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2/11/03: It's been a while since the last update, so here a couple of updates about whats been happening (or NOT) in the land of Prodigy.

Prodigy's American press company have released a statement with a quote by Liam Howlett about the new album: "Recording of the album started about four months ago. Intentions are to deliver the new album shortly after the New Year. Single release will precede a spring/summer album release date." [read statement].
Thanks to Michel Meijburg, Jeremy Williams, Jai, Costas and everyone else who sent this in

Leeroy Thornhill has been playing several DJ dates recently. I sent some spies to his set in Zurich two weeks ago and heard it was excellent. If you're in London you can catch him DJing at the Ministry of Sound next Saturday, 8th November, where he headlines the Breaks room in the Baby Box [info].

Some new remixes are around:

The Prodigy: Everybody Is In The Place - 808 State v DJ Tangent Remix (666 records) www.pearshaped.co.uk/everycube.mp3

Prodigy – Voodoo People (esquimo rmx) can be found on the album Magic Mushroom by PsyCondexxx on 'unreleased Records'.
Thanks to Kimmen aka DJ Wacko

The Prodigy: Everybody Is In The Place, The Oracle Breaks Remix (666 records - out Dec)

19/08/03: Flint have cancelled their remaining festival appearances (26.8. Wiesen, 28.8. Pukkelpop, 29.8. Terremoto). According to the Wiesen.at website they are expected to release their album in 2004 now. [Wiesen.at]

Nothing new about Prodigy either. This weekend a year since their last sign of life to date. I might as well shut this 'news' page down soon...

16/07/03: Aim 4 is now available on Amazon for preorder [HERE]

The new MIXMAG has a Q&A feature with Keith Flint. Among other things he talks about how the new Prodigy album is coming along.

Mixmag: How's the new prodigy album sounding then?

Keith: "Well, its being worked on 24 hours a day, it's not due to lack of songs, and it's always evolving and moving forward. I see them regularly and we're all together on it. I'm committed to Flint, and they know the score - they're not missing me and it's working out fine. Flint is my project."

Nothing specific but at least a bit of hope... A scan of the full interview can be found in the Flint section [HERE]

10/07/03: Almost no music mag right now that hasn't got anything Flint in it. THE FACE makes no exception and you can now pick up their current issue to read about Keith's healthy lifestyle. Or just check out the scans in the Flint section [HERE]. There's also an update on the tracklist for the Aim 4 single [HERE] which supposedly has Asteroids and a track called 'Danny' as B-side. Also a cool new live review of Flint @ Scala [HERE].
Thanks to Maria for The Face news, Thanks to Denox for the Aim 4 info and the live review

15th July Flint are in Session for the Radio 1 Rockshow. You can listen to it live www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/alt/rockshow/ [discuss].
Thanks to 'Flinty_01'

08/07/03: A couple of updates on Flint. There is a cover story on Flint in the current edition of the German gothic magazine Sonic Seducer. There's another feature in the German magazine Intro. Scans for both are available in the Flint section [HERE], you can also read the Intro article on their web site [HERE]. All in German.
(Thanks to Tara and Rosa for letting me know about Sonic Seducer, Thanks to Ekko for the Intro Scans, Thanks to Easternstar for the Intro URL)

According to the article in Sonic Seducer, James Lavelle has remixed Aim 4. Also the magazine comes with a CD with the track Piggy from "Device 1".

By chance I was at some French festival on Sunday and to my surprise when we left the whole place was covered with flyers for Flint's album, supposedly out 5th August in France, as you can see at the left.

Flint have also launched their official web site on www.flint.tv where you can watch the full Aim 4 video. A bit unlucky with the ringtones business, but apart from that, the site looks cool so far. [discuss]

29/06/03: There's a 3-page feature about FLINT in the current Metal Hammer. Quite nice interview, just a bit too obvious that the writer of the piece doesn't seem to like dance music too much. For this and other stuff, go to the all new FLINT section [HERE]

After Firestarter in the Charlie's Angels trailer (see below), there's now SMBU in the trailer for the new Tomb Raider movie. A bit ironic, as one of the reasons for the delay of the release of TFOTL was supposedly the Tomb Raider game. You can watch the trailer here: www.apple.com/trailers/paramount/tomb_raider/thecradleoflife/trailer_small.html
thanks to Steve Asbury

27/06/03: Kerrang have a review of Flint @ Scala by Ben Myers in their new issue. Now I know that my own reviews of gigs might not always be the most objective, most well-written and most thought through pieces, but if you're writing for a printed magazine and get a page to review the new band FLINT, then we could really expect a bit more than half of the space wasted on a comparison between The Prodigy and the Sex Pistols. What has it got to do with it? Ben Myers further questions whether this is just a 'showcase for that bloke from The Prodigy' and fails to notice that this band sounds completely tight at this gig and can create some great energy. Infact, he only actually reviews 'that bloke from The Prodigy'. The rating of the gig overall isn't that bad, but the review is. If you want to read it anyway, you can do so on the Flint @ Scala page now [HERE].

