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On 1st July 2002 Prodigy will release their new single Babys got a Temper. Here some some fan opinions about it. For more info about the single, go back to info about BGAT

Here some fan feedback I have received. Please note that although you can of course still e-mail me, i will not add any further fan opinions to this page.

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from 'Acid Twin' by e-mail:

Personally, i fuck its fucking awsome!!!!

Hard Beats (i dont think they sound like Trigger, same bass drum as usual tho) weird sounds that do wonders when your high and some dirty base!!!
It does have that DP Vibe, but its just harder, an extention to the FOTL sound.
Keith also sounds great on it.

Miwant by e-mail:

quite a good song, worth waiting for all those years and it got an ass-kicking spirit in it, but it lacks some really bombing/overwhelming feeling, i am sure that'll come when i hear this song live...
the more i listen to the track, the more i like it
as neko mentioned that censuring of rohypnol is ruining the song a bit & i personnally don't like the firestarter sample in the beginning of the song.
I don't think Keith doing lyrics is that bad, he got something raw & hard in his voice!

from Des Mc Gouran by e-mail:

If anyone has seen my comments in the forums they know how I feel about
this track, I think its the worst release from the prodigy to date, Ive
been a fan a good 9 years now and the past 5 years since FOTL have been
hell having nothing new from the prodge....but id rather wait another 5
years if this is what we have to look forward to....if anyone has been
lucky/unlucky enough to hear Trigger,Ghost town,fuel my fire,one man army,
prodigy remix of the chemical brother remix of voodoo people, well then
you'll noticed BGAT has a very similar beat to the beat used in these
songs...and keiths voice is boring now.

Its seem's like liam is caught in a loop, all his tunes are starting to
sound the same...Trigger could be easily mistaken for BGAT now.

if you take for example other prodigy COMEBACK singles

for jilted One Love/No Good start to dance both really different exciting

For FOTL firestarter...awesome blew me away the first time I heard it..

Now BGAT....just doesnt offer anything new..keith voice is tiresome and the
beats could be mistaken for trigger/one man army/ghost town etc....
I feel personally I owe howlett a great deal, after all the prodigy has
shaped my whole record collection....but while howlett has pushed me
towards the more experimental side of dance music ie, aphex twin,
squarepusher, dj shadow chemical brothers...its seems like howlett is
swaying of in a more pop/rock direction....the prodigy's sound isnt as
challenging anymore to listen to....and that what always seperated them
from the rest...

but that SEEMS to be gone now...not saying that it IS...but it looks that
way judging from the new live stuff and BGAT

Has the prodigys ability to surprise and excite gone? can you remember when
you heard one love or no good for the first time? it was a real change in
direction also the same with the like of poison and their law, as a matter
of fact the whole jilted album which was just awesome......
So on a whole im disappointed with BGAT.....nothing new and nothing

Saku Saisa by e-mail:

I love it. Plain and simple. Perhaps it sounds a bit too much like something from FOTL, but I dunno.. I love it.

Spence aka Benny Blanco by e-mail:

Time for me to state my opinion I think. I can't see why everybody is so disappointed at the new tracks (especially Des it seems; P), ok so fair enough musically Liam hasn't progressed much from FOTL days. But why should this be taken as a bad thing?. Here's an interesting concept for you all to ponder over, now if Liam were playing these tracks in the live set back in 97/98. Would we be having this debate?
I think not, just due to the reason that musically the new tracks are very similar structure wise. Its mostly dude to the reason that hype has taken its toll on the music yet again, and all the fans expect something unbelievably different from the new stuff
Liam has moved on from the Jilted days, so must you all

Bastian Bammert by e-mail:

Well, the track sounds a bit like "Firestarter" (I think Liam H. used the
same "Main" sample, didnt he?!) But I really like the new track (agressiv and
powerfull), unfortunately I only listened to a 90 sec promo.I hope that
PRODIGY will release an album which will fuck <--! all those stupid and senceless
dance music that is played in all mass-medias.....Pop will eat
itself...;-)...Keep the Prodigy vibe alive!

