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After the news about Leeroy leaving The Prodigy one week ago I had a lot of e-mails from people telling their opinion about it. Here's a selection of what the fans think, feel free to e-mail me what YOU think....

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"Leeroy- come back. they do need you to the 4st album!
we'll need your dance energy on the stage!"

Tal A. from Israel  by e-mail


"Well i was very shakin and depressed at the news of leeroy
leaving especially being the day after my 17th birthday- i thought for
sure prodigy would break up. To tell you the truth i am very angry with
Leeroy- i know he wants to do his own thing but come on- he was doing it
before- how hard is it to be in prodigy dancing and working and do your
own thing- keith does it- he races- liam for christ sakes went out and
preformed his solo project- maxim is doing his thing- I think its
bullshit that he left and he should really rethink ehats goign on here-
There live show will still be the best ever but Leeroy will be missing
and that's sad. This is only my opinon though-
Deeply Depressed-"

Dena Ragdoll Flint aka 'prodigychick6' by e-mail

"I can't believe so many people are being so negative about it all though. Its just progression and as everyone knows, you can't stop progress.
Nobody said Leeroy wouldn't be missed  (except that dick in the Sun but no one I know reads that rag anyway, they remove the third page and discard the rest of that worthless paper), its a bit hard to see how people are seeing this development. They are all seem to be reading into the situation far too deeply, and should just accept it at face value - for now.

The rest of the band will speak when they are good and ready and not before.

Where the fuck do people get off saying Liam is lazy????
Never heard of quality over quantity? Where the fuck has your faith in the man's skill gone?

And to those people that cried, this isn't a boy band, and nobody is dead. I love the music and always loved watching Leeroy live / on the videos but its time to move on. The rave scene didn't last forever, Nirvana didn't - everything has to end sometime and whatever way it ends someone is whining on about it pitifully

I'm with Nikola Petranov, I think its pretty fucking stupid calling Liam a selfish egotistical bastard, do you even understand the energy that drives this music? He writes for himself, he's always pointed that out, and the very name 'Prodigy' was the B-boy ego shining through, but bastard? that is out of order."

Joe by e-mail


"As soon as Radio 1 said a Prodigy member had left, I initially thought
"oh, Keith?" - which would have been better really!"

"How many people in this newsgroup could actually cope quite easily if
they broke up and called it a day? I know I could."

Peter Thomas in alt.music.prodigy-the


"When i first heard that leeroy decided to call it a day, i was really miserable.
but i thought hey whatever he wants to do, he can do it
In my opinion leeroy didn't get much attention from 1996 onwards, especially obvious in the vids to firestarter and breathe .
I was glad though that he decided to do something other than dancing.
i just wish him and the other three the best of luck for the future"

Tom Lawrence by e-mail


"Hi! I`m 26 and I am fan of the wonderful Prodigy since `92. I waited so long for them to come down here, which hapenned twice (98/99). I went to both concerts here. It was the best thing I ever saw! I will never forget those days. Now, I am very much choked about Leeroy`s departure. He is good as I songwriter too, but his true place is to be part of the Prodigy as THE DANCER... It`s a pitty he left. I have no doubt that the next album of the group will be killer, but at the live shows I don`t know if that chemistry will work again."

Jimmy  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by e-mail


"I cant get over the sad fact that leeroy has left prodigy.  to other this may
be a casual disappointment, but to some, like myself, it is a tragic loss.  i
grew up on prodigy.  since i was 12 years old, prodigy has been my favorite
band.  i am now 18 and reared on prodigy.  the news shocked me.  its like a
family member has passed.  its hard to think "leeroy is gone."  it just wont
register, because leeroy was a brother in my family.  i followed them for
years.  i just wont be able to get over it.  prodigys music is genius, pure
genius, and if his departure means the end of prodigy, who knows what will
happen to the many fans who looked up to prodigy.  what will they feel (what
have they felt).  right now, things seem hopeless.  i just hope and pray
things will work out.  even if it means leeroy is out, hopefully it is not
the end of prodigy.  because really, whats the point of going on without
people i love???? "

Joey from Chicago by e-mail

  part 1

"Leeroy leaving the prodigy is the end of the prodigy. I know you all grab
hold of liams words. I heard them live to, and i can only say, as good
friends i think his words were a bit like he or him instead of leeroy
goes or wants...never forget , why would leeroy exit now, after prodigy
being quiet for almost two years

Prodigy is no longer prodigy, prodigy is more and more Liam and his
music, what's good, the best i ever will hear and heard, but Maxim doin
something different , leeroy doin something different....

