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On 1st July 2002 Prodigy will release their new single Babys got a Temper. Here some info about the video and the download of the video itself.

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The video to Baby's got a Temper was premiered by MTV2 (UK) on 5th June 2002 at 9pm. they then played it from midnight to 6am nonstop, only that track.

You can download the mpeg here: Baby's Got a Temper [45MB] (thanks to antipopvideos)
help: to download, right click the link and 'save target as'.


The video was directed by Traktor and shot in in Poldi Kladno wich is an old factory not far from Prague. It is based on a dream by Liam about playing live in front of a herd of cattle. Here some screenshots for you, you can click on each of them to see it bigger size.

First this car drives to this fairground and 3 older looking actors leave the car and walk into this changing cabin and each of them dresses as a Prodigy member (adding piercings, haircuts etc), looks dead funny actually! Then they run on stage and become the 'real' Prodigy members. The audience consists of lots of cows and for a while The Prodigy perform for them, Maxim also 'singing' to the vocals, although it is actually only Keith. Then a fat old lady forces some half-naked women into the place to milk the cows into small milk bottles. Those milk bottles then get sold to the public, everyone jumps to get some of those milk bottles and I guess they're representing the 'drug' as people get high from drinking the milk. The performance is then finished with the guys returning to their changing cabin and becoming the actor guys again (funny again), while the shop sells out on milk and the public jump the shop. The 3 guys then leave the fairground. That video definitely gets my thumbs up, and works superb with the song. Also definitely the funniest video clip I've ever seen.

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