Lothario by e-mail:

Now, everybody expected something great, a new firestarter, a new one love or something, but I compare this single with the same situation when Chemical Brothers released Surrender. It's an album I hated at the first listen, but is precious in my cd-collection now. You can't expect great artists to deliver exactly what you like all the time. Personally I like the track. It's not going to be a hit though, although several people will buy it just because it is Prodigy. But having been a fan for seven years, I feel obliged to stand by the band, even if they don't go well in the charts. And BGAT doesn't suck, it's just not very outstanding. And in the presents evolving music-industry it is dead hard to go in new directions without going avantgarde. So I'd never got my hopes up for something extraordinary being released, but expected it to be good. And I'm satisfied. The track doesn't sound like the descriptions in AMP-T, with samples thrown in here and there, I was positively surprised to find that out. The guitar is intelligently used (not like serial thrilla). Releasing this as a single prior to Trigger is good. Trigger is too FOTL-ish.
THere's only one thing. That FIrestarter-sample. Hope it's lost in the final version.
Quote to remember: "I make music to myself and then to these guys." (or something) Liam

'R&M' by e-mail:

when i firstly heard live version ,i thought of it very bad and i was disapointed of them....heh thanx Saku for making me change my opinion about them.....studio version became more good .cleaner,but there are alot of discussing about the lirycs......as for me,i did not hear any rohypnol there ,only "hypnose" ....in live version....but i am russian so i should not judge of it ,just telling my poing of view..about drums.....you may say that the drums in there were too simple for prodigy ....too "poppy" but i think that the song is supposed to be a "dub" song....so the song was according to the style.....finally....wanna hope that there will be some new styled songs.....but ...we'll see....

Dave Gallagher by e-mail:

I've heard a version that only has the main lyrics in the song:
we love rohypnol,
she got rohypnol,
we take rohypnol,
just forget it all.
babys got a temper,
babys got a temper,
babys got a temper,
you’ll never tame her.
It actually sounds like Keith is saying "This Baby's Got A Temper".

Although this seems to be a stripped version of the song, it's actually pretty good. It's definitely one of those songs that grows on you. Sounds more like Chemical Brothers than Prodigy. I don't think that this song will be very popular among the mainstream like Firestarter, SMBU, and Breathe.
Still, it's different, and it's good

Mahyar Ghassem by e-mail:

ive found the studio version on the net which the played in finland..
and WOW!! it kicks sooooooo much ass!! keith sounds wicked.. got more fluid on his voice!
well it absolutly rocks!!! but they havent progressed that much.. lets see what happens..

'Dubbed Horizon' by e-mail:

Why is this getting a single release before Nuclear? BGAT sounds as though it has came straight off of FOTL and is the weakest of the new tracks to date. It is would a nice enough album track, but it aint exactly the bomb Liam said he would drop. (Opinion based on the Big Day Out version)
hopefully the studio cut sounds better.
I also feel that the use of the firestarter riff is something that should be avoided - it makes it seem as though Liam is recycling old sounds instead of creating fresh ones.
So far not as energetic as previous first singles, but I pray that I am proved wrong when the single and album are eventually released.

'Your worst nightmare is back' by e-mail:

I have to say that the live version of BGAT didn't like me very much, but when I listened the studio version....wohhh....I was surprised a lot.Is a good track and powerfull but I think Prodigy is changing his own style.I remember when I listened the first Prodigy singles, like Charly or Everybody in the place (the good rave of this years) and nowadays Prodigy has changed a lot.I prefer the early Prodigy, and BGAT, although is a good track, I think it shouldn't be the first single.Maybe because we think the first single will be No souvenir, maybe because this new track is different than others Prodigy tracks......Respect

by 'el barto (bartosz kruczynski)' by e-mail:

i've downloaded 48 seconds of bgat and i'm impressed
first time when i've listened to a poor-quality mp3 from bdo i thought
'yeaah, good, but it isn't good as other tracks'
now i think that new, studio version, version of this track reaally kicks
and it's going to be one of the best prodg's tracks
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaah - finally new prodigy studio
kooooooool! :)

Sebol by e-mail:

hmmmmm, i've waiting on that song like every fan of the prodigy since 1997 when the last single cames up, and now, i'm think that "babys ...." is a great, great, and once again great song.The vocal part of Keith is awesome, and his vocal style now is much better than in fotl times, ist hard, charismatic, i loved that song, and i can't wait on video to that song, Liam once again show's to poeple that he is most greatest music artist on whole world.

'Syphon' by email:

It rocks!

Someone commented about the firestarter sample. I think it is there for a good reason. To remind people who the prodigy are, that they are still hard, they can still piss off little old ladies and people who like to wear boiler suits for a living. The beats and riffs are excellent. Keith sounds good. I think the track would still stand out without the vocals. I can hear a bit of "the trick" in there (Breathe B side), can't quite pinpoint it, but it has a touch of it.