If liams is real he has to admid, prodigy has ended..it's like tennis or
what ever, you have a ball, racket, net and a player. Liam is the player,
maxim the net, keith the racket and leeroy the ball. The ball is gone of
course it won't have any influence on the seperat parts , the net
won't change, the racket is the same and the player stil lhas his
skills.. but  be honust without the ball the game is dull.

Change the name, make something new, with Keith,Maxim and with the master
liam... but don't call it prodigy, because prodigy died on april the 4th

Exit prodigy, the best group ever!!!"

Anynomous from Holland by e-mail


"2 weeks without the internet and i discovered Leeroy has left the band. Music-wise, it's alright but i have yet to see the most awesome live band in the world, PRODIGY!!!! aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggghhhh......... why why why why????? why can't Liam let Leeroy into the songwriting? that fucking egoistic selfish bastard!"

hyena, guestbook


Graphic sent in by David Corcoran:

"Because Leroy left the band, I did this pic for your site.  Just put
it up and maybe people will get the message.

Will Leeroy ever come back?



"Fucking hell, I wasn't expecting that!
Still, we can be thankful to have witnessed the original line up on many
happy occasions..its not over yet, not by a long shot!

What do you think the chances of Leeroy joining them onstage in like a
reunion type thing in a couple of years, after a break apart? obviously this
is a permanent arrangement but you know the prodigy, they like to risk

didn't see that coming at all...."

Joe Cooper by e-mail



"Oh shit! I almost cry when I heard it,,(or to be honest I did!!) Leeroy,,our little man is going to leave us?!! What went wrong,,? Why does it have to end this way? And what will happend now? There are lot of questions going around my head right now!!"

Maria, guestbook


"Thanks fot the exclusive leeroy news neko but i think
the prodigy have now lost a lot from there live show
now as leeroy was a very good entertainer and a brill
dancer anyway the prodigy still r the best as long as
the rest of the band stay together."

Wayne Hartle by e-mail


"I literally cried when i read that.   I cant believe it.  If your part
of a team for 9 years, you shouldnt quit to follow a solo career, that
may not get off the ground or not.  Dont get me wrong, I love leeroy,
he is my favourite prodigy man, but i cant believe he would quit like
Maybe there is more to it than just following a solo career, maybe him
and the rest of the band have had a huge argument.  Who knows,  all i
know is that, my favourite member has left the prodigy, and this is
the saddest moment of my life"

Macca in alt.music.prodigy-the


"Now Leeroy has left is there much point carrying on?......I mean from
how I see it Liam is the one with the motivation, the one with the drive
to be good again why can't the others share that?. You got Maxim he's
busy doing his thing, fair enough ,you got keith to busy hang around his
showbiz pals and getting more mentions in the Bizzare section of the Sun
than music press.

We all know prodigy can't carry on as a trio, its just not going to be
the same......and the way things are going things might not turn out
aright, its a bleak future Maxim might decide to quit or the new abum
might not be that good.

To get to the point I'm saying in 20 years time I want to remember
prodigy when they were in 1994, 95, 96 and 97 they were the good days,
not how they are now.....its a mess.......so if they quit now the
dignity will be saved. I know a lot of you who are reading this might
think I've lost the plot but believe me it sad case of affairs and I
don't want prodigy petering out into nothing."

The Law in alt.music.prodigy-the


"Leeroy leaving the group and the possible split!!....not the
kind of news ive exspected!!....couse i think Prodigy has lost a very
importain member, the live-show has totally colapsed!!

