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Here some feedback about what you thought about the "DIY Prodigy" article by Future music. It's not too late yet to send me your own feedback about what you think about this article.

"First, i want to thank you for that interesting journal. It is hard to find
something like this here.
Secondly, here is my opinion about it :
1) Nobody can not write the real "prodigy" music, because if you want to do
it, you have to become Liam.
2) With journal's help you can only repeat their last hits, but not to make
It is my private opinion. Certainly, it is great idea from authors of that
journal - try to make "prodigy" sound and i think it is very interesting to
people that make music yourself. But i have to say again - nobody can not
write "prodigy" music except Liam.
Thanks again! Great "Hi!" to you from Omsk, Russia"
Victor Zubanov.

"Bought the Magazine and read it... Thought the Article was Okay but it isn't worth taking any notice of it unless you've got the equipment or can afford the equipment. As I am not a musician I couldn't really understand it. But its a good article for people in the music buisness but I wouldn't like to see many bands do exactly what it says in the magazine cos' we only need one 'Prodigy'."

"well, it's interesting enough...but i felt some points were so obvious like the distortion of sounds and how they always sound harder! the equipment list was so short! And it'll be an eye-opener to try those "steps" out. However, ultimately, originality accounts much more!"

"That article was pretty good.. although the kit list was a big dissapoint to me.. it was only 1/10 of the all his equipment. Anyway.. there was some mistakes.. Liam has actually 5 x W30.. he has told that in a Roland interview.. But he uses only 2 of them.. if I'm right. Also lots of Roland's stuff was missing from the list."
Jugez from www.jugesprodigy.net

"yes I believe that this Diy thing is very helpfull for some guys or girls who want to create their own kind of dance music but they like to have some of the prodigy elements wihtout steeling ideas. Beside's It's Lia''s own secret technic as he says on stage when he play's firstarter"
Paul Mhttas

"This really is crap man, Liam could use this to give people a helping hand towards creating class music but there is no way on this earth that anyone can compare with Liam himself no matter how much he shares his wisdom in music!!!"
Rik Allwood

"So I read some over there, did you read it? Obviously it would be useful starting musically interested boys, girls and... well, yes, people who try to copy tha band. They just wrote what their music consists of and it's good that they spotted out tha distortion box (yellow pedal thingie on the pic, you probably saw guitar plugged to it). Now people plug synths with that, Prodigy did SMBU (listening through the track made me understand how bad it is musically :) It has positives and negatives, but even that riff & the indian sing'ress's vocals can't close all the disturbance of the track, it annoys. I now get it, why Beatsie-a-Boys disliked tha track, why all those Prodge fans got moroned. There is NO BEST BAND IN THE WORLD! You understand it? ok.. that's all way outta the subject. And why I write this is to ashure you that you can keep that on the site and your worries can go suck.. whatever.. bye!"
Peter Chain

"The DIY article is alright, but there are a few problems. First of all, if you're not a musician and are not familiar with what they are saying, than don't bother. Second, if you are a musician and understand what they mean, it's still practically impossible. The reason is because finding (and being able to afford) the exact equipment that the article mentions isn't going to happen (unless of course you can afford a McLaren F1, like Liam). If you're a serious musician who writes music for the sake of writing music (like myself), it's just impossible to follow directions because music is a very personal thing. The best way to find those awesome rhythms and beats that The Prodigy (or any other dance act for that matter) have is by experimenting! Don't get me wrong. I read the article to answer my curiousity, but am I going to actually follow the directions step by step? Of course not! No musician (including Liam) would."
Mike Esfahani

"This is quite interesting article, but it has very little info about Liam's equipment! In this article I have seen for first time list of Maxim's equipment, and way how he is producing his music. Maybe there will be more articles in future in this magazine, because they will need to write couple of them to complete list of all Liam's producing tricks, and I think that is impossible, cause no one can "translate" all Liam's work!"
Jaksa from www.jaksaprodigy.cjb.net

If you haven't read the DIY Prodigy article yet, check it out [here] and send me your own opinion.

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