"This is like a comedyshow"

MANCHILD LIVE @ the Student Union in Dudley Campus 15th March 2000

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It's always the second time you see a band when you notice the details. My first ever Manchild gig was only 3 weeks back at the Imperial College in London and had completely blown me away back then. Without expecting that much, I got to see a gig which would stick in my memory. [You can read about it here.]

This time I have come with a much more critical eye, this time my expectations were huge and I had taken a long coach trip on me, from London to Wolverhampton University's Dudley Campus, just to see this band again which has impressed me so much the first time.

Manchild live Again its the typical student event, just that the venue and bars is only one big room this time instead of a few small ones. Theres about 100 students in the venue and the DJ plays some drum n' bass tunes. The stage is quite big with a nice dancefloor in front. The only problem is that no one is dancing.

When Manchild go on stage shortly after 10pm they are facing all students sitting nicely on their chairs, watching the stage, wondering whats going to happen now! As heard from students of this Uni, there had been a strong rumour going around that Manchild would be a Metal band, just cause of the look of the posters and the name of the forthcoming album:'Untied States'! ;) 

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Manchild live in Dudley The dancefloor is completely empty as Manchild start their set with 'Rockin' the Place' but immediately all conversations stop and some people sit on their chair like struck from a blizzard, so intense is Manchilds music. Slowly 3 people now dare to actually do what would be obvious at a gig of a band like Manchild: they actually start to dance!

More and more people start moving and even the people sitting keep staring on stage and clap their hands so nicely that Nathan, the MC, makes a remark: "this is like a comedy show!".

Manchild Kwam's dancestyle meanwhile reminds almost a bit too much of Keith Flint from The Prodigy (and no, I was not the only person who said that) but he has a few more tricks available and uses the space on the dancefloor for some wicked breakdancing! More and more people join in dancing now.

But now 'Something in My System' comes up, that slowed down track with Rapper Sadat X and you can really see how the dancefloor goes empty again. Don't get me wrong, that track is amazing, but its just not a track which gets the masses moving, defintely stands out in the set and creates a quite unique atmosphere.

'Let me tell you something' is next and now gets everyone moving again. In fact, Manchild have managed to take all the shyness from the students away now! The collaborations with Andy Cairns and Kelly Jones follow and when they get ready to leave the stage some students are even hammering with some chairs on the ground to get them to come back! And they play another track  which makes you wanna have this gig going on forever. But this is the end now and as the band leave the stage, the autographhunters are already behind them!

Manchild I hear students saying that never ever a band playing there had left such an impression and the only thing people were really complaining about was that the set had been way too short!

Another very impressing gig by Manchild and I cant do anything than give them such a good review! It was well worth that coach trip!

Next week will show how they manage to play such a big venue as Brixton Academy at the NUS awards 24th March! You know where to find the review! ;)

Check for tourdates on www.manchild.co.uk or also in neko's eventplaner.

You can find 2 soundfiles on their website (www.manchild.co.uk) or on the site of their recordlabel (www.indian.co.uk) and you can hear 'Rockin' the Place' played at Liam Howlett's DJ set at Homelands from minute 41-43 in the Real Audio file which you can download in my audio section.

by neko

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