Also, on Wednesday Jim and Keith were both briefly on MTV UK in the news, talking about Flint. Jim said that one year ago they wouldn't even have thought they'd be a band and Keith was talking about the influences on their music ("everything"). This seemed to be part of a longer interview, which I assume will be on MTV some day. If you can't wait for that, you can already get a poster of Flint in the new Kerrang poster magazine.

Matthew Rees has written a guest review about Leeroy DJing in Cardiff [HERE]

And, in case you havent seen it yet, the background music to the trailer of the new Charlie's Angels 2 movie is strangely enough Prodigy's Firestarter!

19/06/03: Keith Flint seems to have been very busy lately. Last week in Kerrang, now on the cover of Mixmag, how much more varied can you be? He's featured in Mixmag's cover story as collaborator on the new UNKLE album "Never, Never, Land". Keith is on a track called "No Pain No Gain", which will be released only on the US-Version of the album, according to Mixmag. Since I figured there are quite a few of us interested in UNKLE as it is, I've scanned the full article. [HERE] [discuss]

There is also one brief review of FLINT at Hultsfred festival available now and pictures from Heineken festival in Imola. [HERE]
many thanks to 'Posse' for translating the review

12/06/03: As some of you might have noticed, the website was down for most of this day. Basically my isp didnt like the fact that the Aim 4 video was on here because of copyrights, so it had to be taken down. That's the problem with running these kind of unofficial sites, unless you have formal permission to host these things, its quite difficult to do so. So unfortunately that's gone for now. Also anyone who sent me an email today, please resend it.

But the good news is, FLINT played a great show last night at the Scala last night. I really enjoyed it and you can check out a short review and some pictures of that gig now. [HERE]

10/06/03: The full Aim 4 video by FLINT is now available for download [HERE]. You can also see it on the playlist of Kerrang TV and Q TV in the UK.

08/06/03: The full Aim 4 video by Flint is now on the playlist on Kerrang TV in the UK. You can select it by calling 09012 930 666 and selecting no. 163 (and yes, that a premium rate number). Flint are also playing the Hultsfred festival in Sweden next Saturday, for the other tourdates check the Flint section : www.nekozine.co.uk/flint

05/06/03: There are some scans of the 4 page article about FLINT from the new Kerrang with pictures and interviews now in the Flint section. There are also additional tourdates and more pictures from the Download Festival. www.nekozine.co.uk/flint

04/06/03: As some of us might have expected, Flint didn't get such a warm welcome from the metal world. MetalUK claim about Flint's show at the Download Festival that there is "not a single tune really appealing to anyone in particular" [read], VirtualFestivals call them a "sorely average thrash band with remarkably little charisma" [read] and the printed issue of Kerrang claims that they have "two more drum kits than they have ideas". It is obviously not going to be easy for the band to break into that 'scene' (whether they want to or not).

MetalHammer have very good words about Flint's gig at the Egg though, check it out [HERE]. You can also read an additional review of Download Festival on this page, contributed by Matthew Rees [HERE].
Thanks for some links to the ant

FLINT are now also playing the Terremoto Festival in Germany (ex-Bizarre festival) at the end of August. Check www.terremoto.de
Thanks to KoNs from Wastin.com for info

To make up for their bad review, Kerrrang have a 4-pages interview with FLINT in their current issue, I'll try to scan it for you all later.

02/06/03: FLINT played the Download festival yesterday. I couldn't make it myself, but Marc Neale has written a guest review about the gig. [HERE]

Also the new Marilyn Manson single 'mOBSCENE' was released in the UK today and features the 'overnight mix' by Flint & Youth.

01/06/03: You can now check out some screengrabs and download a preview of the video to Aim 4, directed by Jonas Akerlund [HERE].

