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More good news!

The Prodigy are set to play award winning festival T in the Park 2008.
Taking place in Balado, Kinross-shire, Scotland they will headline the second stage on Sunday 13th July. Organisers are planning the festival's 15th birthday celebrations this year so expect some surprises and chaos amongst the huge array of talent that graces the bill.

Just so you know as well, tickets will be on sale this Saturday 16/02/08 at 9am through www.ticketmaster.co.uk.
Available tickets will be:
- Weekend with Camping ticket
- Combined Saturday and Sunday ticket  
- Saturday ticket
- Sunday ticket
T in the Park tends to sell out, so better be quick!


Leeroy Thornhill is releasing a new single, called 'Beat Messin', on Monday 11th February. It will initially be available for 4 weeks on Beatport ( go to www.beatport.com and search for Leeroy Thornhill). After 4 weeks it will also become available on iTunes and other outlets.


Hot off the press!

Prodigy have been confirmed to to play this years Rock im Park / Rock am Ring festivals in Germany on 6th & 7th June 2008.

Other acts already confirmed are:

Bullet For My Valentine
Die Toten Hosen
Dimmu Borgir
In Flames
Rage Against The Machine
Sportfreunde Stiller
The Hellacopters

More Info & Tickets: www.rock-am-ring.com / www.rock-im-park.com


In case you missed it (and admittedly, we are slightly late with the announcement), on 7th January 2008 Leeroy Thornhill released his new single Leeroy Thornhill vs Jamie Smart 'Feel da Breaks'. It's available for purchase digitally on iTunes or other sites [HERE]. And I hear there's another one coming soon!

He also has a track called 'Hands Up' coming soon on Genepool and has done a remix of Victory Pill track 'Odds Get Even'. You can listen to both by checking out Leeroy's Myspace profile:www.myspace.com/leeroythornhill


The Prodigy have just confirmed they will be headlining Saturday night
at Gatecrasher's Summer Sound System festival on May 24th.

The event will take place at Turweston Aerodrome, near Brackley, Northamptonshire over the long Bank Holiday weekend. That's just 4 more months to go!

Early Bird tickets are available now on www.gatecrasher.com

Happy New Year!



Yes, they're alive! It's been a bit quiet lately, but Prodigy are actually going to play a show on 30th December 2007 in Sibiu, Romania.

It's a free show held in the town square in Sibiu as part of the celebrations, so if you're in the area make sure you stop by!

Happy xmas!


Jim Davies, ex-Prodigy guitarist, has released an album with his own new band, Victory Pill, which also features Kieron Pepper, who we all know of course from his many years drumming for the Prodigy.

It's a lot of heavy guitars and industrial beats, so if you like Pitchshifter you will love this. It's out now in the UK in HMV, Virgin and online on play, itunes, amazon and the likes. In the US you can get it from 23rd October.

Find out more on www.myspace.com/victorypill


As a keen reader of the nekosite forum you will know most of this, but here the latest on the prodigy (yes, it has been a while):

Prodigy have updated their myspace presence and looks like Liam had a go at starting his own blog as well (if you can call it that after one post). Supposedly the album is in the "mid to last stages of recording". Heard all that before? Hmmmmmmmm. (I can't wait though!)
It's on www.myspace.com/theprodigy (come on, make them your 'friend')

Noel Gallagher has played a previously unreleased demo of the track that had been trigger and later became Shoot Down on AONO, with rather raw vocals by Liam Gallagher. And we like it very much! Taken from Radio 1 [Listen] [discuss]

There's no more tour dates currently for The Prodigy this year, but I'll keep you posted as this changes.


18/06/07 MORE SHOWS

Prodigy have announced two further shows this summer, 12th July at Exit Festival in Serbia and 10th August Lokersee in Belgium. More details in the live section.


For all you guitar heads out there, former Prodigy guitarist Jim Davies has been working on new material with his very own band Victory Pill.

Their new single Worst Case Scenario is released today as limited edition 7" as well as download from the Victory Pill web site and iTunes, featuring all the different b-sides.



Former Prodigy dancer Leeroy Thornhill has re-launched himself as Electric Tastebuds.  [discuss]

For now you can find out more (and listen to some tracks) on myspace:


Prodigy are now also playing Austria (13th July) and Switzerland (14th July) this summer! Check out the details in the live section [here]


Prodigy have announced 3 new shows in Spain, Romania and Poland this summer!  Check the details in the live section [here]


Prodigy have announced yet another new show - catch them at Creamfields in Portugal this spring:

May 19th Creamfields, Lisbon, Portugal.

The website is up and running on


Prodigy are playing in sunny Dubai tomorrow. If, like me, you are not lucky enough to attend, there is now the chance to catch them later this year on 6th July at Volt Festival in Sopron, Hungary.
More info: www.sziget.hu/volt [discuss]


The story on Prodigy's new label has now been reported on other music news sites as well, check below:




First of all, happy new year! Yes, it's been a bit quiet in neko quarters lately, but we're all waiting for that new material...

Big news though - Prodigy have just announced that they are no longer with XL Recordings, and are instead back with their own Ragged Flag label, under the umbrella of UK Independent Cooking Vinyl.

Cooking Vinyl have released the following press release:

The Prodigy Enter long-term worldwide deal with new label 

THE PRODIGY are back with their own new label, and this time theyre doing it their way.  Always fiercely independent, the band have decided to set up their new label Ragged Flag, which will be the platform for their next album release and will subsequently act as an outlet for new talent that they find.

Backed by UK Independent label Cooking Vinyl, the deal will allow the band to continue to enjoy total creative control over all aspects of their music and how it is presented.
Prodigy founder member Liam Howlett commented : We have been planning this for a while and we are looking forward to building our label up, starting off  with the release of the new Prodigy album. We have recorded a few songs already for this next album and they are sounding big and mean!

The Prodigy are one of the most relevant bands to todays world, said Cooking Vinyls Managing Director Martin Goldschmidt.  It is a real honour to be entrusted with handling affairs for Ragged Flag.  This is a fantastic start to 2007, and it is the start of a new era for Cooking Vinyl.

Says Cooking Vinyls Product Director Rob Collins, We cant wait to start getting music out there and show everybody just how great this band is.

The Prodigy are currently in the studio working on the follow up to the number 1 albums The Fat Of The Land, Always Outnumbered, Never  Outgunned and  Their Law.


When nekosite interviewed Liam Howlett last summer [HERE], he mentioned for the first time that the track known as 'Warning' would be included in a soundtrack.

And indeed, "FIRST WARNING", as it is now called, has just been released on the sound track to the Smokin Aces movie. It sounds dark, fast and sinister. Unlike the live show version it is an instrumental only.


After hitting the Electronic Beats festivals in Bratislava and Prague next weekend, Prodigy will now also play two more shows in California in the US in a month time over Thanksgiving weekend:
24th November San Francisco The Fillmore
25th November San Bernardino Rokout Festival

For more details on venues, visit the live section [HERE]

If you're in the UK and thinking about a weekend in the California sun for when Prodigy are playing, make sure you check the Virgin Atlantic sale, but you must book by this Sunday!


The new nekosite forum is now online - on a new URL with many new features and past speed issues resolved [HERE]


I've been upgrading the site server, hence you may have noticed a slight downtime yesterday. We're also upgrading the forum, so this is currently down but should be up and running again shortly as well.


