey ( has joined #festivalchat
[15:02] <Law> Maxim...Do you think Hip Hop and rap is bigger than ever with rappers like Eminem come through?
[15:02] *** Gaby is now known as Nukeman
[15:02] *** Homer is now known as Lee
[15:02] <ALI-G> ballox...Law
[15:02] *** Lee is now known as LeeWun
[15:02] <Inflicted> Maxim, would you consider remixing a prodigy track ?
[15:03] <LeeWun> do you know MOS DEF? what about that? any feature?
[15:03] *** Gecko ( has joined #festivalchat
[15:03] *** Tomi ( has joined #festivalchat
[15:03] *** Mag ( has joined #festivalchat
[15:03] <Berta> I like that song with my name - thanks for it
[15:03] *** Tomi is now known as Ruff
[15:03] <maxim> ant-hott - i approached Eagle eye cherry to do vocals. And i have them on DAT, and it still may happen. He did ask me to remix a track for him, but I was too busy and I don't want to do remixes just yet. But respect to Eagle Eye.
[15:04] <LeeWun> is there an LP of MAXIM already? I dont heared about that!
[15:04] <Digga> how important are you and keith for prodigy's sound?
[15:04] <LeeWun> peinlich
[15:04] *** Mag has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:04] <maxim> This is the last question i will be answering. i have a lot of gardening to do.
[15:04] *** blunt__ ( has joined #festivalchat
[15:04] <spencey> Are u quite a big "Animals" fan
[15:04] <Gansha> *lol*
[15:04] *** Biene ( has joined #festivalchat
[15:04] <Narcotix> heh
[15:04] <Law> hehe
[15:04] <spencey> due to sampling them twice
[15:04] *** Gecko has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:04] <passiflor> *smile* have fun
[15:04] <ant-hott> hahah maxim ;P
[15:04] <WeatherX> what kinda stuff you planting in the garden?
[15:04] <Ruff> What do you think,what's the most important thing in your life?
[15:04] <PeterSkog> Maxim, see you in finland!
[15:04] *** Biene has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:04] *** LeeWun has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:05] <passiflor> Hey, did you know Maxim, that the fruits of passiflora are maracujas ?!
[15:05] <Gansha> Hope you will come to AUSTRIA (Voarlberg)
[15:05] <WeatherX> COME TO CANADA!
[15:05] *** Hajo ( has joined #festivalchat
[15:05] <maxim> Digga - i really liked the matrix. Any films that have good special effects and an excellent storyline is enjoyable to me.
[15:05] <spencey> Maxim: So are u quite a big Animals fan then?
[15:05] <Digga> thanx
[15:05] <neko> maxim: Whats the new Prodigy live show gonna look like? First without Gizz and now also without Leeroy, so its 'just' Liam, Keith, Kieron and you left?
[15:05] *** Nukeman has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:05] <Ruff> bye..hope i'll see ya soon
[15:05] <Digga> hope 2 see saturday at the hurricane.
[15:05] *** Girly ( has joined #festivalchat
[15:05] <PeterSkog> Can i get your autograph in prodigy gig???!
[15:05] <Benny> Thank you for your great music. It sounds fantastic!!!
[15:05] <Berta> Digga - i thought it is sunday
[15:06] <Ruff> keep up the good work
[15:06] *** Hajo is now known as Santana`
[15:06] <Inflicted> thanks a lot maxim for coming here
[15:06] <Santana`> hello
[15:06] *** Schaf ( has joined #festivalchat
[15:06] <Digga> urm, sunday then.
[15:06] <passiflor> much love, luck and success to you MAXIM ( youre the sexiest man Ive ever seen !!! )
[15:06] <ant-hott> ;)
[15:06] <Gansha> ::::::::::Maxim:::::::::: thanks.... hope you will come to Austria (VORARLBERG). I will not be afraid again
[15:06] <Law> you have a problem with stalkers?
[15:06] <maxim> Respect to you all. Bye, bye.
[15:07] <PeterSkog> THANX!
[15:07] <Digga> c u.