30/05/03: FLINT played their first gig last night, a small, 'secret', clubshow at The Egg in London. I had the pleasure to attend, and there are a few impressions from the gig in the Flint section: www.nekozine.co.uk/flint

Flint have also announced further tourdates, including Download festival, GLastonbury and Ruisrock in Finland. Details can be found in the Flint section: www.nekozine.co.uk/flint

On Tuesday MTV2 showed a 45second snippet of the new Flint video for Aim 4. This is the video by Jonas Akerlund and features the band performing live. I thought the video works really well with the track [discuss].

In other news, Leeroy Thornhill has got a residency at Lisa Lashes' new night Lashed at Eden in Ibiza. Check out the news and an interview with Leeroy: www.judgejules.net/index.php?page=125
(thanks to Anton Bobrovitsky)

20/05/03: NME have got some more info on FLINT today. The album is going to be called Device #1 and will be released 28th July, the first official single is going to be Aim 4, out on 14th July. The tracklisting for the album is: Asteroids, Piggy, Laughs, Aim 4, Hell Yeah, Kamikaze, Prescription, Ju Ju, Femme Fatale, Inflow, Vacation and Razor (NNNN).

Interesting is that it says that the track Razor (NNNN) features the lyrics of Baby's got a Temper - some of you might remember the track was first written for Keith's solo project by the same people that are now in FLINT. Even more interesting is the presence of the track Vacation, because Liam and Keith were talking about this track last year as a new Prodigy track - seems it is not going to be a new Prodigy track now!

NME also claim that FLINT are in the studio with James Lavelle, and the track might be featured on an international version of the "Never, Never, Land" album by UNKLE - but not on the UK one. [discuss]
Thanks to Maria

16/05/03: FLINT (or "Keith Flint", as it is listed) seem to have been re-added to the Witnness festival line-up, on Sunday 13th July. www.witnness.com/lineup.php

15/05/03: The limited edition 10" of Asteroids by Flint (supposedly only 2000 copies are vailable) appears to be released on 19th May. It is available now for pre-order on www.hmv.co.uk (the artist name listed is "Keith Flint").
Thanks to "James Jupiter"

The 10" vinyl appears to be pink and one-sided.

14/05/03: There's a new whitelabel of a new remix of 'Charly' by Peo De Pitte in the shops. The 12" also includes a 'Prodigal Bonus Track' by Hedrock Valley Beats on the B-Side (which is in reality the 'Hedrock Valley Beats Electro Power Mix' of 'Megaforce' by Kemek The Dope Computer'). If you want to get hold of the whitelabel you could try HMV (in the UK) as they seem to have quite a few available.
Thanks to Paul Roberts and Decky HVB

11/05/03: Keith and Jim were just on Totalrock, talking about FLINT again. They were talking about Asteroids, which will be released on limited edition vinyl, and the following single thats gonna be a 'proper' release on their own imprint "Cool Kills" on Universal, with the video by Jonas Akerlund. keith was also asked about the new Prodigy material and said that Liam is working on it in the studio "24/7" and that the Prodigy album can be expected "at the end of the year kind of vibe". You can download the full interview on mp3 in the FLINT section: www.nekozine.co.uk/flint

FLINT have also joined the bill of the T in the Park festival, see www.tinthepark.com

08/05/03: Nothing new with Prodigy, but there's a new slightly amusing web site, dedicated to quotes by Liam Howlett. [HERE]

02/05/03: NME run another story about FLINT, all stuff we already know though [HERE].

01/05/03: Tickets for FLINT @ Scala are available now for £11 [HERE]. See ya there.

30/04/03: mp3s of XFM interview are online now: www.nekozine.co.uk/flint.

30/04/03: To make it all a bit less confusing, there's a new section about Keith's new band FLINT: www.nekozine.co.uk/flint. Also with new scans from todays NME mag.

