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"They were the firestarters, twisted firstarters, and now they're just total fucking idiots. The Prodigy: grown, pierced men who live in palatial Essex mansions and who laughably believe that singing a chorus of "we use royphonol" over some crappy casio riff will make them appear edgy, vital and dangerous again. No. It makes them seedy old men with bad hair trying to recapture past glories by employing the final weapon of the comically desperate: the drug song.

Worse, it's the drug song about bad drugs. This is a drug that sends you to sleep, that wipes short term memory and gives you a headache. Glue is cheaper and on this evidence more fun. Hence the first genuinely shit Prodigy single ever. Does that mean Leroy was actually the talented one?"

Ted Kessler

Rating: 0




Baby's got a temper

"LOPING MALEVOLENCE and headnod eletro-psychedelics go fist in glove for the prodge's return to the fray, Keef Flint delivering the acid-tinged lyrics in a manner so terrifying it'd cause long-dead corpses to shit themselves in fear. Beatminer Liam Howlett lends plenty of swagger too, self-sampling the Breeders-sourced siren call from 'Firestarter' and retrieving his patented, metal-emboldened grooves from the likes of the Chemical Brothers, every cranium-crunching stomp screaming 'Who's the daddy? I'm the daddy!'. Sure, it sounds like every other Prodigy track you've ever heard, but f**k it - we're talking the post-rave cyber-noise AC/DC here. The Prodigy sound exactly like The Prodigy, because they can. When Keef rasps of igniting the skyline while namechecking the Royal Family in the same acrid breath, you can almost hear the pensioner Johnny Rotten wincing with jealousy."





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