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With Maxim, Leeroy, ATB, Goldie

Here's some screengrabs and also the mpegs of Leeroy and Maxim at the recent Dancestar Awards, first presenting best newccomer, then interviewed by Goldie. Check out the images and how to download the mpegs below.

Leeroy and Maxim Leeroy and Maxim and the nominees are ..

You can click on each pic to see it full size

Dancestar Leeroy is talking Leeroy is presenting the nominees


Maxim wonders why ATB has won Maxim has to shake hands with ATB now Leeroy also has to shake hands with ATB



Goldie interviews Maxim and Leeroy Goldie, Maxim and Leeroy Maxim is talking now

You can click on each pic to see it full size


Radio 1 web site reports from the Dancestar awards :

Prodigy konk out
Maxim and Leeroy from the Prodigy were at Thursday's Dancestar awards to present the Best Newcomer gong to ATB. However, they obviously weren't big fans of the German maestro as they couldn't even remember who they'd given the award to:
"ATMB, whatever. It's respect for them for asking us to present this award and it's cool. But ATB man, I can't get with that, you know what I mean?"
Maxim said: "I wanted to konk him on the head with the award, to tell you the truth. He's from Germany, isn't he? Das is not good.""

From http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/news/music/000602_prodigy.shtml


Many thanks for recording, encoding and the screengrabs to Spencer aka Benny Blanco!

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