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Futuremusic have this 'DIY Prodigy'-feature (DIY=Do it yourself) in the current issue (December 2000). It's supposed to be a tutorial about how to recreate Prodigy tracks. If you're making music yourself this might be interesting for you to check it out.

Read through it and maybe you want to send me a quick e-mail about whether you found this guide very helpful and interesting or if you think it's just not possible to write a tutorial about how to create Prodigy music and you wouldn't advise anyone to take this serious. Let me know and I'll post your feedback on this website!

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Futuremusic also dedicate two pages to Maxim's solo career. Here you can read about how he is going on about doing his own music and compare his kit list to Liam's. Click on the thumbnail page and a big version of it will open in a new window.

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