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MTV interview The Prodigy about forthcoming single 'Baby's got a Temper'.

The interview was shown on MTV UK in the weekend edition but also other European countries. MTV Germany have also transcribed the interview (in German) [HERE] but have unfortunately mixed up Liam and Maxim. The band talk about the new single BGAT, Liam says that the track sounds more up to date, and Keith sounds much better than on older material. Keith then jokingly adds 'yes, i am the best, i am incredible!'. Maxim says its funny to watch the people in the video taking on their personality and that they can laugh at themselves. Liam also adds how the idea of the video was part of a dream he had, that the track itself was written about experience and how they felt it was a success when they played it at the Coachella festival in April.

If you want to download the avi of the German version of the interview you can do so at the 'Prodigy-Base' web site [HERE].

Portuguese fan 'Neo' has also uploaded the mp3 of it on www.bgat.pt.vu

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