Statement by Liam Howlett about the new Prodigy album


30th April 2004

hey neko --- the new prodigy album is finished!
we got 11 possibly 12 fist in the air traks .
it sounds sinister, electronic, trashy, sexy and fresh to my ears.
this album is about reminding people what the prodigy was always about---the beats and the music.
the vocals on this record are mostly used as an extension of the sound rather than the main focal point.
like jilted , keef and maxim were'nt involved musically and they are not on this album. ALL 3 of us will be together to do what we do and play this record live and rock it later in the year, we cant fukin wait!
you will probably begin to hear stuff early summer and the new album will hit in august. yeah -- more news to follow soon.

"if i was in world war 2 ,they'd call me spitfire!" Liam Prodigy

The album release date has been confirmed for 16th August 2004

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