The Chemical Brothers

- live in London Brixton Academy 2nd December 99 -

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Brixton Academy is sold out 3 days in a row, cause .... Brothers gonna work it out! Yeah, the Chemical Brothers are playing and as the doors open the first of those 3 nights at 9pm a huge queue is waiting in a cold December night to get in.

Finally inside there is 2 DJ's on stage and they are doing quite well. More and more people come in and here and there someone starts dancing. Its quite dark and some purple lights create a suitable atmosphere. I have no idea what the DJ's name is, but they were really quite good. After 90 min they get replaced by the next DJ. Brixton Academy is full now, almost everybody in the standing area is dancing now.

11pm, still that DJ on, which isn't far as good as the first DJ duo, and it all gets a bit boring, still no sign of the Chemical Brothers. Another hour goes by and at Midnight that DJ finally leaves the stage and we all know who will be next: The Chemical Brothers!

xchems01.jpg (11928 bytes) xchems02.jpg (9184 bytes) Some roadies quickly set up the stage for them, the lights go dark and a few minutes after midnight Ed and Tom enter the stage and the audience gives them a warm welcome. They kick off their set with a song we all know very well: Hey Boy, Hey Girl and of course the crowd gets totally into it, how could they NOT?

Without interruption Ed and Tom lead us into the next killer song from Surrender: 'Music:response'. Down at the front the crowd is jumping up and down, people are pushing and you could think you are at a punk gig. The light show does its job as well and create a magical atmosphere.

Usually artists save their biggest hits for the end of the set, but not the Chemicals, no, I can't believe my ears, but the 3rd song already is nothing else than Block Rockin' Beats ! No chance for the crowd to calm down, and although I used to think chemical Brothers live must be a boring thing I'm now definitely convicted. It went on, highlight after highlight and when they left the tage after 1 hour there was no chance to go home yet, people were screaming, clapping their hands and they came back and continued their set until 1.30 am in the morning!


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