30/04/03: You can listen online now to the Rockshow from last night on www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/alt/rockshow/

30/04/03: Keith Flint and Jim Davies were as guests at Mary Anne Hobbs' Rockshow on Radio 1 just now. Check out FLINT section for details [HERE] 29/04/03: Keith Flint will be on Ian Camfield's show MUSIC RESPONSE tomorrow evening between 7pm and 9pm on XFM, talking about his new band FLINT! You can listen to XFM online on www.xfm.co.uk
Thanks to 'Calyps0'29/04/03: It's all been extremely secretive around the new solo project by Keith Flint, but NME now reveal some more details. The band is going to be called FLINT and its members are (quite unsurprisingly): Keith Flint, Kieron Pepper (Prodigy live drummer, ex-RealTV, ex-Happy Gilmore), Jim Davies (Prodigy live guitar, ex-Pitchshifter), Tony Howlett (co-wrote BGAT, but not related to Liam Howlett) and an as yet unconfirmed bassplayer. The album, produced by Youth, should be out in July and there is supposed to be a 'semi-secret' debut live show in London at the end of May. [Full Story]Please note that this is just a solo project and the Prodigy have NOT split up, Liam is apparently still working on the album. But assuming from FLINT launching now, it is probably going to be another while until we will hear new Prodigy material. [discuss]21/04/03: According to a post from today in the Journal on Marilyn Manson's official web site, Keith Flint's 'new band' have remixed Manson's new single mOBSCENE. Here what it says:"Pay attention! In London, we vandalized a Versace billboard with two gigantic Marilyn Mice and had an amazing crowd sing along to the three piano numbers. Keith Flint (The Prodigy) presented me with his new band’s remix of mOBSCENE on which he sings. We discussed illegal behavior, participated in illegal behavior and became the best of friends over a bottle of Absinthe." (Marilyn Manson, 21/04/03) [HERE]

It is not known whether this remix will be released.
Thanks to 'Sp'ralHate' for posting this into the forum

17/04/03: As promised here now also the new Intro and the new version of Nuclear from the Leeds Festival. Again, please notice that the quality isn't that great at all, it's more one for the die-hard fans. Intro [HERE] (2MB) Nuclear [HERE] (5MB).
Thanks again to 'the ant' for help with the soundfiles. And in other news, Keith Flint was apparently at Marilyn Manson's album launch party / performance the other day, as Metal Hammer and other sources report [HERE].
Thanks to Mike Ryszka and "Deadpool"15/04/03: I've finally been able to get hold of a recording of Prodigy at Leeds festival last summer (23rd August 2002), where they played the cover of Nightboat to Cairo, the new version of Nuclear and a new intro. The quality of the recording isn't too great, but it's better than nothing. So here's The Madness cover Nightboat To Cairo for you to download on mp3 --> [HERE] (6MB)
More will follow over the next few days.
Thanks to 'the ant' for help with noise reduction.30/03/03: Seb Fontaine played a house remix of Smack my Bitch up from a whitelabel on Radio 1 last night. The track is no longer available on the BBC web site.
many thanks to Anton Bobrovitsky

29/03/03: A few minor updates while it is still very very quiet around The Prodigy. Absolutely no news about tourdates, new album or new single yet.

'the ant' has sent in a link for a Ping Pong Bitches web site, featuring some pictures with The Prodigy (they seem to be taken at Coachella Festival in April last year): http://uk.geocities.com/pingpongbitches/invision.htm

As 'someone' has posted on the nekosite forum, MTV have announced what is supposed to be the final tracklisting for 'Matrix: Reloaded' and unsurprisingly, contrary to past reports, Prodigy definitely aren't on it. Obviously MTV aren't exactly official news, but the tracklisting here seems pretty definite. www.mtv.com/news/articles/1470830/20030328/dave_matthews_band.jhtml?'instruct' has sent in some scans of a new XL DVD with the Babys got a Temper video on it. This is a promotional DVD which is not generally available on sale.
See the scans:[DVD front] [DVD inside] [DVD Title]. 'instruct' further also writes about a new 12" by Mulder called 'Listen to the Basstone', sampling the Cut 2 Kill track by Liam. You can get hold of it from most UK record stores, www.sisterray.co.uk sell it for a fiver.In other news, ex-Prodigy guitarist Gizz Butt is just about to tour California with old bandmates from his old band the English Dogs, playing old English Dogs material. Info and tourdates HERE.many thanks to 'the ant', 'someone' and 'instruct'

05/03/03: The printed version of NME features not one, but two, Prodigy articles this week. Anything exciting or new? nah.

[see scan]
Article 1: Contrary to what the likes of the BBC, dotmusic, Q and MTV reported (what?! they are not always right?) NME write the truth about that guy with the wonderful name 'DJ Turkish' claiming to be Liam Howlett and booking DJ dates under Liam's name, as it was reported on nekosite (see news 23/09/02 and 11/02/03). A spokesperson for The Prodigy's label XL Recordings told NME: "We've known about this guy for some time. Liam is definitely not appearing in Miami and definitely not playing new Prodigy music. We've been in touch with all our promoters in the US and told them not to book this man".