Everyone who has read below interview with Liam read about his promise to upload old demos "within a month". And as promised, exactly one month after the interview, Liam has posted old demos on the official Prodigy web site (not that we ever had the slightest doubt he would). They're in great quality too. Head over to www.theprodigy.com and click on 'past' to enjoy! [discuss]
Thanks to Rato Mickey for spotting this!


I had the chance to interview Liam while in Switzerland last week and he tells us about the new material, forthcoming album and plans for touring.

Read it now! [HERE]

You can now also access an archive of all interviews with The Prodigy I have done [HERE]



The Prodigy's ex guitarist Jim Davies has revealed his new band Victory Pill and is set to release a first single 'Another Clone' on 4th September via major download web sites available globally. The project is a collaboration with Prodigy drummer Kieron Pepper. 'Another Clone', a punky track with heavy guitars and electronic samples, features Jim on vocals and his trade mark guitar riffs. A full album is also currently in the making and should be out next spring. For more info and a taster of their sound, head to their web site on www.victorypill.com and they myspace home on www.myspace.com/victorypill . [discuss]

Additionally to the above, Jim is also still playing with Hyper Live, has been working on the 2nd Hyper album and recently been writing material for an album with Leeroy.


Prodigy have played a couple of festival dates this weekend and I was able to catch them at Gampel Festival in Switzerland and Frequency in Austria. While there weren't any big surprises, the band were good as ever and continued to impress. The last big gig this summer will be on Saturday at Creamfields Festival UK. so make sure to attend if you are able to at all. The band are then also set to play some shows in Russia and Ukraine in September. More in the live section [HERE].

If you have heard about an alleged gig by the band in Bilbao this summer please review the following statement the band have just released in relation to this:

"It has been brought to our attention that some local press in Spain have reported Prodigy as confirmed to play in Bilbao this month (August) as part of a series of Summer Festival shows staged by the City Hall in Bilbao.

On behalf of the Band, Management and Agent, we want to make it 100% clear that Prodigy were never agreed, confirmed or contracted in any way, shape or form to appear live in Bilbao as part of these Summer Festivals. Negotiations did take place and the band were approached twice but due to their busy touring schedule combined with recording of the new album it was always going to be impossible for us to consider presenting Prodigy in Bilbao at this time.

Prodigy would like to completely remove themselves from any such reports and by way of this statement want to set the record straight. We have enjoyed playing in Spain at the Santander and Monegros festivals this year and look forward to returning in 2007 with a new album and a return trip to hopefully include Bilbao."


The Prodigy played two major festivals in the UK this weekend, Isle of Wight on Friday and Download Festival on Sunday. I went to both and while the sets were a bit shorter than usual, every single minute of them was truly great. Crowd reaction was amazing at both shows, which is impressive in particular as Download is more a metal fest. And, they played a new track too. Well, sort of. It was 'Heatwave', already played once at one of the Brixton shows last December. To my mind it sounded quite different to the track back then, but who remembers last December?! Actually it sounded better, that cheesy sample has gone (disclaimer, maybe imagined this under the smirnoff influence) and there are vocals by both Maxim and Keith and I think it's a bit of a grower.

Set list - Isle of Wight (9th June 06) [discuss]
new intro
wake the fuck up
their law
no good
back to school
action radar
voodoo people


Set list - Download Festival (11th June 06) [discuss]
new intro
wake the fuck up
their law
no good
back to school
action radar
voodoo people

Now that the metal fest is over, head out to their next show in Santander where they will play after Pet Shop Boys! Rock n' Roll!


I'm lucky enough to have seen the Prodigy in San Juan last night, so in between chilling on the beach I've written a very quick report from the show last night for you all, check it out [HERE].

The Prodigy's US tour continues tomorrow in Chicago.

The Prodigy are now also on MySpace, if you're a member and would like to add them you can do this by going to www.myspace.com/theprodigy


The Prodigy have added a date in Chicago to their US tour next month. Details of the whole US tour in March (with support by Adam Freeland!) can now be found in the  live section [HERE]. I'll be heading over there for sure - will you? Watch out for reviews - i promise!

The last few days The Prodigy have played 5 shows in Japan! Unfortunately I was unable to make it, but our Japanese friends have posted some set lists from Nagoya [HERE], Osaka [HERE] and Tokyo [HERE].


Leeroy and Jim are both on tour with the live band Hyper - and they have an album coming out too! They're playing Fabric in London on Thursday (23rd feb) and a whole lot of other shows across the world, including the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Check out tour dates and more info on the Leeroy page now [HERE]. [discuss].


Liam today released his very own Back To Mine album, a compilation of some of his favourite tracks, as well as an exclusive studio version of Prodigy live favourite "Wake The Fuck Up"! Check the Back To Mine page on nekosite for details, tracklists and comments by Liam [HERE].


Prodigy are to play a set of shows in the USA / Canada in March.  Check the live section [HERE] for details!

08/01/06 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006!

Ooh, well, I guess it's definitely time for an update, even just a quick one. Happy new year everyone!

Considering the amount of shows I've attended in the time etween mid November and mid December (17 in UK/Ireland plus 3 in Italy!) this site would have definitely deserved more attention, but it's just been too busy. I've had an amazing time though and the gigs really were the best ever, especially the five nights in Brixton. I've still got bits and pieces written down from the tour, including a little diary, which will be posted over the next couple of days, so watch this space!

Else it's currently a bit quieter again around The Prodigy, but not for long either. There's a big Japan tour in February and then some festivals announced over the rest of the year already and I'm sure there's more to come. Details are now in the live section. [HERE]. Also don't forget Liam's Back To Mine compilation album is due out in February too, featuring the exclusive 'Wake The Fuck Up' by Prodigy.


Due to illness Audiobullys aren't able to support The Prodigy in Braintree tonight and will be replaced by Vatican DC  (www.vaticandc.com)!


After 10 shows across Ireland and the UK, Prodigy are now set to headline 5 sold out nights at Brixton Academy from 1st to 5th December. Make sure you get there if you can as I'm sure it will be special indeed.

The support acts for these five shows are as follows:
1st: Backstage Sluts (www.backstagesluts.net) and Towers of London (www.towersoflondon.net)
2nd: Backstage Sluts  (www.backstagesluts.net), Mr C, Audio Bullys
3rd: Eddie Temple Morris and Pendulum
4th: Eddie Temple Morris and Vatican DC (www.vaticandc.com)
5th: Eddie Temple Morris and Vatican DC (www.vaticandc.com)

The set at the last couple of gig lasted about 1h 40min and went something like this:

Break & Enter / Wake The Fuck Up / Their Law / Breathe / Hotride / Jericho / Spitfire / Back to School / Firestarter / Action radar / Warning / Claustrophobic Sting & We are the Ruffest Fill / No Good / Voodoo People / Climbatize / Poison / Diesel Power / SMBU / Charly / Out Of Space plus little samples from Benny Blanco, Everybody is in the Place and others!

More details about the shows to follow!


While on their massive UK Arena tour, The Prodigy have been announced to headline the first day of the Nokia Isle of Wight Festival, on Friday 9th June 2006! Tickets are on sale now on Ticket Zone - www.ticketzone.co.uk or 08705 321 321.

20/11/05 BACK ON TOUR  - 1234!

The Prodigy have just started their massive UK and Ireland tour with three shows on Irish grounds, and pleased the masses in Dublin, Belfast and Millstreet with old and new material like Jericho, No Good, Charly, Wake the fuck up and more with shows lasting over 90 minutes now! [discuss!]