Soren Sloth from Denmark by e-mail


"It is very sad and no matter what anyone says, he WILL be missed. Leeroy in my opinion is a great dancer, and also a vital part of the live show. I just hope it doesn't lead to The Prodigy splitting."

Marc Neale


"I am so upset to read about Leeroys departure,  I have wanted to see this
band so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I NEED to see them!!!  You have no idea
how their music motivates me and makes me jump up and  down."

'Rockingrhino' from  New York by e-mail


"I really think its sad that Leeroys going to quit. The first time I saw
Prodigy(Hultsfred -97)I was extremely impressed by his dance!
When I saw them last summer at Rockwave I definetely didnt think that would
be the last time I saw them all together... I cant help wondering how the
live-performances will turn out now. But however, Im happy as long as they
dont split totally!

I heard about the split on the radio. The energy.musicnews message was that
Leeroy was going to quit cause of some problems within the group...

Anna by e-mail


"Everyone seems to forget that the band could always get back together with
Leeory.  I assume that the main reason Leeroy left was because of his solo
stuff.  If that doesn't succeed, I think it is highly possible that he could

 However, we may never know the whole story about why Leeroy left.  Perhaps the
band and him had some sort of major argument, and am just using the "pursuing
solo work" bit as an excuse.

Rob de Ford in alt.music.prodigy-the


"I was very shocked by the news of Leeroy quiting the group.. Of course I can
understand that he wants to start with his own music again, but this is a
great lost for the band. Not for the music, but certainly for the live
shows. I've never been to one so I can't really say how he was like on
stage, but I've seen loads of videofootage and I know that Leeroy is a great
dancer and he really creates a great vibe during the shows...

No we will have to do without him, But I'm worried that other will follow...
Maxim is also busy with his solocarrier.. Maybe after this decision of
Leeroy, Maxim could also think of quiting and go futher as solo.. Maybe
Maxim woudn't like it anymore if Leeroy left.. Who knows??

I really hope this won't happen, Maxim is most important member of the group
afther Liam. But maybe that after Leeroy quiting the "spirit" or "energy" to
go on will disappear... Who knows??"

Robert Van Buuren

Voodoo Ant:

"I'm sending you a very rare picture of Leeroy i got from a Spanish
magazine. I hope you'll put it somewhere on your site.


"So what do you believe more? That the Prodigy are finished, or that they will
move on without Leeroy? I, myself, believe they will move on. You know Liam:
he can never be defeated by anyone or anything. He should be trying to get
off his lazy ass and do something. I've spoke with many people who believe
the same thing. As for Leeroy, I am highly disappointed in him. I realize
that everyone has their own free will to do what they most love, but couldn't
he be just a little caring and think about the fans? He should've thought
about his past. Without Prodigy, who we he be today? Most likely no one that
special. Besides, I think he was just getting bored with the whole thing. He
kept hinting around that idea. However, I have a feeling he will be quite sad
seeing Prodigy doing new, live shows without him. There will be a place
inside, empty and hallow. I just hope this doesn't have anything to do with
that Sarah Cox girl... Maybe she brainwashed him? Crazy idea, I know. Well,
all I can do now is pray that they don't split up. I'd be in a deep state of
depression. Prodigy was the one true band who got me out of my poseur,
boyband stage years ago. Their music led me to a whole new way of living, and
I'm actually happy with it. I love partying nowadays, I'm open to all kinds
of beats and sounds, I love heavy music, and I owe it all to them. If they
just decide to end it, not only will I be highly disappointed, but many, many
other fans out there as well. I have never seen a live show in person, and
now it's going to be quite different if I do ever get to see one. But I could
deal with that. The other three can still carry out the Prodigy vibe, I have
no doubt on that. They are a good band, and they always will be. Let's just
hope that they realize what they're all about and stick together.
That was my two cents.

