Ozzfest 2001

with Black Sabbath, Slipknot, Tool, Amen, Disturbed etc

26th May 2001 - Milton Keynes Bowl (UK)

review by neko
all pictures by Tom (burntheworlduk@hotmail.com)

Summer has arrived, finally. First of all, we actually got some decent weather, even here in England, second of all, the festival season has now officially started! For once I am not celebrating this at dancefest Homelands as in the last 2 years, no, this year I'm joining the fans of metal at this years UK version of the Ozzfest. And there's one simple reason i am going there: Slipknot. Yes, i know, about 99% of you Prodigy fans will be shaking your head now, but with the Prodigy 'taking a break' from touring there's rarely any other band out there who as live band comes close to that kind of energy as we remember it from back in the days .... but Slipknot have that kind of energy, no matter what you all say.

The day starts at Euston station. We're already far too late. The gates have opened as early as 9am in the morning and we're still in London at 1.30pm. Englands superb public transport then brings us to Milton Keynes Central and with the shuttle bus system running surprisingly smooth we actually get to the 60'000 capacity National Bowl by 3pm. Ticket touts all over trying to sell tickets for around £5. Damn, bought mine for £35..

As we get in, Papa Roach are just on the main stage. I'm not exactly a fan of them and when i saw them live last autumn even walked out early out of one of their gigs, but now i have just one thing in my head: 'gotta be in the front for Slipknot, gotta be in the front for Slipknot'. So, anti-social as I am, instead of going for a drink with my friends and sit around in the sun like every other normal person would do, I decide to try to sneak to the front.

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While wandering through the audience I notice how many young people there are. Makes me feel like the grandmother at this event! I also get to watch the last couple of tracks by Papa Roach now, and they are not exactly as bad as i remembered them, and of course their hitsingle Last Resort gets the biggest response.

After the performance, as always at festivals, some random tracks get played over the speakers and you just can't miss all the booing when Limp Bizkit comes on. he he.

Next band on are Mudvayne on the second stage, but of course i stay in front of the main stage now, not only cause I hate Mudvayne. Their set is over after 45 minutes and next band on the main stage are now Tool. I have never seen them live before but everyone keeps saying how good they are, so I am quite keen to see them. Unfortunately they aren't impressing at all.

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I don't know if it is because I don't really know their music that well, or if they're just a bit too atmospheric to play in the sunlight, but i find their gig rather boring. Their songs might be good, but there is just not enough energy in their performance for my taste.

I am in the second row now and while Amen start to play the second stage i manage to sneak to the front. How cool is that! At the front for Slipknot, I can hardly wait anymore now for them to come on.

At about 6.30pm Amen are finished and we all know whats gonna be next on the main stage. Already the stage looks cool, with the massive 666 in the background and at about 6.45pm Slipknot start their amazing set with a new intro. They storm on stage and before you notice already 2 members of the band jump into the audience. With full-on energy the gig starts now and another thing you notice is their new masks. the clown now has his mask covered in 'blood' and part of the 'brain' standing out. How cool is that, hehe. I can hardly breathe anymore and next to me people get pulled out, but i enjoy every minute of this gig, lets worry about the bruises later. Slipknot also play some new stuff from their forthcoming album, and here the setlist of their gig (stolen from a post by Ian in alt.music.slipknot):

1. Intro
2. People = Shit
3. Liberate
4. Eeyore
5. Disaster Piece
6. Purity
7. unknown
8. Eyeless
9. New Abortions
10. Heretic Song
11. Spit It Out
12. Wait & Bleed
13. 742617000027
14. Sic
15. Surfacing.

all pictures by Tom (burntheworlduk@hotmail.com)

For over an hour Slipknot rock the place, not without the usual ritual of trying to make the whole audience sit down. It doesn't work entirely as the place is just a bit too big (60'000 people!) At the front, where I am, there would be no chance to sit down, obviously. Corey (the singer of Slipknot) also makes the announcement that they want to 'declare war' to the music industry for not letting metal survive. Another great thing about Slipknot's live show is their contact with the audience, even if there are as many as 60'000 people present. During the last song Shawn, the clown, points at me with a drumstick and throws it towards me. I don't catch it. He looks at me and shakes his head. He throws another one and this time I catch it. Now he nods. Pretty cool I think. Dunno if i was just standing out as the oldest person in the audience and he felt sorry?

At 8pm the whole thing is finished and while all the Black Sabbath fans are pushing to the front I am trying to get out. I am so exhausted, i almost cant walk anymore. I buy a drink and sit on the hill to watch Disturbed playing on the 2nd stage from far. They're actually not bad at all, many people seem to be really into it. The last band to follow are the headliners on the main stage, the mighty Black Sabbath. At this point I just have no energy whatsoever left and after chatting to some friends for a while i leave in the middle of Black Sabbath's set towards London, looking forward to see Slipknot again in Germany at Rock im Park festival next Friday.

review by neko
all pictures by Tom (burntheworlduk@hotmail.com)


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