It's been great fun, my favourite gig being Belfast so far. If you're in the UK (or close by) make sure you check out at least one of the remaining 14 shows. For details go to the live section. [HERE].

Also make sure you get there early to catch the excellent set by the Backstage Sluts. You can check out some of their stuff on their web site [www.backstagesluts.net].

Check back here soon for some actual live reports or send me yours!


The Prodigy have added yet another date to their UK 'Their Law The Singles' tour and this will be on the 8th December in Braintree in Essex. As most of you will know this is the band's hometown and origin, so will be a very special location indeed! Details on this and other tour dates as always available in the live section. [HERE].

31/10/05 STILL ON TOP & VOTE

The Prodigy have lost just one place in the UK album charts, and are now on a good no. 2 spot just behind Robbie Williams new album.

Remember you can still vote for The Prodigy for "Best Live Dance Act" as part of the UK Festival awards 2005. You can vote for them to win from 17th October to 7th November on [www.festivalawards.com].


The Prodigy's new album 'Their Law - The Singles' has entered the UK Album charts at No. 1 today. Congratulations! [discuss]


XL have released the following statement regarding the postponed DVD:
"Due to classification issues with the BBFC, we had to postpone the release of the DVD format of Prodigy's "Their Law - The Singles". Unfortunately as this was a last minute decision, the DVDs had already been sent to most stores. Whilst we endeavour to recall all stock from stores, there will
always be some that sell it as has been the case this week. We anticipate the new, approved version to be in all stores from Monday 7th November. Please note that there is no difference in the content of the two versions - ie. no cuts have been made."


The Prodigy have confirmed Audio Bully's, Pendulum, Vatican DC, Backstage Sluts and Mr C to support on various night of their UK tour. Details are available in the live section. [HERE].

I went to see the band play Copenhagen and Gothenburg this week and thought they were fantastic, especially in Copenhagen. Dead Ken Beats is back as well as the so-called "Osaka Fill" track in it's full length.

Keep an eye on the site over the next weeks for some more great content.


The album is out! Released today in most European countries  [TRACK LIST & GET IT].

Some of you have also noticed that with a bit of luck you may be able to find the DVD in UK already. A couple of random shops seem to stock it still [discuss].
The DVD features a whole list of goodies - an intro based on the 'wake the fuck up jam', live videos, a previously unseen 'making of firestarter' featuring a very drunk Leeroy and a hidden 'aono mix' with elements from unheard tracks. [discuss]


On time (!) with their album release, the band have also re-launched their official web site. Make sure you have got Flash installed and the volume up [www.theprodigy.com] [discuss].


And if that isn't enough, the band are also playing Scandinavia this week and have just announced some new shows in Italy later this year as well. Keep an eye on the live section [HERE].

15/10/05: 'THEIR LAW - THE SINGLES 1990 - 2005' RELEASE

Just two more days to go until the release of The Prodigy's best of album on Monday 17th October.  As you are certainly aware of, this album is released as single as well as double album, containing not just your regular singles, but also a lot of previously unreleased rarities and new material [TRACK LIST & GET IT].
The album has already been pre-released in Ireland, Holland and some other random countries from Friday, so  - if you can bear it - go to the forum to discuss [HERE].


A Prodigy release wouldn't be a Prodigy release without some last minute delays and due to some last minute reclassifying of the content the DVD appears to be delayed for 2 more weeks in the UK ... This does not affect the album, which is still out on 17th October though as well as other countries.


Martin James has written an article in The Independent featuring track-by-track comments by Liam on all the singles. check it out online [HERE].

Also check this random mini site and competition:


MTV DANCE UK have a Prodigy weekend this weekend, which you should check out if you can (more detail below). Also keep an eye on the live section, which is constantly updated [HERE].


Nekosite forum moderator in charge (well, sometimes ...) 'ant 4000b' was at the Belgrade show on Friday and has written an extensive review of the Prodigy's show well worth reading, including a complete set list. Check it [HERE]


With just one week to go until The Prodigy release their Their Law The Singles 1990 - 2005 album on 17th October, we're now able to listen to some short clips of all tracks (yes, including Disc 2) on the Sony Japan web site. [LISTEN] [discuss]


The band played some shows in Zagreb, Belgrade and Skopje this weekend and while I unfortunately couldn't make it myself, some reviews have been posted on the forum. By the sounds of it Mindfields and Dead Ken Beats are back in the set, which now lasts longer than for a long time ... [ZAGREB] [BELGRADE] [SKOPJE].

For the next Prodigy tourdates (the next stop is Scandinavia) check the [live] section.


Is Leeroy Thornhill, so check out his updated tourdates too [HERE]. I had an excellent night on Friday at Fabric, partying the night away and watching Hyper with Leeroy on vocals, as well as a set by Adam Freeland.


And if by next week you haven't forgotten, make sure to start voting for The Prodigy as they have been nominated as "Best Live Dance Act" as part of the UK Festival awards 2005. You can vote for them to win from 17th October to 7th November on [www.festivalawards.com].


The Prodigy's Voodoo People (Pendulum remix) / Out Of Space (Audio Bullys) Double A sided single is out today! You can get it on CD or two different versions of 12" or, of course, download stores such as iTunes. Check details and discuss [HERE].

And it gets even better, in two weeks time you will also be able to get the Prodigy Their Law The Singles 1990 - 2005 album in stores. It will be available as single or double album, featuring new tracks such as 'Back to School' studio version and the mega rare 'Voodoo Beats'.


The Prodigy are going to play three shows in Eastern Europe this weekend, visiting Zagreb (6th), Belgrade (7th) and Skopje (8th). To prepare the fans accordingly, Liam has spoken to the local fansite and you can read the excellent interview on the following link: www.theprodigy.co.yu/interviews.php?action=show&type=liam&id=21 [discuss]


All of you with MTV Dance UK at home, count yourselves lucky! The following has just been announced:
"MTV are proud to announce The Prodigy Weekend on MTV Dance.  Running on the 15th & 16th October from 9pm onwards on both days, the specially themed programming will highlight the band's forthcoming "Singles: 1990 - 2005"  compilation, released in all good record shops on Monday 17th October.  The weekend kicks off with an exclusive new videography premiering at 9pm on Saturday 15th October, featuring the band talking in depth about the ideas and processes behind some of their greatest videos.  Other shows featured over the weekend include "The Prodigy's Most Influential" - in the capable hands of our own Zane Lowe, the Prodigy guide us through a selection of the videos that inspired and excited them.  In "Essential Prodigy" we play all the videos spanning their triumphant career so far, and it all finishes off with "Prodigy Live in Red Square" - mayhem in Moscow!" [discuss]



You can watch the new Voodoo People video for the Pendulum remix online now on www.boardsmag.com/screeningroom/musicvideos/1926 !

Watch it, it's pretty cool. Thanks to "Doghead" for posting [discuss]

18/09/05: PRODIGY ON AIR

You can tell we're getting closer to a new release as it's Prodigy all over the place again, and of course we like it. Just this evening you could see Liam, Maxim, and Keith interviewed on MTV Backstage Live telling the world that they're definitely not splitting up after the 'Greatest Hits' release on 17th October 2005 [discuss]

More importantly though, Radio 1 broadcasted 4 tracks the band had recorded at the BBC Maida Vale studio last week and the result was so great we all can't stop going about it. [join the chat]
The band played Voodoo People, Poison, Spitfire and Firestarter and while all this seems fairly predictable, the way the tracks sounded definitely wasn't! They're all like fresh new versions and I mean this in the best of ways. Watch out also for the SMBU fill in Firestarter with Shahin Badar live vocals. Browse the forum for links to download.


