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This page gives you access to a number of interviews I have done with The Prodigy for nekosite, all of them at pretty exciting times and circumstances.

  August 2006 - Interview with Liam

The Prodigy have been touring for two years and are now starting to focus on the next record, due in 2007. In this interview Liam gives first update to fans on how this is going and what the new material may sound like. [HERE]


  October 2005 - Interviews with Liam, Keith and Maxim

During the week of the release of  The Prodigy's best of album 'Their Law The Singles' I conducted extensive separate interviews with Liam, Keith and Maxim while on tour in Scandinavia. [HERE]


  October 2004 - Interview with Liam

Days before playing their first live shows in over two years, Liam gives nekosite readers a preview of what's to expect. [HERE]


  April 2004 - Statement by Liam

Liam has finished the new Prodigy album and immediately lets the fans know by sending a statement to nekosite [HERE]


  January 2004 - Interview with Liam

It's 1.5 years since the last Prodigy gig and the release of Baby's Got A Temper, everyone thinks the band have split up. But then Liam wants to talk and tells nekosite in an extensive interview about the new material he's been working on for the new album. [HERE]


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