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Theres loads of people who want to go to homelands Ireland, but noone really knows how, so I made some research for you all.

Homelands Ireland takes place in Mosney Holiday Centre in County Meath, which is close to Dublin. No need to worry how to get there, I contacted Mean Fiddler and they said that there will be Shuttle Buses from Dublins O'Connel Street to the site all day and also after the event going back!

Unlike the other homelands festivals the Irish one already finishes at 2am, and is NOT an all-nighter, due to Irish law.

You can get tickets from www.ticketmaster.ie . The  line up, which includes Liam Howlett, Underworld, Orbital, can be found on the official site on www.homelands.co.uk

According to Mean Fiddler Liam Howlett will be on at about 8pm but thats not confirmed yet.

For more infos call Mean Fiddlers info line at 0181 963 0940 or the Irish Mean Fiddler (they got more details) on 00353 1 47 58 555.

The cheapest way to get to Dublin is by coach, check www.nationalexpress.co.uk for fares and how to get tickets.

Another way is by train, a return ticket from London Euston to Dublin Connolly including the Ferry, costs about 66, with a Young Persons Railcard 44. There is  a train leaving London Friday 22.05 which arrives Saturday 07.07 in Dublin. On Sunday the first train is at 5.55 am from Dublin and you are in London Euston at 14.19. For details and bookings call 0990 455 455

You can also go by plane, if you are a student fares start ftom about 69. Call USIT travel (0870 240 10 10), STA (0171 361 6161) or CTS (0171 636 0031) if you are travelling from London area.

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