get merchandise from Prodigy's gig in Sofia!

Prodigy's last gig to date took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, on August 28th 1999. Here's your chance to order some of the original merchandise and even the live video from this gig for a very reasonable price, directly from Bulgaria.

video 5 + p&p

t-shirt 6 + p&p

poster 1.50 + p&p

ticket 1 + p&p

& original flyer from the gig extra as gift

If you're interested and want to place an order then please contact with the subject 'Prodigy'. Payment will be by bank transfer. P&P is about £2-3 for Europe.

also visit the website of the promoters of the gig :


flyer (3 diff. fliers available)


The Video - a review

The video starts with some footage of The Prodigy arriving at the airport, then some scenes of fans before the gig. The Prodigy gig then has the following setlist:

Rock n'Roll
Funky Shit
Jam track (Prepare for the rush)
We do what the Fuck we want
Voodoo People
Voodoo People remix of the remix
Their Law
Rhythm Of Life
Instrumental track
encore: Fuel My Fire

The quality of the video is compared to other bootlegs very good. Camera is static but sometimes zoomes in very closely. Unfortunately at some points little parts are missing and some tracks are uncomplete. Still a great video in my opinion.

Here the highlights:

1.instrumental track

The band leaves the stage before the encore and Liam stays on stage and plays this 'instrumental track' while Keith joins him again and dances around. the short track (less than a minute) consists of very dark beats. To my knowledge this track has never been played before at a Prodigy gig. We do not know what it is, it could be just Liam playing around with some random beats, but who knows, maybe its the base for new Prodigy material?

2. Rhythm Of Life

In my opinion the highlight of the gig. All four members of Prodigy are on stage at the same time. The song is performed in a brilliant way, full of energy and this is now apparently the last track Leeroy ever danced on stage with The Prodigy.

3. We do what the fuck we want

Remember when nekosite was the first place that the recording of this 'new' Jam track (from 1999) had available? It was the recording from Greece, Prodigy's 2nd last gig to date. Now for this gig they've changed the track a bit, its a bit slower. Features Maxim on the mic and Keith dancing. To my best knowledge this is the first video of Prodigy performing this track.

4.Fuel My Fire

The encore of the gig features Leeroy on drums. Need I say more?


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