Leeroy Thornhill is still touring Europe as DJ and I've now added a page with his updated DJ shows. You can also find the dates of his shows with the DJ Hyper live band later this month. [HERE]

And last but not least there needs be a plug here for Youth of Britain, who some of you may remember having opened for Prodigy last year. They're now just making it big in MTV reality show "MTV A CUT", which is broadcasted all over Europe at the moment, so make sure you check them out. [YOB]


Some updates to The Prodigy's tour dates have been added. For a full list of The Prodigy's confirmed live dates and recent review please go to the live section [HERE]


Zane Lowe has announced that The Prodigy will play live in session next Wednesday, 14th September from the Maida Vale studios for BBC's Radio 1. This is a studio live session that will be broadcasted on Radio 1. [discuss]


Former Prodigy dancer Leeroy Thornhill has joined DJ Hyper's new live band and will perform live as guest vocalist on the following dates:

Wednesday 28 September: Supercharged - Brighton
Thursday 29 September: Surrey Institute - Farnham
Friday 30 September: Essex Uni - Colchester
Saturday 01 October: Plymouth Uni - Plymoth
Sunday 02 October: Surrey Uni - Guilford
Wednesday 05 October: Metro - London
Friday 07 October: Fabric LIVE - London

For some more info also go to www.djhyper.com [discuss]


Gigwise have recently interviewed Liam and you can now read the interview [HERE] [discuss]
thanks to KeVo


The Prodigy have now announced their Scandinavia tour in October. Tickets are on sale now via the links below.

18.10 Oslo Sentrum: www.billettservice.no

19.10 Copenhagen KB Hallen: www.billetnet.dk

20.10 Gothenburg Lisebergallen: www.ticnet.se

22.10 Helsinki Icehall: www.menolippu.fi



Sorry that this has taken a while, but as you can imagine it took a while to recover from a very busy July and August (yesterday was my first day off at home in 10 weeks!), but we finally have some reviews from the last six Prodigy shows. Special thanks go to 'LB', 'Jase' and 'Dezmond' for helping out with guest reviews. check them here:
Sonne Mond Sterne & Skanderborg Festival [HERE]
Pukkelpop & Lowlands [HERE]
V Festivals [HERE]

All in all I once more had an amazing time, but I guess it's time for a little break. There'll of course be many more shows later this year, so watch this space!


The Prodigy have announced the following tourdates in Ireland and Nothern Ireland. Tickets will go on general sale 26th August - a presale will be available from the official Prodigy web site.

17th November - Dublin Point
18th November - Belfast Odyssey
19th November - Millstreet Green Glens


Sorry, that took a while, but I managed to put together some short reports from the Somerset House and Brixton Academy shows [HERE]

Reviews of Sonne Mond & Sterne and Skanderborg festivals last weekend are coming soon.


Liam Howlett has now been confirmed to release an album as part of the 'Back to mine' compilation series. The official 'back to mine' website reports:
Liam Howlett of The Prodigy delivers his earth shattering mix for Back To Mine.
Finding time out from touring their Greatest Hits album 'Their Law', Liam - Prodigy has delivered one of the best albums to grace the Back To Mine decks, from the balls out of rock of Queens of the Stone Age to the 2 Tone beat of The Specials.

This is currently expected to be released in January 2006. I have a feeling this will be worth getting, so watch out f or more news! [discuss]


Now, what a weekend! If I were able to 'design' my perfect weekend then it would probably have looked exactly like this last one. First a nice day in Edinburgh, with a great gig and a good night out (seen Leeroy as well!), then two nights of Prodigy in London, just unbeatable. The gigs were some of the best I've seen ever with a set list better than anyone could have dreamt of. Also I met so many nice people, many new as well as familiar faces around, a big hello to everyone out there who was there!

 'James Jupiter' has written a guest review of the Edinburgh show for you all to enjoy [HERE]

Check back here soon for reviews from Somerset House and Brixton in London.


The Prodigy played three shows in Spain last weekend, two of which I had the pleasure to attend. Check the review [HERE] to find out all about the new set list and the new 'Wake the fuck up Jam' that was premiered.

More shows this weekend with one in Edinburgh and two in London!


The Prodigy have played four shows over the last two weekends and I had the pleasure to attend three of them. The reports have taken a while and aren't too extensive, but most notably are the new version of Warning, the return of Voodoo People in the live set and a mystery new downtempo fill played in Switzerland. For two very brief reports on Oxegen & T in The Park go [HERE], for Gurten festival, go [HERE]

For a full list of The Prodigy's confirmed live dates and recent review please go to the live section [HERE]


The Backstage Sluts Remix of Prodigy's Warning was played on XFM and you can discuss [HERE] and download this [HERE] on the forum.


The Prodigy's Greatest Hits compilation 'Their Law - The Singles' is now going to be out 26th September.

14/07/05: 2 EXTRA UK DATES

The Prodigy have confirmed two extra shows as part of their 'THEIR LAW - THE SINGLES' tour in winter:
21st November - Glasgow SECC
3rd December - London Brixton Academy
For a full list of The Prodigy's confirmed live dates please go to the live section [HERE]


The Prodigy Postpone Brixton Academy Show scheduled for today, Thursday 7th
July 2005

Due to the terrible events in London this morning, The Prodigy have decided
to postpone their concert at Brixton Academy tonight.

The band feel that due to the severity of events in the capital , it would
be inappropriate to go ahead with the concert.

The Prodigy apologise to all who have bought tickets for tonight.

All tickets will be valid for the re arranged date of SUNDAY 7TH AUGUST 2005
at the Brixton Academy. Refunds will be available from point of purchase.

06/07/05: UK TOUR & PRESALE

Prodigy have announced a November / December UK tour. Tickets go on general sale on Friday, 8th July at 9am.

Tues 22 Nov Newcastle Arena
Wed 23 Nov - Manchester MEN
Fri 25 Nov - Birmingham NIA
Sat 26 Nov - Bournemouth Int Centre
Sun 27 Nov - Cardiff Int Arena
Tues 29 Nov - Brighton Centre
Thurs 1st Dec - Brixton Academy
Fri 2nd Dec - Brixton Academy (9-3am)

26/06/05: NEW DATES

Prodigy have announced three more shows - all of them in Spain:
JULY 30TH - SALAMANCA, SALA MULTIUSOS [www.salamanca2005.org]

26/06/05: OLD STUFF

I finally uploaded some review from Novarock Festival in Austria the other week, slightly overdue [HERE].

And then there's an old track I found and not many people have heard until now, Time to Get Funky and Raw, which you can download in the forum [HERE].

That to keep us going until the Prodigy's next show... Brixton Academy 7th July!


The Prodigy played in Vilnius, Lithuania, on Tuesday an if you want to find out how it was, you can read some reports and photos on the forum now [HERE]

And if you're a local, you may be able to read this: whatson.delfi.lt/news/music/article.php?id=6934874

The Russians have provided us with some more interviews with the band. Head over to theprodigy.ru to find a new interview by 'Gordy' and a couple of pics of the band [HERE].

