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Prodigy live in Sofia, by neko

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This page will link you to some audio- and video files from the Prodigy's to this date latest gig, and their last gig with Leeroy Thornhill ever, from 28th August 1999 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Prodigy leaving the hotel video

This is a video file of The Prodigy leaving the hotel. I assume it is from the day after the gig, but I wasn't at the hotel myself and I don't know who shoot the video, so don't ask me. But it seems as quite a few people had gathered to 'watch them leave the hotel' (everyone seemed to know where they were staying anyway). First you can see a door, then a Prodigy security person comes out, then Kieron, Keith and Liam, behind them Maxim and Leeroy. Keith and Liam make victory signs to the people (yes, like proper rock stars have to ;P). Then you can see them packing their stuff in two cars and while Keith grins, Liam shouts: "Thanks for coming!" to the people, obviously not knowing anything better to say in such a weird situation while being stared at, and grins at them, quite funny, really. Leeroy as always has a huge smile, even when talking on a mobile phone, then grins at the camera and him and Maxim are sitting in the car behind Liam and Keith and all drive away.

The MPEG is 9,3MB big    -->  Download here

(You need free Windows Media Player to watch the MPEG)

Prodigy live in Sofia video

We do what the fuck we want [29 MB] audience recording - video
Smack my Bitch up [43MB] audience recording - video

Prodigy live in Sofia audio

1. Rock n'Roll [5,4MB] mp3
2. Smack my Bitch up [6,5MB] mp3
3. Funky Shit 
coming soon
4. Jam track 
coming soon
5. Breathe   [6MB] mp3
6. We do what the fuck we want [3,5MB] mp3
(different version than the one in Athens)


For neko's massive review with loads of pics from this gig --> click here

Many thanks for encoding the video to Spencer aka Benny Blanco

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