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New Prodigy book - 20% discount & competition!

Sanctuary Publishing have announced the new book ‘PRODIGY’ by Martin James to be released 28th June 2002. As reader of nekosite You not only have the chance to win one out of five copies of the book, you can also order the book with a discount of 20%!

  the book

Many of you will remember Martin James' first book about The Prodigy ‘Adventures with the Voodoo Crew’, from 1997. The new book now is not just a 2nd edition, it is, according to Martin, a complete rewrite of the book and twice the length (120’000 words compared to 60’000 last time!). The book now also covers everything that happened since the release of The Fat of the Land, Liam’s DJ stint, the break-up with Leeroy up to the making of Baby’s got a Temper. Martin James describes the book as being much more critical, more ‘adult’ and more in depth, especially about Liam Howlett.

And indeed, reading through the book even as a longtime fan, still lets you discover so many little stories and facts you've never heard of. Not only the new chapters that have been added, but also all existing chapters have been rewritten and contain new information. There's the description of No Souvenirs, a track most of us still haven't heard, there's the Mixmag 'Did Charly kill Rave?' story presented from a different point of view, the breakup with Leeroy is explained in more detail than any other journalist has ever managed to. Also covered are the different solo careers, Maxim, Flightcrank and Liam Howlett's DJ sessions. The book also covers the lenghty break of the band, how they finally made a return, it briefly covers the European and Australian tours and then finishes with a day with Liam at Rollover studios where he is putting the final touches to Baby's got a Temper.

This book is a 'must' for every fan.


  How to get the discount when ordering the book

The original price of the book is £12.99, but as a reader of nekosite you can get a 20% discount off the original price! To order the book with the discount you need to call Sanctuary Publishing on 020 8749 9171, ask to speak to the sales department and tell them that you are a visitor of 'nekosite' and ask for the discount. They will then take your order and give you a 20% discount. The book is released 28th June 2002, but you can already order it now.

  Win a copy of the book!

4th July 2002: the competition is now closed. Over 1000 people have attempted the competition and 118 have sent in the correct password. Out of those 118, 5 winners were selected at random and will receive a copy of the book. The winners are:

Mark G. Boxshall, England
Galea Valentin, Romania
David Salido Alvarez, Spain
Gary Richardson, England
Manuel Lino, Portugal

You can of course still text your knowledge of The Prodigy and play the game..

enter the competition

(You now also have the chance to win one of five copies of the book here on nekosite. How? Well, I have put together 10 more or less difficult questions about The Prodigy. You can go through them as many times as you want, but only when you get all 10 questions right you will be given a secret password and an e-mail address. To enter the competition, you will need to send an email with the password as subject to the email address given to you at the end. Please include your name, address, country and e-mail address into the e-mail. )

Closing date is 3rd July 2002. There might be different passwords during the competition, so don't trust any published ones. Anyone 'caught' publishing it will be disqulified. Anyone caught entering more than once will be disqualified as well. The 5 winners will be picked at random and their names only will be published on nekosite shortly after the closing date. Please do not send any other messages or questions to the competition email address, as only the winners emails will be read. If you have any questions about the competition, please email to compquestion@nekosite.co.uk.

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