My favourite one though is the one by 'dig7er', where Liam talks in more detail about the singles album, new album and no souvenirs ... [HERE] [discuss]

thanks to Alex, kermitn, vader, Gordy, dig7er, starla


The Prodigy played two shows in Russia this weekend, St. Petersburg and Moscow. According to reports not only Hotride, but even a version of Voodoo People with new beats was new in the set! Have a look at some great photos from the Moscow show [HERE] Prodigy are also going to play Vilnius in Lithuania on Tuesday, 21st June [discuss Russia & Lithuania]

13/06/05: LIAM POSTS

After a lenghty break Liam has posted some news into the 'personal' section on the official Prodigy web site (www.theprodigy.com), clarifying some of the things a lot of you have wanted to know ..
hi peoples long time no speeek.a few things to clear up---
their law the singles 1990- 2005 is the title of the album.
the 2nd cd is NOT a drum and bass remix package.-- as i said b4 it will
consist of couple of new tunes( u probably downloaded them anyway!)couple
of remixes ,voodoo beats will be on there,live traks etc. different
versions of traks.and couple of b-sides we like.
we r also doing as a bonus -- 2 or 3 remix vinyl only  including the
pendulum voodoo people -sub focus smak my bitch up-- drum and bass
audio bullys hav done an out of space mix that i luv-- its cheeky and
thugish as fuk.
bla bla bla. maybe a couple of these mixes may go onto cd2 -not sure yet
c u soon

taken from www.theprodigy.com [discuss this]


For even more fun and news you may also download a new interview with Liam and Keith from Russia. It's available on mp3 to download [HERE] (from www.theprodigy.ru I believe). And if you feel like talking about it, you can also do this [HERE]. The Prodigy are playing in Russia and Lithuania this weekend.


For the release of their Greatest Hits album in late August 2005, the band would like their fans to submit ideas for quotes to be included in the artwork of the album.
The band said: "We are looking for one line quotes of what the last 15 years of The Prodigy mean to you."
Anything posted here by Wednesday that gets used will win the original poster something signed by the band. Please post your ideas on this thread [
HERE] or the official site until 13th June, and it will get submitted to the band.

12/06/05: XL ANNOUNCE "THEIR LAW: THE SINGLES 1990-2005"

Taken from the XL Recordings newsletter:
"'Their Law :The Singles 1990-2005' which compiles a complete collection of the bands single releases to date is due to be released on the 22nd August.
the album will feature 'their law' (of course), alongside Smack My Bitch Up', 'Firestarter' and bonus disc of rare and unreleased material."


The Prodigy have been confirmed to play at Edinburgh's Corn Exchange on
August 5th as part of T on the Fringe 2005. The outstanding line up includes
the Pixies & Franz Ferdinand, who will be playing gigs in a variety of
venues coinciding with the famous Edinburgh Arts Festival. Tickets go on
sale at 9am tomorrow (Friday 10th June) morning - click here to buy yours:


More live dates to be announced soon.....


Yet another weekend of Prodigy action. The band played a gig in Italy on Thursday and Francesco has taken some photos you can view [HERE].  I went to see the band in Germany at Rock am Ring and Rock im Park and you can now read all about it [HERE].


The Prodigy will play Somerset House on Sat Aug 6th as part of the Grolsch
Summer Set - a series of bands appearing at this exclusive, intimate venue
on The Strand in London. Tickets go on sale to the public on Sat June 4th,
but Prodigy fans have the chance to buy theirs first in an exclusive
pre-sale online. Tickets will be available via the link below from 10am
tomorrow morning (Friday) so get yours now before it sells out!


Well, well, what a weekend!
First Prodigy played a gig in Austria at Aerodrome festival on Thursday, which I missed, but Jaksa wrote a review in the forum [HERE]. On Friday then the band played an excellent show in Lisbon at Superbock festival, alongside System of a Down. A "new" track called 'Razor' was revealed as well, but more about this in my review. On Saturday in Madrid Festimad, where due to problems with the stage Prodigy didn't come on until 5:30am and managed to play one of the most memorable gigs ever, right into the sunrise. What a night to remember! Read all about it [HERE].

There's a new interview from earlier this month the band gave when they were in the US for Coachella on www.livedaily.com/news/8214.html?t=98 . [discuss]
Thanks to Kevo for spotting this

If you enter 'Caipiroshka' into Google.com, this website is the link number 1 that comes up, haha!
Thanks to Steady for spotting this

Prodigy played a gig in Brno on Friday, check the report [HERE].

The Prodigy have announced the following:

Jim Davies leaves the Prodigy

"we and Jim decided it was time for a change in the Prodigy. It has been great working with Jim over the years and wish him good luck with his new band"

Jim's Statement -
"ive been playing with the band live on and off now for quite some time and I think both myself and the guys have reached a point where we¹d like to do something new, im very excited about recording my first album with my own band the one condition this summer which is obviously going to take up a lot of my time, ive had an amazing time with the band and look forward to continuing to contribute, as I always have done, in the studio"

As most of you probably know, Jim has played guitar on both, 'The Fat of The Land' and 'Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned' albums, and was the band's live guitarist 94 - 96 and 2002 to present [discuss].

Yeah, i know it's been a while. Those of you who have been keeping up to date with the forum will most certainly be aware that Prodigy have recently played three shows in Germany and a gig at the US Coachella festival. I've got some reports for you from both of these ... Germany [HERE] & Coachella [HERE]

The Prodigy's Spitfire single is now out on 12", but only on a very limited release. You can still try and get your hands on it through the XL Recordings Shop [www.xlrecordings.com]. You can also view the artwork [HERE].
However, there has been another delay with the iTunes release, which is now going to be available from next Tuesday, 12th April.

The band have just released the following statement in order to give some more details about the information regarding the Russian and Lithuanian show cancellations:

"As announced last week, The Prodigy have been forced to cancel their planned dates in Russia and Lithuania this weekend (St Petersburg 2nd, Moscow 3rd and Vilnius 5th April 05) Keith Flint was taken suddenly ill with a virus and was hospitalized for tests - he is expected to make a full recovery. As it will be 14 days before the complete results are in, the band are unable to confirm whether they will be able to reschedule the Russian and Lithuanian dates in the near future or not.
Everyone who bought a tickets for the above shows can get a full refund or wait the 14 days until Friday 15th April for further information.
The band would again like to apologise for any inconvenience to their Russian and Lithuanian fans and hope to see them again very soon.
This will not affect any other shows after the 20th April.
We will update this information as soon as we are updated."


As most of you probably have noticed there has been another delay with the Spitfire release, but the wait should come to an end now finally and you'll be able to buy the limited edition 12" from Monday 4th April and get the download from Tuesday 5th April from iTunes. The two B-sides are remixes by Nightbreed and Future Funk Squad.

The Prodigy have released the following statement:
"Due to illness, The Prodigy have been forced to cancel their dates in Russia and ithuania. One of the band members has been taken ill and is under strict doctors' orders not to fly. The band are deeply sorry to have to disappoint their fans."

As you may know, Maxim's 2nd solo album "Fallen Angel" has been released in Europe on Tuesday 29th March. Now with this also Maxim has launched a new official web site, on www.prey4angels.com. Try the chat bot and make your confessions (or better, don't. Ask him (it?) to talk german to you instead. ha ha) The site also has all details on release dates, tracklists etc, so have a look.