Prodigy are back and they are taking no prisoners! I'm looking forward to the DVD edition and the video!

Skorpion by e-mail:

it doesn't sound like the prodigy,too pop/rock and slow. I hope they'll make more dance tracks as they use to,but i still think that what ever is released from Liam it always rocked,unless his new girlfriend made him more mellow:)))

Dave by e-mail:

i have heard the new single by the prodigy (baby's got a temper). a very good underground track i would say, also i have heard trigger and nuclear out of the three i would definately say that trigger is the best, a very big beat tune complete with a very weird guitar sound.

'Antz' in alt.music.prodigy-the:

This sucks, a big disappointment - it has ruined my day.

I hate this version & now I hate Keith Flint even more!


Greg bedwell in alt.music.prodigy-the:

I guess it's pretty good. I still prefer all of the singles from
FOTL, and most of the ones from MFTJG. Still - I'm listening to it on
loop, so it can't be all that bad. When I first heard Moby's 'We Are
All Made of Stars' I was much more disappointed than I am about this,
but I love that song now, so hopefully this'll be a grower too.

the sound that first starts at 0:35 in the clip reminds very much of
the one from Azzido Da Bass - Dooms Night. Probably just a
coincidence though. I'm sure I could do a sound like that on my setup
if I filtered it right.

Bit worried about the possible subject content of the lyrics, but I'll
wait until I've heard/read them properly before I make my mind up. It
just worries me, in that SMBU the controvosy came from a sample that
just happened to sound good in the song. In this one, the band has
obviously actually sat down and made the decision to write a song
about a Data Rape Drug. I just wonder what responce they will be able
to give to the inevitable critisicm from Rape Victims Support Groups,

Ralf Ganskopf by e-mail:

I´ve heard it recently on the finnish radio and got to say i didn´t expect such a rockin´ tune, it really kicks ass.
a great comeback single for a band that has been away for 4 years.
so good hopes for the new album, hopefully coming out in the next 12 months, as i can remember the fat of the land coming out 12 months after firestarter was released ....

'Chunky' by e-mail:

Fair play to the prodge with BGAT, like its hard out there enough trying to come up with some fresh and vibrant, so i think they deserve the credit lasting this long. Ive the looped version, and i agree with Acid Twin, it does have a same beat pattern as Diesel Power, ive heard nuclear, not bad, but ive a feeling that the prodge are joining the bandwagon with this nu metal shit. Im not a big fan of it, but with BGAT im happy so far, just as long Mr.Howlett doesnt have a collaboration with Marlyin Manson or something pathetic like that. AONO will be their last i think, ive that feeling because Liam is trying to make the prodge a band with Keith playing guitars and stuff, whats next Maxim playing a banjo live? lol . Anyway lets see what happens....

'freak of the forest' by e-mail:

I: I haven't heard the studio version yet. As far as the controversial lyrics go, I personally don't think their number one goal is to create controversy with the lyrics, i think keith just thought of it as an added advantage when he was writing them. i don't know how a prodigy track could sound poppy but i guess i'll have to wait to hear the real version first. The firestarter riff though - I think Liam put that in there to say to people "I don't give a fuck what you think I'll do whatever the fuck I want" cuz he knew he'd get reactions about people saying "why'd he put that in there, that's stupid, he needs to find new stuff". this being said, i respect that concept of putting in there, i don't necessarilly like the sound of it, but i respect his decision. I agree with Lothario that you can't expect too much. Just be thankful Liam's not making shit, who cares if it may sound "too similar" to the FOTL stuff... that doesn't mean everything on the album will. I also agree with Greg bedwell, that new moby song fucking blows. the stuff off of "everything is wrong" was so good, and such variety too. anyway, i'm anxious to see what's in store for prodigy next and what the rest of their album will sound like. untill then i'm going to enjoy listening to what i've got, because regardless of how much you compare the new album to their last one, which was the fastest selling album in the U.S., even above michael jackson's "THRILLER" (which sold alot very fast), you can't expect liam to be able to jump several steps ahead or in a different direction on every song or album he writes, he's only human, and you can't deny that the prodigy is awesome. rock on.

