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DJ Liam Howlett

30th January 2006: Liam Howlett releases BACK TO MINE - Get Details [HERE]

After the release of his DJ mix album (Prodigy presents The Dirtchamber Sessions vol.1) in February 99, Liam Howlett has toured as a DJ until the end of 2000.

You can still check out the reviews and pictures from all the sets in 99 and 2000!


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Dublin - RedBox
Bankholiday - event in small club with Liam Howlett as 'Headliner' next to Darren Emerson, James Lavelle and more. Keith Flint is just dancing in the crowd. The set contains extracts from Dirtchamber.

[REVIEW by neko] [PICTURES by neko]

19.06.99 Leeds - Gatecrasher
Huge Outdoor summer festival of the famous Gatecrasher club. Liam plays in the smaller SYAM arena, just before Goldie. The tent is quite small. At this event almost no Dirtchamber is played. The set is very different from Dublin.
[REVIEW by neko] [PICTURES by neko]

Bedfortshire - Bug Jam VW festival
A weird VW festival. Liam headlines the HipHop stage on saturday evening. Keith Flint, once again, is also present, a Red Bull tent is burning. In my opinion by far the best DJ set of Liam by now.
[REVIEW by neko] [PICTURES by Spencer aka 'Benny Blanco']

You can listen to 11 min of Liams set in Real Audio[HERE]


04.09.99 Edinburgh - Homelands Festival
Homelands Festival is a big all-night openair festival with various dance acts such as the Chemical Brothers, Breakbeat Era etc. Liam has big technical problems and his set  doesn't come out as good as expected and is only 60 instaed of 90 minutes.
25.09.99 Ireland - Homelands
At Homelands Festival in Ireland Liam has to fight with the rain which comes through the tent, but he manges to play a brilliant set and gets the very crowded 'home' arena dancing for more than 1,5 hours!
19.11.99 London - Fabric
Liams last DJ date this year is in Londons new superclub the 'FABRIC'. Liam plays a proper set of Hip Hop, dance, reggea and Sex Pistols!
21.07.00 London - Fabric
Liam's first and so far only DJ date this year, again at Fabric in London. He plays a cool set but 'surprises' us with some RnB tracks. The set is also attended by Leeroy Thornhill and Keith Flint.
[INFO ABOUT the DJ DATE] [Review and pics by neko]
28.11.00 London - Madonna gig
Liam Howlett DJing at Madonna's Music Industry only gig at Brixton Academy in London. Some tickets went for £1000, neko was there for you anyway!
[Review by neko] [fan reactions]
16.12.00 Bristol - Massive Attack x-mas party
Liam Howlett DJing at the fantastic Massive Attack x-mas party along Richard Fearless and James Lavelle. The party takes place at the cool new club The Rock in Bristol.
[Review and pictures]
31.12.00 London - Resolution NYE party
Liam Howlett is DJing at this New Years Eve party at Alexandra Palace in London and plays a rather ordinary set without any surprises. Also spotted at the event are Keith Flint, Leeroy Thornhill and Maxim.
[Review, pictures and setlist]