Oh and I've also updated the nekosite front screen in case any of you watch ...

23/03/05: OZ & ASIA PART 4 & 5
More stuff to keep you entertained over Easter: Oz & Asia Part 4 about the Adelaide and Melbourne Two Tribes shows [HERE] and then Oz & Asia Part 5 about Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur, the latter being the probably first ever censored Prodigy live show [HERE].

And, finally, Spitfire single will be released on all major download web sites (iTunes etc) from Monday 28th March (possibly Tuesday in certain sites)!

The Prodigy have confirmed to play Brixton Academy on 7th July 2005 as T in The Park warm up show. Tickets go on general sale on 24th March at 9am.
There is also a pre-sale for 24h from 23rd March (tomorrow!) from 9am on here:

See you there!

12/03/05: OZ & ASIA PART 2 & 3
Got some great updates for you all! Treacy has written a guest review of the Perth show compelte with fotos, which you can see [HERE] and I have put together some reports of the 3 solo shows, including the very special performance with Kool Keith in Melbourne! [HERE].

06/03/05: OZ & ASIA PART 1: Prodigy in Sydney
I went to see Prodigy live in Sydney, check the report [HERE]

25/02/05: Tourdates
couple of updates in tourdates [HERE]

The Prodigy's third single from AONO is 'Spitfire' and to be released in the UK on 14th March 2005 as download and 12" only. Other European countries will release the single on CD around he same time. [discuss]

And also a couple of updates in tourdates [HERE]

Liam Howlett has posted the following news onto the official Prodigy web site:
"07/02/2005 - posted by liam h  
we r gathering our ideas on what we r gonna call our best of-retrospect album. post any ideas on the site or neko site and if it gets used the winner gets a 'wonderfull prize' which i dont know what it is yet .thought it may be fun to hear some of ur thoughts.  

By the looks of the suggestions so far there's still a good chance for anyone to snap up that 'wonderfull prize', so get thinking. As Liam suggested, you can post your suggestions on the nekosite forum [HERE].
The untitled Prodigy 'best of/restrospect' album is due to be out around June 05.

31/01/05: SPITFIRE!
Apparently some Austrian TV channel has shown the new Spitfire video and you can view some screenshots and clips at Brainkillers now [HERE] [discuss]

Coachella festival 2005 announce their line-up and it includes The Prodigy playing their first US show since, well, Coachella 2002! And there's news for all you Germans as well ... View all the latest tourdates [HERE]

Check out this new fill played in Osaka [HERE]

'Pop Will Eat Itself' have been performing 'Their Law' at their recent reformation UK tour. This is of course no ordinary cover version, but PWEI were the original collaborators on the track, performing it live with extra lyrics. [discuss].
Thanks to Peter Thomas

19/01/05: Tourdates 2005
Prodigy are to return back on tour soon! Some Australia and festival tourdates for 2005 are available now [HERE]. More dates all over the world from March onwards are tbc.

31/12/04: End of year review 2004
You never though you'd get this on here (neither did I), but why not: end of year review - a look back to 2004 aka the year of The Return (just because it was so good), woohooo. Check it out and cry with me about how great it was [HERE]

So now... have a great new year!

13/12/04: Prodigy UK/Ireland Part 3: Belfast & Dublin
Oh no, the tour is over now, what are we gonna do for the next 2 months? I had such an AMAZING time in Belfast and Dublin this weekend. ... read and be jealous [HERE]

Wednesday at the Rhythm Factory
There's just one more gig that's a 'must' before the end of the year: Go and check out Keith Flint's new band Clever Brains Fryin' and Youth Of Britain (www.youthofbritain.co.uk), who were excellent supporting Prodigy at some of their dates in the recent UK tour on 15th December at the Rhythm Factory.
8pm - 1am, The Rhythm Factory, 16-18 Whitechapel Road, London, E2

10/12/04: Glasgow
Added Glasgow review ... check it out [HERE]

08/12/04: Prodigy UK Tour Part 2
Prodigy live in Manchester ... check it out [HERE]

06/12/04: Prodigy UK Tour Part 1
I saw Prodigy in Birmingham and Brixton.. sooo good! check the reports [HERE].
Also have a look on the official site [HERE] for a new post by Liam about the shows.

Current Kerrang mag has a couple of pages about The Prodigy in Belgium. check it if you can, but not much news in there from what I've seen.

28/11/04: New message from Liam
Liam posted a new messgae onto the official site on theprodigy.com:
"at the moment supports for uk tour will be --
youth of britain
vatican dc
--------- on various dates.
28/11/2004 - posted by liam hhhhhhhh
we just got bak from japan,2 amazing gigs --tokyo 16000 osaka 6000. darren emerson ,too many djs and lcd sound system played aswell. thanks to all the japaneese fans who made it something to remember.we jamed anaother new song gettin things ready for england--lets go! firestarter remix will be played first time birmingham.its firestarter but its twisted up more and kiks harder!

the next single hasnt been decided yet but people will be told fom this site when ive made up my mind.we will ALL be in the video.

some of u might have seen a hotride video 'floating around' on the net.this video was rejected coz i thought the song deserved a more intelligent video and not one that was shocking 4 the sake of it.we allready made the best ever video like that with smbu .nothin wrong with violence as long as there is a point. actually it didnt do anything 4 the song so i would rather not have a video at all.

see up in birmingham

Mr L" [discuss]

Prodigy played in Japan this weekend. Would have been a bit a far way to go, but I got some updates from YangYang and Yuki about the two shows in Tokyo and Osaka [HERE]

Dont forget that on Thursday the UK Tour will start!

21/11/04: Cologne & Amsterdam
I went to see The Prodigy in Cologne and Aamsterdam this wekeend, check some reports [HERE].

14/11/04: Prodigy at 'I Love Techno' & Hotride LIVE video
Prodigy played in Belgium and 'BIEB' has written a guest review [HERE].

Also check out the HOTRIDE live video from the official Japanese web site: http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/MORRICH/md_theprodigy/index.html [discuss]
thanks to Stepedit

13/11/04: Prodigy live in Zurich!
Prodigy played my homecountry Switzerland last night, in Zurich! Obviously I went, check the report [HERE].

08/11/04: Spain Part 4 - Bilbao
The final part of the Spain reports online now. Check it [HERE].

07/11/04: Spain Part 3 - Barcelona
Quick review of the Barcelona show including some more details about the 'new' track [HERE].

05/11/04: Spain Part 2 - Granada
Quick review of the Granada show last night [HERE].

04/11/04: Spain Part 1 - Madrid
Prodigy just played a great show in Madrid - the first out of four shows in Spain. Yet more new stuff got played and I have a short review for you guys [HERE].

29/10/04: New Live Reports
It's been a bit a busy week, but I wrote a few bits about the Prodigy shows last weekend in Denmark and Sweden [HERE] and about Keith with Clever Brains Fryin' in London 2 days ago [HERE].
Also check the forum for other impressions [copenhagen] [stockholm]

New Single - Hotride
Prodigy will release the second single from 'Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned' on Monday 1st November in the UK (other country release dates may vary). You can now order it [HERE].

The tracklist is as follows:
1 Hotride
2 Who U Foolin
3 Girls (Rex The Dog Remix)
4 Hotride (El Batori Mix)

You may remember the track 'who u foolin' being mentioned in the interview I did with Liam back in December while he was writing AONO [HERE]. As you may notice, the single has 4 tracks and is therefore not actually eligible for the UK charts. A video was done a while ago but the band wasn't happy with it, so it was binned and a new one will be released later!