[15:07] <COOL_FM> MAXIM when do u think to come in GREECE?
[15:07] <Inflicted> byez
[15:07] <spencey> bye
[15:07] <neko> oh
[15:07] <ant-hott> respect. bye
[15:07] <Narcotix> respect, maxim. look forward to hearing more of your stuff
[15:07] <WeatherX> damn how can i cut and paste this/!?!?!?!
[15:07] <Law> bye maxim
[15:07] <neko> thanks a lot maxim
[15:07] <Ruff> c ya
[15:07] <COOL_FM> ok BYE!!
[15:07] <Berta> bye bye - thanks a lot
[15:07] <Santana`> bye bye maxin
[15:07] <neko> thanksfor taking the time
[15:07] <neko> ;P
[15:07] <WeatherX> peace!
[15:07] *** Schaf has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:07] <Santana`> maxim
[15:07] *** maxim has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:07] <ant-hott> hihi
[15:07] *** Santana` has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:07] <Gansha> hu....
[15:07] <WeatherX> psyko!! will there be any more chats with maxim?
[15:07] <Gansha> war cool.....
[15:07] <Hedrock> Hey, if your still there......any chance of a remix!! ;)
[15:07] <Psyko> we'll try to get maxim answer all unanswered question another time.
[15:08] *** Maximfan has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:08] <Inflicted> he is gone.... :(
[15:08] *** Berta has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:08] <ant-hott> hedrock ;P
[15:08] *** PeterSkog has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:08] <Psyko> you can read the essence of this chat in some days on
[15:08] <Prodigy> thats great Psykop :)
[15:08] <COOL_FM> ok next time :-)
[15:08] <WeatherX> MAXIM'S MUSIC IS KICK ASS!
[15:08] *** jiigets ( has joined #festivalchat
[15:08] <Inflicted> ok
[15:08] <Psyko> thank you all for coming here.
[15:08] <neko> he's gone
[15:08] *** juGez has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[15:08] <neko> Psyko: cheers for the chat
[15:08] <WeatherX> bye bye
[15:08] <Gansha> hallo er ist weg wir kšnnen wieder deutsch sprechen
[15:08] <COOL_FM> yw Psyko ;-)
[15:09] *** WeatherX has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:09] *** blunt__ has quit IRC (Leaving)
[15:09] <Narcotix> yeah, good word psyko, cheers
[15:09] <Ruff> ok..cheers
[15:09] *** Moni ( has joined #festivalchat
[15:09] *** Girly has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:09] <Ruff> we have to do this again
[15:09] <ant-hott> ;)
[15:09] <passiflor> prodigy-fans hier ? ( haha )
[15:09] *** Willi (~jc@ has joined #festivalchat
[15:09] <ant-hott> ruff: you from croatia?
[15:09] <jiigets> naah
[15:09] *** TBB has quit IRC (boom!)
[15:09] <Psyko> bye y'all.
[15:09] <Psyko> quit
[15:09] *** Willi is now known as Rocka
[15:09] <COOL_FM> bye
[15:09] <Ruff> yes i am.u?
[15:09] *** Psyko has quit IRC (Leaving)
[15:09] <ant-hott> i am from slovenia
[15:09] <ant-hott> prodigy played here in 97 ;)
[15:09] <Ruff> cool
[15:10] <Ruff> from ljubljana?my old friend?
[15:10] <ant-hott> yes
[15:10] <ant-hott> ;)
[15:10] <ant-hott> were you there?
[15:10] <Ruff> ok..i'll send u addy?
[15:10] <Hedrock> We`re all still rockin' here then?!!
[15:10] <Gansha> Also Leute ich werde mal gehen ihr habt euch anscheinend noch immer nicht beruhuigt... bis zum nŠchsten mal oder?
[15:10] <ant-hott> ?
[15:10] <ant-hott> i am not your old friend ;P
[15:10] <ant-hott> i am just from ljubljana
[15:10] <ant-hott> ;)
[15:10] <Hedrock> Don`t they switch this off? ;))
[15:11] <Benny> Bis bald, Gansha!