II: Well I have to say I am surprised. I've heard the studio version and it did sound more pop-like... I wonder if it's the sounds Liam used that caused that. Anyway, I'm not sure about that one sample over the "Baby's Got a Temper" line, I liked it by itself, but anyhow, that sample is still my favourite part of the song. Another thing I was thinking about that firestarter riff, besides what I said before, I also think Liam may have been using it hand-in-hand with the line right before it: "once again ignite the skyline". I think this has to do with the concept of Keith being a "firestarter", and it's just sort of a recollection kind of thing. So Liam just uses the firestarter riff as further detail into the memory of the "firestarter" theme brought about by the "once again ignite the skyline" line. I hope that made sense, anyway, that's all I have to say. later.

Kent Green by e-mail:

Hmm...Baby's Got a Temper...what can I say about it? The potential was/is there for an absolutely fantastic single. I first heard it, and was dismayed: like some reports indicated, it just sounded like a big mess. But I have been giving it several listens, and it is slowly starting to grow on me (although it would be great to hear it unedited); I especially love the music box sample, Keith does a pretty respectable job, and I do like the harder and rougher sound. I think the verses sound fantastic. However, the problem for me is that it sounds like it could have been so much more. There are points where it builds up and you think its gonna explode into some huge release of energy, but it just kinda falls back into the mishmash of samples. This is possibly a result of the fact that it is a more downtempo song overall, and just not what I'm totally used to from Prodigy. Which, in a way, is kind of good. This song definitely suggests to me a slightly newer, "rock-ier" direction, which I don't think is a bad thing. Personally, it doesn't sound to me like it would have fit in on FOTL, as many seem to claim, nor do I think it sounds like Diesel Power, which had a very hip-hop feel behind it (and consequently, in my opinion, didn't fit in on FOTL either). All in all, though, I think the biggest problem with the song will be the hype surrounding it, which is what forced Prodigy to drop off the scene prematurely back in 97-98; a LOT of people got sick about hearing how great they were, and this hacked me off because Serial Thrilla was just starting to be pushed as a single. Now we have BGAT, and everyone is complaining that its not some massive revolutionary track. Well, so what? Not every good band that has ever existed has been able to make every album sound different, taking a new direction each time. No one in Prodigy claimed to be reinventing the wheel here. Personally, I think they will make a huge impact upon their return, for the state of hard-edged music now is not so good. There is no real band out there with true attitude and the energy and power to back it up, instead we have to put up with whinging nu-metal weaklings. I welcome Prodigy, BGAT, and everything else they have to offer with open arms, for it is great ot have them back.

Jon Stone by e-mail:

"Ok" I thought, "This is some kind of a wind up. Why have they stuck the
fucking Firestarter riff in there? The real Prodigy wouldn't produce
something this piss poor."
I'm referring of course to the MP3 of Baby's Got A Temper doing the rounds
on the net at the moment. When I first downloaded it I thoght it had to be
some kind of fake. Now the truth has finally sunk in. The Prodigy have
become shit. This 'shitness' was hinted at with tunes such as Serial Thrilla
and Fuel my Fire on their last album. Read Des Mc Gouran's post above. I
agree with it wholeheartedly.
Of course I'm going to buy it. Most of you reading this will too. Just don't
pretend to like it because it's the Prodigy.
Oh and Neko, Apologies for the swearing. It was 100% necessary.

'Hardie Electrod' by e-mail:

just listen this fuckin' amazin' track.. if speak friendly, i was shocked, i heard nucler & trigger( but they were bad quality) they certanly rox, but BGAT, wow, totally new way in music scence..absolutly mad, and fuckin' incrediable! Tell u so: i've listen this track 2 ways, 1- my mind was clear, and i dont fully understand new liam track, i listened it several times, then go out of my bedroom, i smoked some skunk, and began to listen it again, on full volume of my stereo system, oh my god,very strange noises,voises, i began to lost in this wierd soundz, crafty beats nad absolutly proff, rythms of guitar ( interesting, liam plays on guitar its self? i remmember that liam told" i'll try to play a lot instruments my self'') i think liam again mix a lot of music styles in his new track, it hard to tell what styles, sorry me if i wrong , but: breakbeat, heavy rock( to my mind guitar a little b! it same as in song of renegade soundwave''Cocane sex"),some kind of trip hop and something from drum n bass ( exatcly bass lines) and ofcourse Liam own style!!! absolutly perfect! But i was quite surprised, when i heard main rythm from firestarter! do liam play BGAT live, with this firestarter rythm?strange, but liam said that he didnt use old samples from past albums...nevermind, music absolutly guineus, we all know that liam is unique, and his style of writting of music is too. my favourite moment in this song is on 3 min 25 sec, Absolutly WiCkEd
about lyrics: i tried to translate lyrics on russian language, and it haven't any sence to me...its a pitty i hardie understand what is this song about, but keith vocals absolutly have been changed! some new style of singin, and it rocks. Y'know, keith vocals on firestarter, always remind me voises of mik jagger from MBM, but in BGAT, keith uses his on style of singing ( its only my view on it) .and i very liked idea with voises of keith on back fone of song.

