Controversial article in NME:

"Has Prodigy's fire gone out?"

The English weekly music magazine NME has a quite 'controversial' article about The Prodigy in their issue from 14th March 2001. And although the article doesn't tell us anything we didn't know, it quite sums up the situation:

"New LP not expected until 2002
Prodigy have denied rumors of a split after NME discovered the band's long-awaited album will not be released until at least 2002.
Asked whether the band's return is in doubt, a spokeswoman said: "The Prodigy have not split up, Liam Howlett is definitely keeping busy."
But despite a four-year gap since the last album, 'The Fat Of The Land', there is no sign of a new record. Howlett revealed in October 1999 that 'No Souvenirs', recorded with 3D of Massive Attack, was the first completed track for the album. Though the album has a provisional title - 'Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned' - there has been no confirmation of completed tracks since then.
Producer Dan The Automator confirmed last year that he had been working with Howlett. "I think they're only halfway done," he said.
Since the Prodigy's last world tour, fans have questioned whether the band have lost their edge. Howlett's DJ slot at Madonna's Brixton Academy gig last year provoked a furious reaction on Internet message boards saying he had 'sold out'.
In addition, Maxim released a flop solo album, Howlett released a poor-selling DJ mix album and Leeroy Thornhill quit the band.
Meanwhile, frontman Keith Flint is now prim tabloid fodder, thanks to his former relationship with TV presenter Gail Porter.
The Prodigy spokeswoman told NME that there has been no falling out between band members. Just two weeks ago, they were all together at the launch of Thornhills Flightcrank album. But still there's no sign of a new record.
When asked about when the new record would appear, Maxim said recently: "I understand the urgency, believe me I would love it to be out now too. But good music takes time."

So what do you think? Will the Prodigy ever manage to come back or are they just gonna split up sooner or later anyway? If you feel like commenting then please e-mail to and i will put some of the comments up here. (If you wish your comment not to be published, please state so).

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