[15:11] <passiflor> tsch Gansha
[15:11] <neko> Hedrock: this is an IRC channel ;P
[15:11] <ant-hott> hahaha
[15:11] <Ruff> then give me your mail address
[15:11] <neko> this wont be switched off
[15:11] <Prodigy> c u all next time
[15:11] <neko> ;)
[15:11] <ant-hott> ruff: why for?
[15:11] <ant-hott> ;)
[15:11] *** passiflor has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:11] *** Prodigy has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:11] *** Rocka has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:11] <Ruff> we have to talk 'bout that gig in tivoli
[15:11] <Gansha> oO danke fŸr die verabschiedung benny und passilflor
[15:11] *** jiigets has quit IRC ( )
[15:11] <ant-hott> hehe
[15:11] <ant-hott> kool
[15:12] <ant-hott>
[15:12] <Narcotix> ah
[15:12] <Narcotix> -now- i know who you are ;)
[15:12] <Ruff> i'll send u 2nite
[15:12] <Ruff> bye
[15:12] <ant-hott> bye
[15:12] *** Moni has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[15:12] *** Auto ( has joined #festivalchat
[15:12] <ant-hott> narc ;)
[15:13] *** Ruff has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:13] <Narcotix> well guys, peak rate phone bills... i'm out ;|
[15:13] <ant-hott> narc
[15:13] <ant-hott> come to #prodigy someday
[15:13] <ant-hott> ;P
[15:13] <ant-hott> like in the old days
[15:13] <ant-hott> ;>
[15:13] <Narcotix> yeah man, will do
[15:13] <ant-hott> see ya!
[15:13] *** Gecko ( has joined #festivalchat
[15:13] *** Gecko is now known as michi
[15:13] *** Auto has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:13] *** Geri ( has joined #festivalchat
[15:14] <Narcotix> um, was it ircnet? ;)
[15:14] <michi> hello!
[15:14] <Law> there is a #prodigy chat room on ircnet
[15:15] <michi> is maxim still online?
[15:15] <Narcotix> nup
[15:15] <Law> shame
[15:15] <michi> is nup=yes or is nup=no?
[15:15] <Narcotix> nup=no ;(
[15:15] <Narcotix> well, later guys
[15:15] *** Narcotix has quit IRC (gimme medication to kill this hole.)
[15:15] <michi> is the chat saved in a file?
[15:15] *** Geri has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:16] *** Willi ( has joined #festivalchat
[15:16] *** Didi has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:16] <Digga> yes. the chat will be displayed on
[15:16] <neko> ah cool
[15:16] <michi> ciao.
[15:16] *** michi has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[15:17] *** Willi has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:18] *** Gansha has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[15:18] *** spencey has quit IRC (Leaving)
[15:18] <Benny> Okay, bye! Tsch Neko!
[15:20] *** benn has quit IRC (i have no place to hide)
[15:20] *** ALI-G has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:21] *** Hedrock has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:21] *** neko ( has left #festivalchat (neko)
[15:21] <Inflicted> by people !!!
[15:21] <Inflicted> bye people !!!!
[15:22] *** Inflicted has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:22] *** Godzila ( has joined #festivalchat
[15:22] *** Godzila is now known as StevieVC
[15:23] <StevieVC> is maxim schon weg?
[15:23] <Digga> yep.
[15:23] *** Assel ( has joined #festivalchat
[15:23] *** Benny has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[15:23] *** Auto (~jc@ has joined #festivalchat
[15:23] *** Assel is now known as Huwi
[15:24] <Huwi> Hallo?
[15:24] *** StevieVC has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:26] *** Kaja ( has joined #festivalchat
[15:26] *** Kaja has quit IRC (I Quit)
[15:26] <Auto> Hey leute was geht?
[15:27] *** Huwi has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[15:27] *** EasternSt ( has joined #festivalchat
[15:27] <EasternSt> # Appears as BOLO
[15:27] *** Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Jun 22 15:27:26 2000

Many thanks to the ant (aka 'ant-hott') for this log!

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