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"We havent done fuck all this year, we dont deserve it....... but thanks anyway!"

says Liam


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Yeah, yeah, yeah!!! Once more they won! 'Best Dance' with 'Smack my Bitch Up'! Of course they have deserved it, although Liam said: "We havent done fuck all this year, we dont deserve it......... but thanks anyway!"    Of course they were the coolest band at the whole awards, although you only saw them for 5 minutes and of course they will win again as soon as they have released anything and give us the chance to vote for them! (EMA 2000?)

The EMA 98 took place 12th November 98 in the Fila Forum in Milan. For me personally this was a very very special day, because it was the day I met The Prodigy for the first time! Impressing, eh?  Although its a bit outdated already, you can of course still read my report about how my friend rulle and I went to the EMA's in Milan and how we met The Prodigy at the aftershowparty there. (GO HERE FOR EMA REPORT)


Very special thanks go to SPENCER AKA BENNY BLANCO for the Screengrabs!