24/10/04: Prodigy have another, still unnnamed, new track!
Prodigy played two shows this weekend, Copenhagen on Friday and Stockholm on Saturday. It's the first official shows to tour for AONO and Liam already has Warning and this other new track.

I did a bit of secret investigation in this and apparently Liam only wrote it on Friday afternoon in his hotelroom, then tested it at the soundcheck and decided to play it at the gig! The version on Friday was then very basic with Maxim improvising some vocals - "it's a new religion". By the next day, in Stockholm, Liam had already changed the arrangements and added a vocal sample on ("I cant frequent these frequencies" - something like that) and Maxim vocals. It's a very hard track, if you're into Prodigy for the hard beats, you will like it. Doesn't necessarily sounds like AONO but definitely very Prodigy [discuss]. I might have little report about the shows later on.

Keith & Leeroy live!
Keith's Claver Brains Fryin' are playing a show on Wednesday 27th Oct in London, which will also have a DJ set by Leeroy Thornhill. Find more info in the CBF section [HERE]

17/10/04: Prodigy live in Reykjavik report.
Now as if I wasn't spoilt enough getting to interview Liam, I also went to see The Prodigy in Reykjavik on Friday and while I'm not planning to post a full on review everytime I'm going to see them, I still had to make a few comments [HERE]. [discuss]
Also check the short video clip from Icelandic TV (Thanks to Stebet).

14/10/04: New Interview with Liam Howlett for nekosite!
Read about what Liam has to say about finishing AONO, the Internet leak, Maverick, new tracks he's written since and what the plans are for playing live. Check it [HERE]

04/10/04: Prodigy live in Istanbul review and pictures
Prodigy are back, live! Yes, the band played two shows this weekend and because I knew you'd all be curious to know what they're like I went to Istanbul to see the band live and find out for you all! So, there you go, thanks to technology, just few hours after the show a review and photos online with details about tracklist and even a new track called 'Warning' [HERE]

19/9/04: Keith live
I went to see Keith Flint's Clever Brains Fryin' in Reading last night and you can read a short review on the forum now [HERE]

AONO has now been released in the USA, and if you buy the whole album from US iTunes you get an extra track, Get Up, Get Off (alternate version). You will need to buy the whole album though to get this track. [discuss]

11/9/04: Interview download
You can now download James Hyman's extensive interview with Liam Howlett as it was broadcasted last week on XFM's The Rinse. Liam reveals how he is already writing new material and there's even a tiny reference to this website ... [HERE] [discuss]

Keith's Clever Brains Fryin' are also playing some UK shows over the next two months, find the tourdates [HERE] [discuss]

08/9/04: Prodigy Tourdates
Prodigy confirm three more shows: Cologne, Copenhagen and Stockholm [HERE]

02/9/04: Prodigy confirm world tour dates - get them here [HERE]

29/8/04: AONO no. 1
As you probably know by now, the new Prodigy Album 'Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned' was released earlier this week in most parts of the world, and in the UK has reeached No. 1 in the album charts! Congratulations! www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/chart/top40/albums.shtml [discuss]

18/8/04: Only a couple of days to go until the release of 'Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned' and not unsurprisingly there is lot of coverage in the press now (see below).

But more is to come! Liam Howlett will be interviewed on XFM Radio show 'The Rinse' on Friday 3rd September.

The interviewer James Hyman also has some old clips he produced for MTV PartyZone on his web site for download [HERE].

And if you can't wait that long, here a selection of excellent new interviews out now:

  • CKM Magazine: 'Kedzior' has provided translation of this interview with Liam. [HERE]
  • Liam was interviewed on XFM last night and gave a track-by-track description for the whole album, in the probably most extensive and detailed interview so far. And the good news is, you can listen to it all again on XFM's website [HERE] [discuss]
  • Another extensive interview with Liam Howlett can be found on about.com [HERE]
  • Mixmag interview [see outline]

Thanks to James Hyman, 'Kedzior', KeVo, James Jupiter, 'Instruct'

14/8/04: Tickets for the UK shows went on sale this morning and as some of you surely have witnessed, many of the major ticket websites ended up struggling and some fans were left empty handed with the Brixton Saturday show selling out within about 15 minutes, the Friday one shortly after. But its not too late to get your tickets to see The Prodigy, check the live section for details on which shows you can still get tickets for. Also an extra show for Manchester has been added on the 7th [HERE]

Now, time for a little self-promotion. The Guardian (thats a large UK newspaper) has a little story about nekosite in their Guardian Guide today, which is very nice indeed. Click the thumbnail left to read what they have to say ...
(Thanks to Jo for the scan)

13/8/04: Dublin show sells out within 2hours, additional date is now on sale for Sunday 12th December [HERE]

12/8/04: Ex-Prodigy member Leeroy Thornhill will appear as DJ before the Prodigy's show in Dublin, according to the promoters website:
Featuring original band members Liam Howlett, Keith Flint and Maxim, the Prodigy will play one exclusive and intimate concert, with an exclusive DJ set from special guest, former Prodigy member, Leeroy. [READ]
It is likely that Leeroy will also DJ at the remaining UK / Ireland shows. [discuss]
(Thanks to '3rdrail')

10/8/04 II: More news. Prodigy's album is to be played back on XFM's 'X-Posure' on 17th August. This might also include an interview. You can listen to it online on XFM's web site [more info]

Ayako has already been able to get the Japanese version of AONO and has sent some scans, which are now in the AONO section. [HERE]
She has also made a page about the Japanese Summer Sonic festival where they had a Prodigy booth with giveaways and videos [HERE]

10/8/04: "Dubbed Horizon" has scanned in the ad you can see on the left. It reveals that "Hotride" will be the 2nd single, out late October. [discuss]

As previously mentioned, the Independent on Sunday had a story by Martin James. You can now read the very honest account about how The Prodigy made it finally back [HERE]

AONO is out in Japan tomorrow!

09/8/04: Prodigy have confirmed the first set of tourdates for the UK and Ireland. Tickets go on sale Saturday 14th August 9am, Ireland on 13th August, Belfast is on sale now. [more] [discuss]

Thursday 2nd Birmingham Academy
Friday 3rd Brixton Academy
Saturday 4th Brixton Academy
Monday 6th Manchester Apollo
Wednesday 8th Glasgow Academy
Friday 10th Belfast Ulster Hall
Saturday 11th Dublin Olympia

08/8/04: The new DJ Mag with Liam on the cover is out now. 'James Jupiter' has compiled the most notable facts from the interview:

"Liam is THINKING about releasing an album of unreleased and rare tracks.

It confirms that the single mixes will be different to the album mixes. The article says Liam has done 'More Girls' and another mix of 'Girls'.

It also says Liam has recorded a couple of tracks with Maxim (one of them being 'More Girls'). There are around 7 tracks left over from the AONO sessions."

You can now download or watch the four different versions of the BMW ad featuring Prodigy's track 'You'll be under my wheels' online! Just access the BMW Series 1 website [HERE] then go to 'Multimedia' and click on 'TV Ads'.
(Thanks to James Jupiter for both these newsitems)

Also out today is an interview with Liam Howlett in today's 'Independent on Sunday'.