'Pzychokarl' by e-mail:

What is it with all these opinions you are all coming up with?
a lot of prodigy fans these days, AREN'T prodigy fans, they jus liked a few of their tunes. and im sorry to say that 99% of these people are crazy, they are trying to put across expert opinions, but really they aren't thinking straight... for a start, do most people like originality??? the answer is most likely YES, but you all seem to think that the firestarter sample is "unoriginal" well, may i ask why??? the firestarter sample at the beginning is anything BUT unoriginal, infact, it has to be one of the most original tracks he has made... why? i hear all you absent minded people ask... the answer is held in the fact that he is the ONLY artist in the world who has used a sample (as good as the firestarter riff) from a previous song, and featured it in his comeback. well for god sake, people don't understand that he has found a style to suit him, and a style that he is best at, nobody should have expected such a drastic change like we got in each of th previous three albums, and basically if the so called "fans" dont agree with it, then they aint real fans.
I found firestarter one of the greatest tunes ever made, and featuring a highly popular sample in a song from an artist who has been in hideout for the past 5 years is jus' a great way of reminding people of how great he was, and how great his comeback is gonna be !!!
Think Again...

Jimmy Alfredsson by e-mail:

I hope the Firestarter-sample ain't going to be there!?! So cheap and misplaced. The song could have been on Fat of the land i think. I've been waiting for a new song by Liam, but this .... Quite disappointing :(

'Dirge' by e-mail:

blew me away.
keiths better than ever, the bass is fuller, its all good. Sampling Firestarter to such a great effect is just pure fucking genius!
dunno if anyones noticed this but it also samples minefields heavily and someone was saying there was a recent (!?, well latter) SMBU B-side in there. I actually reckon its the remix of minefields that was on SMBU that was used.
Honestly, couldn't of asked for more. Had it on repeat last nite and can't get it out of me head today. Can't wait to get home and push me hi-fi to its limits. Just try to imagine the whole of the fat of the land + b-sides + their law and poison rammed into 5 mins. It's the best way to describe this rush of blood to the head. And u guys are saying that trigger and nuclear are better!? wow. i'm also expecting great things from the gallagher project and 'No souvenirs' which i'm predicting as a b-side in the future. Actually, fuck that, liams too lazy, he'll just use it to fill a hole in the album. And theres nothing wrong with being lazy.

Arnie G. aka Emerson by e-mail:

Baby's Got A Temper is agressive, mental, good track.
Liam said the new album will be more electronic, but the first single isn't
electronic. It has electronic vibes, but this is not an electronic track. This
is rock. That's not at all bad, 'cause this is a very good rock track. A very
good Prodigy track.
The track is nothing like Diesel Power! It is silly to compare BGAT and Diesel
Power. If you wanna compere the beats from BGAT to the old stuff, then compere
it with One Man Army or Serial Thrilla.
The lyrics are, erm, not.. brilliant. Keith singing about Rohypnol. ..
But I really don't care what Keith is singing about. I care about if Keith does
it well and if the track is cool.
Keith does it well and the track is cool.
Great to have them back.

Amit Schreiber by e-mail:

I was somewhat disappointed to hear Firestarter's riff and Diesel Power's
beats in BGAT. Prodigy albums have always had something new and exciting in
them. Hearing "old stuff" put back into new tracks does make me feel like
Prodigy have not advanced since FOTL. The appearence of the Firestarter riff
is not that bad, and to me it looks like a "wink" to the fans. But the beats
of BGAT are definitely Diesel Power's, with no noticable change. I'm also
disappointed with the fact that lyrics are more dominant as Prodigy releases
new albums. To me, more lyrics in Prodigy songs means they have less to
offer in the beats-and-cool-sounds department.
But... and there's a _big_ but here... BGAT rocks! It's definitely a bomb to
"non-fans", who've had the time to forget Prodigy or simply have ignored
Prodigy so far. There's nothing like BGAT out there today. It's a great
track, rich in sounds (old and new) and Keith's vocals are better than they
were in FOTL.
Generally, I'm hoping BGAT is for making "non-fans" buy the new album, and
that AONO will have different stuff to offer other than BGAT.

