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If you are familiar with the music of The Prodigy you should know that Liam uses a lot of samples from other songs and movies when he writes the music. A classic example is the cat from the TV advert used in Charly. But not all samples are so obvious to find and we probably don't even know about the half of them yet ! Many times Liam also samples something from somewhere and then changes it so much before he uses it, that it is almost impossible to track. This site now tries to collect all known sample sources and provide you with an as comprehensive list of sample sources as possible. To do so I really need your help. So if you spot any sample Liam later used in a Prodigy song or in a Prodigy gig, then please let me know! Please mail your info to samples@nekosite.co.uk and I will add it to this website and you will get credited for it.

*BETA means that I'm still working on collecting as many sample sources as possible...will probably never have all of them. I do not guarantee that all content on this page is 100% correct either.

Check out the new special section dedicated to uncredited songs on the Dirtchamber DJ mix album [HERE]

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  what evil lurks EP

What Evil Lurks

"What Evil lurks, in a hearts of men" sample is from "The Shadow" a radio series from the 1940's

We Gonna Rock

contains a sample from Different Strokes by Syl Johnson,which can be found on Ultimate Breaks and Beats Vol.4
"Like this yoo!" is a standard hip-hop sample

Vocal sample unknown (rumoured to be 'Fight the Power' by Public Enemy, but not confirmed)


Android contains a sample from the intro to Road to the Riches by Kool G Rap and Polo (Its the vocal sample saying "u know what time it is") (and not as previously stated from U know what time it is by Grandmaster Flash) new (John Roche)

  the prodigy experience

including tracks released on singles from this album


"Feel the base come down on me baby." and "Keep on dancing" is taken from a song by Jungle Brothers
"The Horns of jericho" vocal sample is from a song by HiJack called "The Badman is Robin"
In the sample "Feel the base come down on me baby." is "Baby" actually a "bounces sample"

"Aaaoooowwww!" Screamed by James Brown. Also used by Ultramagnetic MC's in their track 'Watch Me Now' from 'Critical Breakdown'
Genaside 2 remix of Jericho contains a sample from a Public Enemy song.

Music Reach

"Make me wanna shout" is from "Shout" by Lulu.
The vocal sample is from Liam's next door neighboor Simone at the age of 14.
"One! Two! Three! Four!" from same source as "Paid in Full - The Coldcut Remix" by Eric B and Rakim

Wind it Up (Bonus Beats)

Drum Loop is from "Crew from the North" by Ruthless Rap Assassins. Also sample from 'Express Yourself' by N.W.A.

Wind it Up (Tightly Wound)

Samples from Ace in Spaces "Nine is a classic"

Your Love

"Your love" vocal sample from sound recording of "Shelter me" by Circuit (credited in the album booklet)

Hyperspeed (G-Force Part 2)

text from "Ultramagnetics MC's"
intro speech from NASA

"Moving now at 9 times the speed of sound...Target at Dan??? I've got a similar tank?? locked on. 3 point ??? trajectory." from Kate Bush - Hello Earth (Hounds of Love)

The vocals in Hyperspeed (check tis out we`ll cruise at hyperspeed...) are taken from a song called The Return of Captain Rock by Captain Rock. You can hear a audio sample here: www.thedisco.demon.co.uk/electro.html (spotted by John Roche)



The track contains a sample from a 1970s BBC Public Information Film (from "Double Deckers" of ITV's "Say no to Strangers" campaign), in which a little kid is shown with his cat. One of the key sentences of the cartoon is the ”Charly says always tell your mummy before you go off somewhere” line, which eventually became the ”lyrics” of the song (Liam even got sued (unsuccessfully) for using this sample)
Voice of Charly provided by Kenny Everett.

Uses a beat from Meat Beat Manifesto's "Radio Babylon"


Vocals from a sample CD by Altern8

Contains vocal samples from 'Set It Off' by Big Daddy Kane.The sample is "I just can`t hold back".

Out Of Space

"I've gone sending to outer space, to find another race" are from "Chase The Devil" by Max Romeo and the Upsetters.

"I'll take your brain to another dimension, hold it, pay close attention" is  from 'Critical  Beatdown (When I Burn) by Ultramagnetic MC's
"Make me wanna shout" is from "Shout" by Lulu.