Meanwhile Liam has his own opinion: "So long as he is not wearing my clothes and taking my missus out, fuck him!". [see scan]Article 2: Story about the trial of the farmer John Kirby who allegedly threatened Liam and Keith with a shotgun. For a similar report of the same 'exciting' story go [HERE].Then Keith also gets a mention in the gossip pages: "Keith Flint is filling his time well. The (contain your laughter, please) solo artist was spotted last week in London's leafy Barnes, near a launderette. You won't get those stains out, Keith." Aren't NME just soooooo goddamn funny and relevant?? ('funny' is only their list of 'top 100 albums ever' in the current issue!)

11/02/03: There are rumours on some music web sites about Liam Howlett DJing at some pool party at the World Music Conference in Miami alongside Goldie in March and even a full web site dedicated to the event announcing him to appear and 'play new Prodigy material'. According to Prodigy's management this is not true, as this is an imposter who has been pretending to be DJing as Liam Howlett in the USA already last year. So don't go there expecting to see Liam, as it is a hoax, Liam will not turn up and there wont be any new Prodigy material played at the event. Liam Howlett is not DJing at the moment and there are no Prodigy tourdates at all either at this point.

02/02/03: The new Kerrang magazine reports (related to Pitchshifter splitting up): "In other 'Shifter news, guitarist Jim Davies recently completed recording and album with Prodigy's Keith Flint." Jim's involvement in Keith's project doesn't come as such a surprise, as he's already played on Maxim's album, the last Prodigy album and is very likely to appear on the next one as well. Apart from that, nothing new as yet. (thanks to Mäxx)

28/01/03: Liam Howlett once made a famous quote about the Internet after seeing pictures of his own house on a web site. The Prodigy have been known for always keeping their private life private and most fans have respected that. So some might find it a bit ironic now that Liam is going to take part in an 'at home with...'-type TV documentary. According to this weeks' NME, Liam Howlett and Liam Gallagher 'steal the show' in the documentary dedicated to the Appleton sisters, filmed at Liam Howlett's house in Essex. If you're into this kind of stuff or always wanted to see Liam jumping on a trampoline, then you can watch the documentary on 13th February on BBC3 (the new TV channel replacing BBC Choice from 9th February) in the UK. You can find a scan of the article [HERE] [850kb] (thanks to Steve Fothergill).

28/01/03: Rumours about Keith Flint's solo project have been around for a while now, but been kept quite low-key, although it's been said his album might be out already as early as this year. Now part of the music press have picked up on it, and Gigwise report:"The Prodigy front man Keith Flint, always one to start a fire is rumoured to have signed a one million pound record deal with Polydor. He'd been learning to play the guitar during the break since their last album was released, 'The Fat of the Land' in 1997.
Although Keith doesn't plan to release the record until after the Prodigy put out their long awaited album - which was expected last year - he's already lined up a director for the video of his first single. The Swedish director Jonas Akerlund who caused controversy with the band's video for 'Smack My Bitch Up' will be making the video, which will feature Mr Flint and his band being beaten up.
Musical direction will be following in the footsteps of Keith's latter-day Prodigy exploits. The record will have a rock sensibility and may even go as far as punk."
The full article can be found here: www.gigwise.com/news/11_January2003/07_keithflint.htm
(thanks to Steady & Evans)

19/01/03: The current issue of Musikexpress (Germany) features an interview with Rob del Naja (aka 3D) from Massive Attack about the new upcoming Massive Attack '100th Window' album. In the interview he also talks about his collaboration with Liam Howlett, the track 'No Souvenirs' and says that apparently Liam has suggested to him to release the track on a different soundtrack now (it was first supposed to be out on the 'The Beach' soundtrack). (Thanks to Benjamin Cers)
Since the track was scrapped from The Beach soundtrack in 1999, it has been rumoured to appear on the new forthcoming Prodigy album, but nothing of this has been officially confirmed yet in any way. A release date for the album is not known either.In other related news, Prodigy guitarist Jim Davies' band Pitchshifter have announced their split after a last UK tour in March. One of the best live bands ever, RIP...

