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  official prodigy related sources


www.prodigy.co.uk the official Prodigy website - is down at the moment
www.xl-recordings.com the website of Prodigy's label XL Recordings - site is 'bit useless
www.copasetik.com the website of Flightcranks label Copasetik
www.flightcrank.org the official Flightcrank web site - never updated
www.maxim.uk.net Maxim's official website - nice shockwave, but never updated either
www.janusstark.com the website of Gizz Butt's Janus Stark - excellent site :)
www.happy-gilmore.co.uk the website of Kieron Pepper's Happy Gilmore
www.themoreisee.co.uk Gizz Butt's new band The More I See
www.pitchshifter.com the web site of Jim Davies' Pitchshifter - very cool site, frequent updates


  prodigy fan sites

the best unofficial Prodigy sites:

Jugez Prodigy pages Jugez Prodigy site is not only very well designed but also has a lot of info and content and is frequently updated.
Kotta's Prodigy site Are you collecting Prodgy releases? Then let Kotta's Prodigy Site guide you through b-sides, promos, bootlegs and other rarities. With over 300 pics of rare records Kotta's Prodigy Site is the definitive resource covering not only Prodigy releases but also solo material from Leeroy and Maxim.
Simple, yet comprehensive and accurate.
Online Prodigy Center As one of the most comprehensive Prodigy sites on the net The Online Prodigy Center delivers tonnes of information regarding the band. History, Lyrics, Profiles, BPM-lists, Guitar tabs and more... You name it, OPC's got it.
An essential resource for any serious Prodigy fan.
www.brainkiller.it comprehensive site about Prodigy with many downloads
Anders Nivfors Prodigy site great comprehensive Prodigy site from Sweden, loads of info !
The Mindblowing Prodigy Network comprehensive Prodigy fan site, often updated
Prodigy Article Vault A collection of Prodigy articles, nice design and good to see some original content.


more unofficial Prodigy sites:

TheProdigy.ru - the most visited Prodigy site in Russia. Lots of info, downloads, etc.
www.theprodigy.org a comprehensive website about The Prodigy by Anaconda
skip.to/keith 'Keith's World' is the no. 1 resource about Keith Flint
Liam Howlett fanspace fansite in four languages
www.prodigy.dir.bg Addicted to Prodigy website from Bulgaria
Gwens ode to Liam  
Prodigy Edge American fansite with recent live pictures
Newmusic Bulgaria Bulgaian website of the promoters of Prodigy gig in Sofia
The Dirtchamber Prodigy fansite with a list of the webmasters collection
Prodigy gallery By Browni  
Prodigy Page new fans site with audio and live pics

Non-English Prodigy fan sites

Yang Yang's Prodigy site Japanese Prodigy web site
www.mundoprodigy.cjb.net Spanish Prodigy site
Dirty Dozen Russia a Russian Fansite for The Prodigy
prodigy-net.de die grte deutschsprachige Prodigyseite / German Prodigy fansite
Millers-Prodigy-Site German site with huge FTP
Newmusic Bulgaria Bulgaian website of the promoters of the Prodigy gig in Sofia
Widemusic Spanish Prodigy fansite
Flightcrank Spanish Flightcrank fansite
Serbian Prodigy fan site Jaksa's site

Maxim fan sites:

Maxim website New Maxim fansite made in Finland. Superb design and comprehensive content.
Anders Nivfor's Maxim web site Maxim site
fan site dedicated to Maxim with loads of materia

Flightcrank fan sites:

Spanish Flightcrank fansite


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