Everybody in the place

The vocal sample in Everybody in the place is from a speech by The Magnificent Ben Chapman and can be found on a track called We come to Rock by Freska Allstars (John Roche)


Vocal sample from 'Megablast' by Bomb The Bass.The line is from Rap Merlin, the MC on that track. (thanks to Joe Cooper)

Crazy Man

Atmospheric Sample from "The Shining"

Rip Up The Soundsystem

'Heyihey, Can you feel it?' by Simone

Vocal sample "50 thousands watts of funkin hip hop" in Rip Up the Sound System is from a compelation called Beats,Breaks and Scratches Volume 8 by Simon Harris.

We are the ruffest

"Come together" sample from Simone Angel

Weather experience

Intro vocals sample by Michael Fish, a BBC weather man

uses beat from Uptown's "Dope on Plastic"


"I am the God of Hellfire... and I bring you...FIRE..." sample is from "Fire" Is taken from Arthur Brown's "Crazy World of Arthur Brown" (A number one hit in the UK in 1968, it cost XL-Recording 4000 to use)
Samples from "Burn Cali Weed"

Ruff in the Jungle Bizness

Contains  a vocal sample from In the Jungle by Just Ice.


  music for the jilted generation

including tracks released on singles from this album


According to most websites it's from the movie "The lawnmower man", but apparently it isn't or has been changed by Liam. Is also rumoured to be from a film called 'Naked Lunch'. If anyone knows the correct source, let me know!

Break and Enter

"Bring it down to Earth"-sample taken from "Casanova" by Baby D  (which was remixed by Liam)


Their Law

"What we're dealing with here is a total lack of respect for the law"  sample taken from the film Smokie And The Bandit OR, as other people say, spoken by Ray Liotta (of Goodfellas fame) in the film Unlawful Entry (co. starring Madeline Stowe & Kurt Russell).
I haven't seen either of those films, anyone knows?

Other vocals by Clint Mansell, the ex-frontman of Pop Will Eat Itself


Full Throttle

"We're going in; we're going in full throttle...That oughta keep those
fighters of our backs." is from Star Wars: Episode VI, A New Hope, during
the attack on the deathstar.  It was reversed on the album to avoid copywrite valuation
or, and that is new, it was actually sampled from the Ultramagnetic MCs track 'Break North'!

The sample of the laughing guy in "Full Trottle" is from a track called "Bounty Killir (1)" by "Depth Charge" from his album "Nine Deadly Venoms".    (spotted by Luc Engelen)

Voodoo people

Vocal sample "It's the voodoo hoodoo what you don't dare to people" is taken from "The Shalimar" by Gylan Kain.
The guitar riff in Voodoo People is from the song "Very Ape" on Nirvana's album "In Utero" and on the album is played by Lance Riddler (=Liam Howlett ??)


Voodoo people (Dust Brothers remix)

Sample from "Fore Pete's sake" by Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth

Contains an audio sample from Beastie Boy`s track Slow Ride (on Licensed to ill).





The Heat (the energy)

Sample coming from the film "Poltergeist III".



in the background there are very low volume samples "Jump around" and "Hit the ground".

In Poison live version you can hear that riff from Prodigy's remix of "Release Yo Delf" by Methodman

Has a drum sample from 'It`s a New Day' by Skull Snaps


Rat Poison

Reversed sample from "Smells like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana


No Good

"You're no good for me, I don't need nobody. Don't need no-one that's no good for me" is sampled from "No good for me" by Kelly Charles.


One love

Vocal sample "One love, one love" is "Arabic Muezzin" sample from the ethnic vocals section of a Zero G sample CD by Time and Space Records


Rhythm Of Life

Samples from Led Zeppelin and "A Homeboy, a Hippie and a Funky Dred


Claustrophobic sting

"My mind is going" ("My mind is glowing") : Samples from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey
The laughter sample is from the same source as Winx's single "Don't Laugh"

  the fat of the land

including tracks released on singles from this album

Smack my bitch up

"Change my pitch up, smack my bitch up" samples from Kool Keith are from The Ultramagnetic MC's 'Give The Drummer Some', found on the album Critical Breakdown)

Some of the drums are from the Ultramagnetic MCs track 'Critical Beatdown'

Some Beats are the same as in the end of Crazy Man.