'Dangerous Dan' by e-mail:

having been a fan of the Prodigy for ten years, I had obviously been waiting eagerly for the new material that has been in the pipeline for such a long time. Having managed to find a 90 second studio version that had been first aired on finnish radio, I was absolutely blown away by the way that Prodigy are changing there style. There definately appears to be alot more real instruments being used here,maybe they are dispanding from there dance roots and heading more into the punk rock sound that appeared to be evident on the 'Fat Of The Land' album. I am not really sure about the 'Firestarter' sample that can be heard at the start of the track,but that doesn't spoil it at all. Having also managed to find the tracks 'Nuclear' and 'Trigger', I cannot find any reason why Prodigy shouldn't find any success when there new album eventually gets released. Overall, I believe that 'BGAT' is the bomb that Liam Howlett has been waiting to drop and only proves how much of a genius he is, and with Keith Flint's dirty vocals, makes this such a raw, hard, rough track. As I come from Reading, I will also be looking foward to seeing them on the sunday night of the festival, as they never seem to fail to deliver a exploding performance live. Has it been worth waiting five years for this, you just bet it has, as I am sure any avid fan of Prodigy would agree

'n-jOy' by e-mail:

I just heard the tune. It was hard to enjoy in the beginning.. But I like it more and and more in every day. I hate Rohypnol since one of my friends died last year from it. I tried it myself, and I wouldn't wanna do it again since I don't like not knowing what's going on around. However.. the tune reminds me of One Man Army/No Man Army. But it's also a tune with the true spirit of the Prodigy, an alltogether. We all payed attention to the Firestarter guitar sample, haven't we? I like this tune very much. But I can also understand ppl that won't like it.

Soundaphex by e-mail:

I just heard Baby's got a Temper today and I must say, it's been worth the 5 year wait. I have 22 Prodigy CD's in my collection and out of all of the songs I have ever heard by them including compliations, this song kicks more ass than anything. Liam yet again has reinvented the wheel for how music should be looked at. All I can say is I am ready for the album. By the way, as an American who has to deal with trying to find their uncencored material, we as a country need to stop fucking stepping in an trying to label and cut out what we don't like. If people don't like it, don't listent to it, but don' stop us from enjoying music, especially Prodigy's.

Shawn Campbell by e-mail:

Just wanted to let you know that Baby's Got A Temper was played on a local Toronto station (live to air) - The Edge. It was the uncensored version of the track and I think it sounded great. Had that nice mix of hard guitar with solid beats. Trademark Prodigy style of sound and I loved it. If the rest of the album is along these lines, it will have been worth the wait!

Squaredot by e-mail:

OMG, before you read my opinions, go and check out the comments
by 'Pzychokarl'. He knows his stuff. Anyone who doesn't agree with
this guy is lost. Prodigy have 'their sound', the hard punk-ish / rock
/ electronic sound in FOTL, BGAT, and some of the other singles not on
any of the albums. BGAT sounds exactly like the stuff on FOTL to me.
WTF is the problem? I was hoping Liam's new release would sound similar
to FOTL. I think BGAT is great, I absolutely love it, no let down at
all where I'm concerned. Why try to reinvent what you're doing if what
you're doing is already working for you? Someone on this board had
mentioned Moby's new album. I think artists are getting away from the
general concept of music. Music is supposed to be entertaining, but
artists now are getting caught up in the 'creative development' aspect
of it. "I have to release something different every album." No you
don't. If you have a good sound, keep it up. Prodigy have a good sound
and are entertaining, a very basic word, but a word that fits. "More
pop sounding", that's garbage. A statement like that comes from someone
who isn't a true Prodigy fan. (And by the looks of this board I'm more
of a fan than most people). The BGAT 'sound' is the Prodigy 'sound'. I
LOVE the single, and the wait for the new album is just killing me.
Keep up the good work Liam, or more importantly -- just keep doing what
you've always been doing -- making music for yourself. =P

Stephen Pontbriand by e-mail:

I've been listening to the Prodigy since 94' and they have held my number one spot for bands since I discovered them. Prodigy has always been an innovator in music a broad, bringing a new vibrant sound to a rather uninspiring music industry in my opinion.

