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BUG JAM - Pictures!

Since my own pictures from Bug Jam didnt turn out at all, Spencer aka 'Benny Blanco' felt sorry and sent in his pictures of Liam DJing at Bug Jam!! Thanks for that! Also you can read his review of the event!

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SPENCER AKA BENNY BLANCO's review of Liam Howletts DJ Set at Bug Jam:

"To be honest, I had different feelings about going to Bug Jam to
watch Liam's set. Well, basically because I had read about his
performances at Gatecrasher and the Pod. And didn't think too much of
it, although being a really big Prodigy fan. But was I proven wrong.
There were DJ's performing all day at the Bug Jam, including the
Scratch Perverts and loads others who I can't think of the names of.

Anyway as the day was slowly dragging on, it was time for Liam's set,
I had to say I wasn't really excited but more you know interested in
what he would be like, performing without the Prodigy. At about
10:30pm I saw that blonde mohawk haircut, unbelievably it was Liam
entering the stage to his decks. I must admit I was getting pretty
excited by now, and then as soon as he started his first song of his
set (Music response by the Chemical Brothers) it seemed the whole
crowd went mental, including myself and the people I was with. It was
amazing. Liam had real control over his decks and the crowd for that

About 10 minutes into the set, people behind me were shouting "Play
some Prodigy music", but let me assure you Liam didn't and didn't need
to, for the next 1hr 20 min he delivered the most powerful DJ set I
have seen in a quite long time. He did play some tracks from the
Dirtchamber including 'The Mexican' by Babe Ruth 'Chemical Beats' from
the Chemical Brothers, 'Radio Babylon' by Meat Beat Manifesto, and
they are the ones I can remember.

But to be honest I think the best track of his set which got the whole
crowd singing, including me and I don't usually sing, had to be the
'The Mexican' by Babe Ruth played in it's entirety, the crowd went
mental for that one, and everyone knew the words, and I mean everyone.
He then continued to play tracks such as 'Nobody Beats the Biz' by Biz
Markie, a track that I can remember Liam using on his original
Breezeblock mix.

For the last hour of the show, it seemed he would drop some well known
tracks into his set, including his powerful breakbeat mix, of Blur's
'Bugman', although it is initially a rock track it didn't seem out of
place in Liam's set tonight! . Also playing 'Phat Planet' by
Leftfield, the one off the Guinness advert you know, he also decided
to drop the extended version of 'Hey boy, Hey Girl' by the Chemical
Brothers, when then I thought was the end, but no! I started to hear
some guitar riffs, and straight away recognized it as being 'Pretty
Vacant' by the Sex Pistols, Liam of course really did play out his
last song with style, fading in and out the words and letting the
crowd sing along to it. By this time the song started to finish, and
we then knew his set had finished, Liam looking happy gave an
acknowledgment to the crowd and then walked off stage, and then I knew
that was the end.

I was left walking away, with my brother and his girlfriend in a state
of amazement at what I had just seen, Liam had delivered a perfect set
I am sure Liam thought this as well, especially when the Red Bull tent
set on fire during the first half-hour of his set, he did laugh!"

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