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Welcome to nekoZine, the new online fanzine on nekosite. I hope you enjoy my growing archive of gig reviews and more! If you love music as much as I do then I'm sure you will! I am not limited to a certain style of music, you'll find reports about bands from a big variety of backgrounds here. Please don't hesitate to contact me [neko@nekosite.co.uk] and let me know what you think about nekoZine.


latest live reviews by date:

Sept '03 Rancid Tour
June '03 Flint live
1-3/06/01 Rock im Park festival (Germany) Linkin Park x2, Kid Rock, Slipknot-not, GTA, hed(PE), Tool etc. new
26/05/01 Ozzfest UK 2001: Slipknot, Tool. Black Sabbath, Amen, Disturbed etc
07/02/01 U2 @ the Astoria, London
best of:
25-27/8/00 Reading Festival : Slipknot, Ratm, Primal Scream, Foo Fighters, Manchild, Limp Bizkit & many more
19-20/8/00 V2000 FESTIVAL : Underworld, Moby, Manchild, BHG, Death in Vegas etc
23-5/6/00 GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL : Moby, Bloodhound Gang, Manchild, Chemical Brothers, Hedrock Valley Beats, Feeder, Death in Vegas and many more
27/05/00 HOMELANDS ENGLAND: Public Enemy, Manchild, Leftfield, Moby etc.
10-7/5/00 Janus Stark and Die Toten Hosen in Germany and Switzerland (6 gigs)
22/04/00 Primal Scream & Death in Vegas, Brixton Academy, London
09/04/00 Die Toten Hosen and Die Aerzte, Dsseldorf, Germany
07/04/00 Pitchshifter live at the London Astoria




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