I truly am disappointed by what I have to say about their new release, but BGAT is uninspiring and lacking in originality. It may have the familiar Prodigy sound we all love, but it doesn't create the building energy rush their other tracks did. In Toronto, Canada, where I reside they play BGAT without censoring it, but not even that can save this track. Waiting patiently for the past 4 to 5 years like we all have, I feel Liam and the boys owe us something more innovative and pulsing. I'm beginning to wonder if the stardom has gone to their heads!

I pray to the electronic punk's above the new single doesn't represent the new album as a whole. Otherwise I feel Prodigy's days are numbered as the foremost inventive electronic band of our time. Maybe a bomb NEEDS to be dropped on this album in order to stir some beats inside of Liam's head again!

Otis P. Jivefunk by e-mail:

After what seems like a lifetime, I’ve finally heard the new Prodigy track! I expected it to be rockier, but was pleasantly surprised to find some cool synth and effects. Great beginning and the build up is cool too. I know that Liam said he wasn’t going to use samples from his record collection as much, but I didn’t know he’d end up sampling a heap of old prodigy tracks instead. Obviously Firestarter is sampled, and sounds wicked, great idea Liam! Some of the sounds seem like they’re from the Mindfiedls dub, on the B Side to Smack My Bitch Up, and is it me, or is that a drum sample from Breathe just before Keith starts sing “Baby’s Got A Temper”? Also the main drums sound similar to Diesel Powers, but they still sound fresh and original. For some reason, the part where Keith sings about Royal Family and other stuff like that reminded me of the track Killing Culture on Maxim’s solo album. The track almost sounds like it’s a whole mesh of sounds and samples plunged together to form something new and cool, I don’t know how he does it, but only the genius that is Liam Howlett could get everything sounding perfect and coherently together, despite the differentials in sounds. A killer track, a superb return!

Matthew Rees by e-mail:

Well, the Prodigy are back. I have been waiting five years for some exciting stuff to come out, and am quite dissapointed with this new release. I mean, I love the Prod for Hyperspeed, Charly, One Love, Full Throttle, Claustrophobic Sting, The Heat/The Energy... but not for this stuff! I personally do not like Serial Thrilla and Fuel my Fire. Unfortunately this is the new direction they´re going to. When it comes to the new tracks for Always Outnumbered/Never Outgunned, I do only like Trigger a bit. The rest is just bollocks. Why always trying this punkrock stuff?? I need breakbeats for God´s sake! I am desperately waiting for a new Jonny L album, does anyone know where he´s currently at? PS. The fuss about the Firestarter sample appearing in BGAT is of no use! I mean, come one, Liam Howlett has used samples of his own work for ages! B.e. check out the Out of Space riff in No Good Start the Dance! (damn, those were the good days....)

Koto from Argentina by e-mail:

Man, This is not Prodigy , it cannot be prodigy, there must be an error , it sound like an imitation like Junkie XL.
There was a time when i thought that Prodigy Was the Best, Even than Chemical Brothers. But Now i REALLY Think That Chemical Brothers Are THE BEST, Liam Was The Best BUT NOW Is THE WORST.
Even The Maxim's Album Is Better than Baby's Got A Temper.
I Love Dominant Genes , The Maxim Song Of Hell's Kitchen.
Now i´m thinkin that Trigger is Much more Better than this SHIT.
I have only one more Thing to say.

Dillinjahh by e-mail:

Well, what can I say? I am very very dissapointed with this new single. I mean this stuff is nothing new at all. I think the big mistake took off when Liam Howlett started to use the Apple Mac with Cubase in his productions. Before Fat of the Land (until Poison to be exact), he programmed the W30 workstation´s sequencers. With Cubase, however, tracks are sounding to much like they have been created with Music Maker lookalike programs. My opinion is, after buying all Prodigy records since What Evil Lurks, that the Prodigy is about to quit their activities soon. Always outnumbered, Never outgunned will be there last album. At least that is what I truly suspect. And that´s the only reason why I am going to buy that LP. Prodigy = Exit. Peace.

from Manuel by e-mail:

I've got a few versions of 'Baby's Got A Temper', the 'Dub Remix', 'Instrumental', 'Edited' and not edited along a live version of the track, and despite which version of the track it is it sounds incredible, good ol' Prodigy is back. My opinion - Excellent track.

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