30/12/02: FHM have got a tiny bit of Prodigy 'news', Steady reports in the forum:
"Coming your way in 2003...
Having gone back to the drawing board after a disappointingly received comeback single ,and luckewarm performances at Reading/Leeds , Liam`s taken on board fan feedback and re-worked the album still destined to be called "Always Out Nummberd Never OutGunned"
Whether this is true or not is another question, but with that I want to wish you all a happy new year and lets hope it's gonna be full of great things from The Prodigy!
(thanks to steady and the ant)

16/12/02: So now two full months no updates, no need to worry, it's all fine. I've been a bit busy myself and there hasn't really been much new with The Prodigy, but as soon as there is, this web site will be updated again. Only piece of news is that according to www.theprp.com there is a rumour about Maxim working with producer Machine (he previously worked with Pitchshifter and (hed)P.E.) on new solo material [discuss]. (thanks to syphon410)

16/10/02: A Czech music magazine called X-mag apparently has a new interview with Liam Howlett. Tomas reports the following from the interview:
- Liam said there will be a collaboration with a punk-electronic girl band on the new album.
- He said he dosn't like BGAT and thinks it's bad, and that he wouldn't release it if he could now.
- There will maybe be a new DJ mix album at the end of next year after the new album in spring.

Many thanks to Tomas from Prague

Also, this web site is 4 years old today. hooray!

15/10/02: You can catch Leeroy's band Flightcrank live again as early as next week on Monday, 21st October at the Cargo club near Old Street in London. Cargo is one of my favorite clubs in London and a really nice venue, so definitely worth going. The event runs from 8pm to 1am. This is currently the only confirmed Flightcrank tourdate. It's still pretty quiet in Prodigy-land, but it's been said that progress with the album is going well right now, we've just gotta wait and see for another while.

Also yesterday the Warchild compilation album with The Prodigy's cover of 'Ghosttown' was released, and is definitely worth buying. As usual with Liam Howlett's material, the difference from CD to dodgy mp3 really does make a difference and it really does sound brilliant on the CD. It's an instrumental cover of Ghosttown, but apart from that very similar to the version Prodigy played at Reading 1998. There are also other nice tracks on the compilation, notably Faithless & Dido, Muse, and Badly Drawn Boy's cover of 'Come on Eileen' (it helps if you like the original). Very dissapointing though is Jimmy Eat World's cover of Firestarter, who have managed to take literally all of the energy of that track out and made it into some Silverchair sounding something with music that doesn't fit the lyrics at all.

11/10/02: As mentioned earlier on, Leeroy's new band Flightcrank played a gig on Tuesday at the Marquee in Islington. I had the pleasure to attend it, and here are a few pictures. Click the thumbnails to enlarge. (all pictures by Netta Goldfarb)

02/10/02: You can listen to the full NME '1 love' Warchild album, featuring The Prodigy's cover of The Specials 'Ghosttown' tomorrow from 5pm (UK time) on the nme.com website! More info: www.nme.com/news/103114.htm
The printed version of this week's NME also reports that the album will be in the shops from 14th October. Oh yes, new Prodigy studio material in less than 2 weeks!

30/09/02: NME have revealed the tracklisting of the forthcoming Warchild album, which features a cover of the Special's Ghosttown by Prodigy, as well as a cover of The Prodigy's Firestarter by Jimmy Eat World! For more details: www.nme.com/news/story.htm?ID=103078

26/09/02: Leeroy Thornhill's new band Flightcrank are going to play a live gig at the new Marquee club in Islington (located in the new 'N1' shopping centre near Angel Station) on 8th October 2002. I've had a little preview of what to expect at a club gig he played last month in London, and it was good. This isn't a DJ date, but Leeroy fronting his own 4 piece live band on vocals, backed by members of Kieron's band Happy Gilmore and vocalist Charli Tucker, also known from Flightcrank's album. Don't go there and expect Prodigy, cause it's not. It's Leeroy performing his own material from his debut album, expect funky, chilled out beats and to see Leeroy from a new perspective.