07/8/04: The Remix studio report by Martin James is now online: http://remixmag.com/ar/remix_behind_curtain/index.htm
(thanks to ant4000b)

The German magazine Raveline is running a cover story about the new Prodigy album including an extensive interview with Liam Howlett, where he reveals some new details about the upcoming live show as well how he worked on the album. Here some translations:

"We used to always play our tracks live exactly as they were on the album. This time it will be a challenge to manipulate the tracks so they'll fit into our live thing...

This doesn't mean the tracks will be changed completeley, 'Spitfire', for example, will feature Maxim on vocals and I will add a different beat to it, so it sounds fresh. The tracks will be develoiping and thats going to be very exciting! With 'Fat of The Land' we got bored quite soon, because we had heard the tracks already for a year in the recordings and then again played the same tracks live every evening for 2 years.

There are some tracks on the album [The Fat of the Land] that we still want to play, but if we ever play 'Firestarter' again then only as a remix. We will definitely not play the straight version anymore, as Keith doesn't want to be the Firestarter anymore anyways."

Liam also mentions how he worked with Juliette Lewis and that the first track they recorded was a track called "Good Morning", which might appear in a film next year! [discuss]

05/8/04: Lots of news! "Girls" video is out and XL have got it online for you to watch: www.xlrecordings.com/broadcast/~girls/

Also online is the Girls CD Single (XLS195CD) tracklisting:
1. Girls
2. More Girls
3. Under My Wheels (Original Mix)

You can also find a good number of studio interviews with Liam, written by Martin James, in the newsagents these days: Future Music (out now), DJ (out now), The Independent on Sunday (8th August), The Remix (next issue), Loose Lips (out now) [more info]

27/7/04: Liam was interviewed on Zane Lowe's show on Radio 1 tonight. Really good interview, really honest and with a lot of info. Radio 1 also run a competition to win signed Prodigy artwork. You can listen to the excellent interview and view fotos here: www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/alt/zanelowe/prodigy.shtml [discuss]

25/7/04: Get an exclusive audio preview of what Keith Flint's new project Clever Brains Fryin' sounds like. The band are to play the Global Gathering festival on Saturday and you can get their track "Oozy" on nekosite [HERE].
As previously stated, Keith is still playing live with The Prodigy.

19/7/04: Liam Howlett is to appear on Gonzo on (MTV 2 UK) tomorrow (20th July) at 6pm! Watch it if you can! As a slight comfort for those who cannot watch, according to the XL Recordings website, Liam will also appear on Zane Lowe's Radio 1 show 'early next week'. [XL] [discuss]

The Observer Music Monthly published a great review of AONO this weekend [HERE]. There's also an interview with Juliette Lewis stating that her future plans include a 'possible tour with Prodigy' [discuss]

The new Prodigy single Girls contains a sample of "Style of the Street" (Broken Glass). get a clip now [HERE] Thanks to ant4000b and bigsugar316

With an American release of the album in the pipeline, promotion attempts including "eTeams" and "Streetteams" are inevitable. There's a new one on Totalassault, but fortunately the great biography (written by Martin James) makes up for the patronising nature of these "Teams". Read [HERE]

XFM have published an article with a couple of quotes from Keith Flint with regards to tour plans. He confirms that the band are planning to start touring again from October, as reported here earlier. [HERE]

02/7/04: Q Magazine have got a track-by-track list of each track on the new Prodigy album Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned with comments by Liam Howlett himself. I've got it for you - [HERE]

29/6/04: Liam was talking live on Zane Lowe's show on Radio 1 tonight! 'Keety' reports on the forum:
"Liam was just live, phoning in on the Zane Lowe show. If you want to listen again it started at 8:38pm (show started at 8pm), I imagine it will be up to listen again to at www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/listen sometime tomorrow. Its on the "Alternative" section. Nothing really new, Zane just telling Liam that the Prodge were needed back as dance music had retreated back underground and "Girlz" Was a guaranteed no1. Again, the usual bumff from Liam about needing to find the real prodigy and that it all clicked around a year ago. Liam also promised to come in and play through a few of the album tracks."
You can listen to it online if you go to www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/radio1_aod.shtml?zane_tue# and forward to 00:40 [discuss]

In other news, the download mentioned below sounded good in theory, but in practise didn't quite convince me yet. After being advertised for a 6pm release the track was in true Prodigy style finally available at about 7.20pm. The site was nicely done, but the 'remix' functions not ALL that impressive really. Those who were impressed enough to buy (not to forget the uniquely coloured covers) then had to face dissapointment with a 'connection failed' error that appears to almost everyone who attempted to purchase the track within the first 2h of going live. Ouch.

24/6/04: The Prodigy are to release the track 'Memphis Bells' as a digital download available in a strictly limited edition of 5,000. Each of the 5,000 downloads will be a unique variation of the track, accompanied with a unique variation of the artwork. It will be available on June 28th at 18.00hrs GMT from www.alwaysoutnumbered.com.
Through the interface which will include a printable sleeve, unique to the mix, fans will be able to choose from various bell melodys, drum options and guitar options, then have the choice of type of mix - an original mix, a headphone mix for your iPod, a bass heavy mix for DJ's and a 5.1 surround sound mix. Each downloaded track and piece of artwork will be individually numbered to create a genuinely personal limited edition. Cost per download is £2. [discuss]
(Source: XL)

16/6/04: Prodigy confirm the album release date for 23rd August 2004 in the UK and rest of the world (USA: 14th September 2004). The double A-sided single GIRLS / MEMPHIS BELLS will be released on 30th August 2004.

"Girls" already receives radio play on various stations in Europe, so you should be able to hear it if you look for it! But there's even more chance to hear new material, the album track "You'll be under my wheels" will appear on an advert for BMW in July. The track is rumoured to contain some part of long-time favourite live track "Rock n' Roll"! And talking about live, t he band are currently planning to start touring again from October 2004. For more new updates check the AONO section ... [HERE].

12/6/04: AONO section updated, including tracklist of the album [HERE].

10/6/04: The upcoming new single "GIRLS" has been released on a promo and has had some radio play, so far in Norway. I'm still speechless, if you're not, discuss!! [HERE]

Also, NME have a piece about a track called Shoot Down featuring Liam and Noel Gallagher for the new album [HERE].

more soon.

thanks to theprodigy.nl, fishworx and everyone

10/5/04: Updated the AONO section and will keep it updated, so keep an eye on it! [HERE]

30/4/04: The Prodigy album is finished! Read the official statement from Liam [HERE]

19/4/04: Maxim is to release a new solo single called 'Survivor' on a 10" limited edition of 500 on 1st June 2004. It will be released on Supahero Media Record label, a new label set up by Maxim himself. An album by Maxim is planned for later this year.

'Survivor' is a very dark track, very much sounds like Maxim and reminds me of the feel of his 'My Web' ep, but includes some rockier samples as well. The album is supposed to be much more hip hop orientated than the single.

18/4/04: Gene Simmons of Kiss is to release a solo album called 'Asshole' soon, and the first single from the album is a cover version of Prodigy's "Firestarter". The track also features Dave Navarro on guitar. More about this on www.genesimmons.com.
Thanks to Thomas and Daniel for e-mailing this in.


8/1/04: Interview with Liam Howlett!

I've had the great pleasure to interview Liam Howlett himself about the new Prodigy album and things are all good. At the moment it is scheduled for a June-July 2004 release, but you can already read what Liam has to say about it on nekosite now! [HERE]

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