Indian female vocal by the Middle Eastern artist Shahin Badar

The Intro to live gigs that was played before SMBU in 96-97 is taken from the film the Usual Suspects (as Mc Manus kills the 2 guys in the elevator on the way to whack Kobayashi). (spotted by John Roche)

No Man Army/One Man Army

Part of the drum beats on are lifted from 'ANOTHER BODY MURDERED', a track  by Faith No More & Boo Yaa T.R.I.B.E. on the 'JUDGEMENT NIGHT OST' (spotted by Emlyn Cardiff)


Sword sounds from Wu-Tang Clan's "36 Chambers". Guitar sample is from John Barry's James Bond score


The Trick

Piano sample from the Flash Gordon Soundtrack


Serial Thrilla

The guitar riff is taken from "Selling Jesus" by Skunk Anansie.


Funky Shit

"attention all personel" sample in the live version is from the James Bond movie Diamonds are forever.

'Oh my God, thats the funky shit' is sampled from the Beastie Boys song "Root Down". It also contains samples from '2-3 Break' by the B-Boys and "Ba-daa-da-da do-dadley-dadle-dadle!" (horns fill in) sample from 'Theme to SWAT'  by the Rhythm Heritage

The breakdown of noises in the end of Funky Shit (which in live shows is played at other occasions as well) is from the title music of The Shining. (Spotted by Hedrock Valley Beats)

The drums are cut up and looped from the sample CD called Megabass 1 (old hardcore rave CD) (HVB)


The main riff from Mindfields is from a background sound from the James Bond movie 'The Man with the Golden Gun' and played during a scene at the river. Liam just added one note in the end!

Right after this scene in the movie follows a sound which is played many times at Prodigy gigs, mostly in the end of Smack My Bitch Up.

(Spotted by Hedrock Valley Beats)



"Recycled" sample from Climbatize



Inspired by Foo Fighters 'Weenie Beenie'

The "It's my own secret technique" sample in live version is taken from an old Japanese movie (thanks to Spencer aka Benny Blanco for the info)

It contains also that wahwah guitar sample from Breeders "SOS".
And that "Hey, hey, hey" sample is from "Close to the Edit" by Art Of Noise.



Liam has re-used a synth sound  from Rat Poison in this song. It's originally from "Horn Track" by The Egyptian Empire
You can listen to or download the Horn Track here.
(URL found by 'the ant')
There is also Distorted Organ sample by The Who in this track

Contains a drum sample from a Jedi Knights song (there was war over this 3 years ago).Liam used it without permission from them but he then discovered they had used it from some other song to which no one owned the rights ,so Liam bought them thus getting Jedi Knights in trouble.All the attention alerted George Lucas who sued the Jedi Knights.   (John Roche)

The sample is actually from a huge two minute conga break in the track Apache (originally written and performed by Cliff Richard's backing band the Shadows) by Michael Viner's
Incredible Bongo Band recorded & released in 1974.


  the dirtchamber sessions

Check out the new special section dedicated to uncredited songs on the Dirtchamber DJ mix album [HERE]

  live tracks

Rock n'Roll

Contains vocal samples from Poppa Large by the Ultramagnetic MC`s

Benny Blanco

Vocals from the film "Carlito's Way"

Now hear Dis

anyone know which track this is from ? (Liam played the track with this sample at some of his DJ sets: Bug Jam, Homelands Edinburgh, Fabric)

'Woman Voice'

Played around 94/95, before or after No Good, anyone know where it is from ?  e-mail


Uses the same riff as 'Pass The mic' by the Beastie Boys, but I don't know if that is where it is originally from.


Info on this site collected from Online Prodigy Center, JuGez Prodigy Site, Anders Nivors Website or common knowledge. Many thanks for help to Hedrock Valley Beats, Chris Brewer, Rob De Ford, Joe Cooper, The Ant, Luc Engelen, DJ Swift, Emlyn Cardiff, Spencer, Bastian Benzinger, Coldyron and John Roche.

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