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"It's all down to the music" Liam Howlett

"Its like when people were trying to label us as a technoact .....in 91 you know, we weren't techno. I was into techno, but that wasn't what we were doing. It was an easy label to put on us but we didnt want that. We were like 'no, we're just a hard dance act'"   Liam  
"We're not big in America, Oasis aren't big in America"    Liam

"We are not even small in America"    Keith


"As long as you keep it real to yourself, it'll always be real, you know. and stick to what you believe"     Maxim   "I hate Russia, Russia is the most depressing place I've ever been to. The sky is like hundred meters from the gruond and then thats it, just grey. I've never been so depressed in my whole life, but the show was incredible. I couldn't wait to get out there. I would have sold my gran to go through customs"    Keith


"When we first started I was all paranoid walking around thinking, ah shit, we gotta be really careful 'we stay underground' and all that shit. But its still bollocks, really, cause in the end of the day there's nothing wrong with coming out and saying 'yeah, here we are, we're large', you know, as long as the music is good, as long as the music stays on one level and we all always know that we're going with that. Its all down to the music. "     Liam "You dont look in the mirror and start putting faces and thinking 'yeah, thats gonna work right on stage, cause it just doesn't"   Keith


"It's not an act, its not a show, its just vibes, its just energy, the way we express ourselves to music."     Maxim

"Loads of bands sell out over there (America), they use real stupid samples and commercial shit and earn loads of money, but noone ever says 'hang on a minute, LL Cool J has really sold out'. Just because he has money he gets respect. he's got his own sitcom now, so whats that? I used to respect that, I'm gonna get shot now!" Liam

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