Ashley by e-mail

"The Prodigy goes on, no matter if you believe it or not!
The Prodigy is changing, no matter if you will follow them or not!

So Leeroy left the Prodigy a week ago. And since we must have someone
guilty for his decision we can blame guess whom? The master mind of the
band of course!!! Many fans are now supposing that the (fuckin' egoistic
selfish bastard Liam' as pointed by a (fan has thrown away the poor
useless dancer that we all loved so much! I'm really confused with that.
It's not that I won't miss Leeroy- I've seen him live, I loved his
performance, I even have his autograph and my picture with him! But now
it seems that he doesn't feel it is right to be a part of the Prodigy
anymore. As Liam said- if you respect him you must also respect his
   I think it was more that obvious that since the (Experience times,
Leeroy was getting less and less essential for the band. Don't be hurry
to argue, be realistic and realize things. The Prodigy changed so much
since 1991 to nowadays, their music is always on the search for new
sound, and their attitude and style are also totally different. Leeroy
and Keith were those rave guys who used to dance with smiles on their
faces. Haven't you seen the videos from Experience??? The next album,
Music for the Jilted Generation was very different, the style wasn't the
same, neither were the guys+except the good old Leeroy who kept his
kinda funny, kinda genius dancing moves. But I am ready to bet that no
one have expected the change which came with the follow-up single
Firestarter. Absolutely different sound, dressing style and+ A BRAND NEW
FACE IN THE BAND!!! You all know what I'm talking about. That (double-
mohican Keith that appeared almost alone in the video for the track,
dancing with manic moves in that tube, looking really, really evil
and (could you believe?)- SINGING!!! Yes, he wasnt the same guy as
before, he became the (image of the band, he had a new skill! The next
single and video Breathe, which showed Maxim also ready to make the
change was featuring Leeroy's face at least a few times like in
Firestarter. The Prodigy became no doubt, the biggest band in the whole
REINVENTED THAT BAND, HAVEN'T YOU??? Unfortunately (or maybe not) Leeroy
was always the same rave guy which was just present in the new videos
which created the new image. The album The Fat of the Land and the
following single Smack my Bitch Up just confirmed the new musical roots
of the Prodigy. The field for Leeroy in the live shows was also smaller
than before. The most powerful live tracks were featuring Maxim and
Keith on stage. After 2 silent years the band came with one new live
track- We do What the Fuck We Want which was a step further after The
Fat of the Land. It also included both of them performing.
Now, after four years of touring with the FOTL tracks, the Prodigy
desperately needs some fresh material. I believe that after progressing
for nine years as a music maker, Liam is making different and better
stuff for the fourth album. We have already the title Always Outnumbered
Never Outgunned, which can let us guess that there will not be any
turn-back to the old sound. I believe that Leeroy felt by him self that
he will not fit as a member for the next album of the band, or he didnt
liked the new orientation of Liam's music, as he did back in 1991 when
the Prodigy was formed. Leeroy is already making his own music which is
so different from what is Liam into and his taste, orientation and
opinion are not necessarily the same as Liam's. If that is the case do
you expect Leeroy to stay in the band? Or maybe start making the music
of the Prodigy? Would you like it then? We loved the music that Liam did
for all these nine years, we loved the way he changed it and leaded it
to a very different field. Maybe this time one of the necessary changes
must be in the band. I will definitely keep believing that Liam is going
to reinvent the Prodigy and that Leeroy's departure is for the bands
and his own good. At least until the new album is out and it's awful and
the live shows are boring (which I strongly doubt). I respect Leeroy for
every single minute spent as a dancer in the Prodigy, I respect him as a
musician and I respect his decision. Maybe it is time for him to make a
huge progress from a dancer to a music maker and even a singer as
Flightcrank. I sincerely wish him all that. As for the Prodigy- the
Prodigy goes on, no matter if you believe it or not, the Prodigy is
changing, no matter if you will follow them or not!

Nikola Petranov by e-mail
webmaster of Addicted to Prodigy site
e-mail: webmaster@prodigy.zzn.com


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