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  10 years later mixmag apologise about 'Did Charly kill rave?'

In their January 2002 issue, Mixmag have got a 'Retro A-Z' feature, and the letter D stands for 'Did Charly kill rave?' and relates back to an article Mixmag published in August '92 about The Prodigy.

Here's what they have to say:

"D is for 'Did Charly kill rave?
In August 1992, Mixmag put the Prdigy on the cover with the headline 'Did Charly kill rave?' a year after the tune hit the number three spot. Mixmag's then-assistant editor Dom Philips wrote: "Howlett's silly little novelty tune [is like] a million nightmare novelty records that countless grinning TOTP goons have introduced over the years." Understandaly, Liam and co were slightly upset, and in the band's video for 'Fire', they burned a stack of Mixmags.

"I felt that Liam was really talented but making obvious music", says Dom now. "In retrospect though, we made some mistakes in the way we covered the rave scene."
The Prodigy might have made 'Charly', but it was toytown records such as Smart E's 'Sesame's Street' that propelled rave towards the chino-wearing, beer-swilling high street. "I think we definitely shoved the band in a different direction", says Dom. It was another five years until Dom spoke to The Prodigy again.
In January 1998, Liam admitted: "The criticisms probably fuelled some of the music on 'Music for the Jilted Generation' - I stopped doing cartoon tunes."

The Prodigy went on to become the biggest dance band in the world. Oops. Sorry boys, we love you really."

Mixmag, January 2002

Good to hear that Mixmag stick to what they say, 'because you became the biggest dance band in the world, we really like you now'... ha ha.

  the original 'Did Charly kill rave?' article

Anyway, since you might wanna know what this whole thing is about, Spence has tracked down the original mag and provided us with the scans. Just click on any of the following thumbnails to see the full scans:

the cover page the index page


thanks to Spence for the scans


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