Bedford Esquires, Barfly sessions for Channel 4
September 5th 2000
with MyVitriol, the Crocketts and special guests Pitchshifter

Guest review by Billy Bates

Now this was gig I could not miss, 3 excellent bands on the bill in a tiny room the size of your averge living room. Thanx to Myvitriol's management for the last minute tickets, I get down to bedford and Queue up outside, watching all the Tv crews sort of their stuff is kinda wierd, I knew it would be different from the averge gig. I get inside and notice that the first band on were infact Pitchshifter as I reconised the tracks from the setlist stuck to the stage.

They come on about 6:45pm to massive welcome from their fans who were here to see them. They start the set with "Wafer Thin" which starts off the 20 odd people around me pogging, a real good track from their latest album and then then Js annouces "this is a an old tune its called "Microwaved" which goes down well and a few other kids join in with the others fans to mosh with it. There is a slight pause, JS asks the crowd "are you alright down the back their, you must be here for the other bands, well thats what were here for too" they annonce the next song is the new single "Dead battery" "Unless Jimmy messes up on it" smirks Js. Its not a bad song at all, works real well live as well. Next track is "Hidden Agenda" and things slow down a bit during this track, They look shattered, having flown just from LA, they must be feeling it with the jet lag, but they give the gig 100% for the camaras and the fans. "Keep it Clean" is next "Cause we all hate boy bands" remarks JS. Which is a brilliant tune, so much energy to it. People try crowd surfing but at this gig there is no-one is there to catch them and leaving them to crashland in the pit! The last track is that they play the new single "Dead Battery" again which they claim they have never played the same track twice a gig. People shout "Genius" in vain but they still carry on with the new single. Js now attempts to do a stage dive despite all the warnings not to and it goes all wrong as he is just left in the air due to the lack of people at the front! Overall Its an excellent gig despite the circumstances.

During the break while they set up the new band gear up "The Crocketts" a Channel 4 person wanders around by the barrier at the front interviewing people, I myself got put on the spot as. which I hope no-one sees! Anyway he annouces the crocketts on stage also a warning that no stage diving or crowd surfing was a allowed, of course the people at the front boo and geer it!
The Crocketts enter the stage, what can I say they really are good, there songs aren't that great however they are mental live. Davey Crockett the front man, he's full of energy and passion he looks like he is about to cry his eyes out, but he puts real energy into his perfomance, they play mainly new songs but their next single "1939" gets played 3 times, maybe channel 4 are not happy with previous 2 versions of it. Anyway I really like it so in
a way I didn't mind at all!

Now I'm getting a bit excited, my favourite band of the minute Myvitriol the headliners are on soon, although I'm watching the clock, I've missed my last train home, but oh well, I'm here for them now. They come on after 9:30, I looked back at the tiny room is a bit more emptier, people must haved dashed to get the train as Bedford is an awkward place to get to . Myvitriol come on the stage they play the intro and straight into "Always your way" a brilliant track thats works so well live alot of people gather near the front for them as they play, next track in is "Cemented Shoes" the last single, which gets people going even more as its proberly Mv's most well known tune, I just love the guitar bit at the end of the track. I lose myself completely into it. They then play the new single "Pieces" released next month, its the most mellowest Myvitriol track in the set its not a bad track at all. Then fastly comes "Grounded", proberly the least known Myvitriol track, still a cracker though which brings it to the hightlight of the set "Losing Touch" but before a great guitar intro for it. Losing Touch is one hell of a hard track, which is more ferious live than the recorded version. People just go crazy, a good few people who were at the back earlier had moved towards the front really moshing to it. Things slow down again when they play "Pieces" again and Som the leader singer delcares " I think you know this one, this is for the Tv bullshit" nice thing to say infront of channel 4's filming crew and production. They are not too thrilled, but they play it again for the Tv. They finish off the set with "Tongue Tied" a corking 5 minute guitar and drums track that shows you don't need lyrics to make a hard, emotional track that rocks. I myself can't help it I have to go into the mosh pit, unusual for me, but after all its safe with no stage divers with muddy boots here! They leave the stage, the crowd call for more but nothing, after about 5 mins the channel 4 bloke comes back on stage and annouces they will play one more. They come back on and play "Pieces" again, this time it has a bit more bite about it than the other two versions, Not that mellow at all, real qulaity they are showing. They finish the set off with a bit of hardcore guitar jamming and Som growling down the mic, before chucking his guitar on the floor, then Ravi the drummer destorying the entire drum kit, its full on aggression, real punk rock. How ever after the gig, I caught up with Ravi who claimed the sound was not that good and the drum kit was not even his anyway! Myvitriol are truely living up to their "one of the best bands to come through this year" tag. The gig is finished, time to make my way home, somehow.

by Billy Bates

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