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The magazine 'FLIPSIDE' is this month really more than worth buying for every Prodigy fan. It doesn't only sensationally feature a 5 (!!) page article dedicated to Dirtchamber which is voted 'Compilation / Mix album of the year', no it has also The Prodigy as band of the year 1997 plus includes a mention of The Prodigy in 3 other pages.

Already in the last few month this magazine has shown a lot of sympathy for Prodigy with a mention of them in almost every issue. Looking at the editorial of the magazine shows us what could be the reason for this: The Editor of Flipside is Martin James, and infact this is the same Martin James who has written the biography 'Adventures with the Voodoo Crew' about Prodigy.

FLIPSIDE this month features the following articles with Prodigy:

1. Chamber Music - Dirtchamber is Mix Album of the year, 5 page story!
2. Review 1994
3. Prodigy are band of the year 1997
4. Review 1998
5. Quotes of the decade

1. Chamber Music

You can click on each picture to see the full page.

Read the article here:  (starts with 1)

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2. Review 1994

Very poor is the review of 1994, Oasis are voted band of the year and in the 'meanwhile' box Prodigy get their first mention, and I couldn't believe when I read: "Prodigy released their first album Music for the Jilted Generation, which hinted at the great things to come"   !!????!!!

(in case you are the journalist who wrote this shit, Prodigy's first album was Experience, released in 92 and MFTJG was more than just a 'hint at the great things to come' it was a great thing itself!)

Scan is here (click on it to read)


3. Prodigy are band of the year 1997

While other 'Best of the decade' charts tend to ignore or underrate Prodigy a bit, Flipside give them what they deserve and they are 'Band of the year 1997'! The article, written by Martin James, can be found if you click on the thumbnail:


4. Review 1998

In the 'Meanwhile' section again: "At the Reading Festival The Prodigy had it out with The Beastie Boys over allegations of sexism. "We don't give a f**k" snarted Maxim. That told'em."

5. Quotes of the Decade
(3 pages of quotes from various people)

"Kiss are theatre, not us." KEITH FLINT (1996)

"I hate the Internet, it's a piece of shit" LIAM HOWLETT (1997)  

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