Basement Jaxx live at the Forum

- Kentish Town Forum (London) 1st December 1999 -


My first Basement Jaxx gig was at Homelands Winchester in May 99 at about 4am, I was half asleep, half frozen and definitely not paying attention a lot, so my impressions from back then weren't too big.

So what was I expecting from this gig? Not too much to be honest. I like their album, but I didn't know how they were going to put this on stage.

When they came on they surprised me already in the intro, there was the much harder beats live than on the album. Wow, this was brilliant! A brazilian dancer was on stage now making the audience dancing even more and the next song they play is already the well known Yo Yo ! A female singer comes on stage while the 2 guys stay concentrated behind their keyboards. For almost every song the singer and/or dancer on stage changes which gives the show a big variety. Red Alert comes on with a new female singer and later for Rendez-vu a Spanish Flamenco dancer is on stage.

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By the time Jump n' Shout comes on and a male MC comes on stage people in the front are pushing, screaming and am well surprised positively about this gig. Another one of those dance acts which has managed to bring the album on stage very well.