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- collection of uncredited songs on the Dirtchamber Sessions Volume 1.

What many people are not aware of is that the tracklist on the album isn't actually complete and even contains an error. Here a list of some additional tracks we've found.

Please note that this has not been confirmed by any official source and i can not guarantee that the info below is 100% correct. However we've done our best to make this info as correct as possible but the list isn't complete yet. So if you have anything to add or have spotted an error then please e-mail me to dirtchamber@nekosite.co.uk.

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  Track 1


On the album credits:

Intro Beats
Rasmus - 'Tonto's Release' *
Hardnoise - 'Untitled'
Chemical Brothers - 'Chemical Beats'
Ultramagnetic MCs - 'Kool Keith Housing Things'
Lightning Rod Featuring Jalal - 'Sport'
Ultramagnetic MCs - 'Give The Drummer Some'
Time Zone - 'Wildstyle'


The Intro Beats are by Billy Squier from a compilation 'Ultimate Breaks & Beats vol.9'. You can now download the beat as wav file (only 39KB) --> [HERE]

On the Intro track the vocal samples are taken from a track by Big Daddy Kane feat. Biz Markie (called Just Rhymin with Biz) and a track by Redman.

*The track 'Tonto's release' is actually 'Punk Shock' by Rasmus from his LP 'Mass Hysteria'. This error most probably happened because there is 3 interludes on the album which on the tracklist of the album aren't counted as tracks. Therefore there are only 12 tracks listed on the trackslist but when you play the album there really are 15 tracks.

Another uncredited song is just after the song 'Sport' and just before 'Give the Drummer Some'. This track is Shangri La by Le Pregunta (can be found on Ultimate Breaks and Beats Vol 10).


  Track 2


On the album credits:

Bomb The Bass - 'Bug Powder Dust'
Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five - 'Pump Me Up'
The Charlatans - 'How High'
Prodigy - 'Poison'
Jane's Addiction - 'Been Caught Stealing'
Tim Dog - 'I Get Wrecked'


There are drum samples from Scholly D`s P.S.K. What does it mean and Run DMC`s Sucker MC`s (playing over How High).


  Track 3


On the album credits:

Babe Ruth - 'The Mexican'
The B Boys - 'Rock The House'
Chemical Brothers - '(The Best Part Of) Breaking Up'
Word Of Mouth - 'King Kut'


At the end of track 3 on Dirtchamber there`s a break (just before DJ Mink) which is from Dynamic Corvette`s "Funky Music is the Thing". This break can also be found on Double Dee and Steinski`s Lesson 3.

The unidentified sample after Dynamic Corvettes track 'Funky music is the thing' is a break from a song called 'Sing, Sing' by Gaz, both of which can be found on Ultimate Breaks and Beats Vol4.

The scratches which can be heard during Best Part (of breaking up) on Dirtchamber are taken from Peter Piper by Run DMC.

Also there`s a snippet from Apache on track 3 between the Best part of breaking up and King Kut.

After those 2 breaks and just befor DJ Minks 'Hey, Hey Can u Relate' there`s a tiny trumpet like sample which is from I like Funky Music by Uncle Louie (can be found on Ultimate Breaks
and Beats Vol6.)

Also contains a sample from 'Renegades of Funk' by Afrika Bambaata (yes, thats the track that Rage Against The Machine have covered and recently released as a single!)



  Track 4


On the album credits:

DJ Mink - 'Hey Can You Relate'
KLF - 'What Time Is Love'
Franky Bones - 'Funky Acid Makossa'
Franky Bones - 'Shafted Off'
Franky Bones - 'And The Break Goes Again'
Meat Beat Manifesto - 'Radio Babylon'
Herbie Hancock - 'Rockit'
45 King - '900 Number'
Propellorheads - 'Spybreak'
Beastie Boys - 'It's The New Style'


Just after Radio Babylon there's a snippet of the Marley Scratch by Marley Marl and MC Shan


  Track 5


On the album credits:

Sex Pistols - 'New York'
Fatboy Slim - 'Punk To Funk'
Medicine - 'I'm Sick'


There is an excerpt from "Drinking Problem" on the 2nd Jerky Boys CD. The excerpt is the woman that says "Yeah, well what do you think you have?". The Jerky Boys call people up and make prank calls to people. The clip that was sampled, has a guy calling a alcohol rehab place. About midway through the call the guy says something like "People tell me I have a drinking problem." The women then responds with "Yeah, well what do you think you have?" 


  Track 6


On the album credits:

DST - 'The Home Of Hip Hop'
JVC Force - 'Strong Island'
Primal Scream - 'Kowalski'
Beastie Boys - 'Time To Get Ill'
Barry White - 'I'm Gonna Love You A Little Bit More Baby
Public Enemy - 'Public Enemy Number One'
JBs - 'Blow Your Head'
T La Rock - 'Breakin' Bells'


In between Public Enemy no1 and JB`s there`s a trumpet like sound and that`s from Cramp your style by All the People feat.Robert Moore.


  Track 7


On the album credits:

LL Cool J - 'Get Down'
Digital Underground - 'Humpty Dance'
Uptown - 'Dope On Plastic'
Coldcut - 'More Beats And Piece'


nothing found yet


  Track 8


On the album credits:

London Funk Allstars - 'Sure Shot'
West Street Mob - 'Breakdance Electric Boogie'
Hijack - 'Doomsday Of Rap'
Renegade Soundwave - 'Ozone Breakdown'
The Beginning Of The End - 'Funky Nassau'
Jimmy Castor Bunch - 'It's Just Begun'


For about a second between Electric Boogie and The Doomsday of Rap there is a guitar riff from Apache by the Incerdible Bongo Band (also in Climbatize)

there`s also a vocal sample at the start of doomsday of rap that says "go off, go off" thats from Love Rap by Spoonie G the other sample is also in doomsday of rap,theres a siren like interlude during it.Thats from Countdown to Armageddon by Public Enemy.


Special thanks to John Roche who spotted most of these tracks. Big thanks also to Spencer, Decky HVB, Rob de Ford and 'the ant'.

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