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- 21st August 2001

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- 12th August 2001

the comeback?

only few days left and finally, finally The Prodigy will be back with 4 live gigs at European festivals! woohooo! I guess I am not the only person here getting a bit excited??!


not much info has leaked out and no one has really got a clue about what we can expect from the gigs. the band members have even managed to stay away from the tabloids lately (*applause*), so its been so quiet around the Prodigy in the last few weeks, its almost scary. makes it feel irreal that they're actually gonna be touring in less than 1 week! I wont believe it until i see it...

it's been 2 years since the band's last gig (Sofia 99) so there's a good chance that we will hear some new material at the upcoming gigs. Also those are the first gigs since the departure of founding member Leeroy Thornhill, so we can probably also expect some changes in the live show as a whole.

But if you've been reading this website then you know all this already anyway. I don't wanna bore you for long here, but...

are you going?

are you one of the lucky people who is going to see The Prodigy at one of the gigs this summer? Please send me your reviews, impressions, pictures, thoughts...whatever!

Of course there will be a big feature about the tour on this website (www.nekosite.co.uk) as well as in the newsletter ProCON (www.prodigynews.co.uk), so please help us and send your contributions to gigs@nekosite.co.uk! Of course you will be credited for your contribution and thousands of other Prodigy fans from all over the world will be grateful to read it.

Of course i will also be at the gigs myself and report from them, but you might gonna have to wait a few days more than usual for the reviews to appear, which brings me to the next thing....

my own plans...

there have been a lot of people emailing and asking me about whether i go to the gigs, which gigs i go to, how i go there etc. I first wanted to go to all 4 gigs and just take the whole week in between off, and drive a bit around in Holland, but i had to change my plans a bit and will 'only' got to 3 gigs now, will unfortunately have to skip Lowlands, unless some miracle happens.

i am indeed impressed about the incredible 'perfect' timing how prodigy have managed to put those gigs just nicely on at the two weekends just around the week where i got my two huge exams in England for uni, as well as a hell of a busy time at work (that week would already be quite 'tiring' anyway, the fact that i now also gonna have to travel to a few different countries over the weekends just makes it a little bit more, erm, challenging).

But anyway, with some clever scheduling and loads of driving I should be able to get to Avenches, Bizarre and Pukkelpop at least, so stay tuned on nekosite for loads of reports, news and coverage from the gigs! And keep sending that stuff in to gigs@nekosite.co.uk!

14. August: just did it, booked my flight to Amsterdam on 24th, so it means i will be going to all 4 shows! watch out for the reviews!

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