Also, there was an online chat with The Prodigy on their official web site last night. I must admit I didn't expect all that much from it and thought either the server or the full chat would go under in chaos. But the webmasters made the good move to limit access to 60 people (which was probably a bit frustrating for many users who didn't get in, but still far better than having the channel moderated). I had the chance to be in there and was surprised that people actually behaved, and every person present in the chat got to ask a question. Respect to the band for answering each and every question, instead of just hand-picking a few as it's usually done in those chats. The band were asked about the new album, and stated that its going to be 'more electronic, but still rockin'. They also revaled some info about the first demo tape by Liam and a track called 'Spacehopper' that was on that tape. Brainkiller has taken the time and put together screen shots from the whole chat, so you can head over to his site and check them out [HERE]

23/09/02: As you all probably know, Liam Howlett used to tour as a DJ back in 1999 and 2000 after the release of his Dirtchamber Sessions DJ album. He has since then stopped DJing and is at the moment busy in the studio writing the new Prodigy album. However, at the moment apparently someone calling himself 'DJ Turkish' is booking DJ dates, mainly in the USA, pretending to be Liam Howlett using an alias. This person has got nothing at all to do with The Prodigy or Liam Howlett and is just trying to cash in money from fans and promoters. It is a hoax, as at the moment Liam Howlett is not doing any DJ dates, not under his real name and not using an alias either. Apart from that, The Prodigy's cover of the Specials' 'Ghosttown' for the Warchild album is definitely going ahead, however no relase date has been set yet.

15/09/02: Some more filler news: XFM are releasing a remix album called 'The Remix 2' in October 2002 on Virgin Records which will feature The Prodigy's Smack My Bitch Up remixed by DJ Hype. This remix was already featured as B-side on the SMBU single, and is therefore nothing new to most of us. XFM claim though: "This double CD release contains the latest remixes, bootlegs and studio rarities of artists ranging from The Cure to Peaches, Placebo to Soulwax. Quite frankly, this shit is the bomb!" You can check out the details on www.xfm.co.uk/theremixalbum

07/09/02: There's a bootleg of Liberty X vs. Prodigy called 'Little Mindfield' going around. You can listen to it online or download the mp3 from www.stervis.co.uk/eMS/ where it is currently no.1 in the charts.

04/09/02: As reported a few days ago on nekosite (see below), NME now also report that Prodigy are going to release a cover version of their 'favorite single of all times' on a NME Warchild album '1 love'. The album is expected to be released in October and Prodigy's contribution is expected to be a cover of The Specials' 'Ghosttown'. Prodigy have already played this covertrack live at their show at Reading 1998. www.nme.com/news/102830.htm

31/08/02: Surprisingly still no proper live recordings of the gigs last week have turned up at all. But I finally wrote my reports about the festivals last weekend and uploaded some pictures. Check it all out [HERE]In other news, 'Chemkeith' reports the following from MUZIK newsletter:"THE PRODIGY GO EIGHTIES FOR CHARIDEE
The Prodigy are evidently on an Eighties Two-Tone tip these days. Having rocked Reading with their version of ‘Night Boat To Cairo’ by seminal Eighties ‘nutty boy’ seven piece Madness, the band are now said to be providing a cover of The Specials’ UK ska classic ‘Ghost Town’ for a charity CD to be released later this year."

26/08/02: Just got back from Leeds, Glasgow & Reading where Prodigy played three UK shows this weekend. Had a wicked time, probably the best shows they've done since Big Day Out. There will be full reports and pictures of the 3 gigs on this web site, but since this wont happen until Thursday or later, here the most important news:- Prodigy had an all new look, new stage with massive gun as backdrop, new clothes, wicked light show.
- they played a new intro
- 'Nuclear' is completely rewritten
- a new setlist compared to the shows over the last year
- there was one new downtempo fill, only played at one of the shows.
- they played a very short Out of Space fill, based on the main sample of the track, appearing before Their Law.
- A cover of Madness 'Nightboat to Cairo' got played with live saxophon(?)
- live version on Baby's got a Temper changed a little in the beginningAnyway, i'm sure there will be plenty of reports about those shows on the net and in the press within the next few days, but make sure you check back here for a report of all 3 shows and how they were all different. here some:

[discuss on nekoforum]

21/08/02 - II: The new issue of Kerrang magazine has a four pages Prodigy cover story as a build up for the festivals this weekend. The main cover is a picture of Keith, the inside cover is all three of them. The article is a nice read, but doesn't reveal too much new apart from that Liam reveals that the only tracks ready for the album are Nuclear, Trigger, No Souvenirs, Vacation and the title track to the album Always Outnumbered, never Outgunned. He also admits that the last single Baby's got a Temper was released because of the record company and will probably not be on the album. I'll scan the article sometimes next week if i have time...

21/08/02: Right, not much new lately. But soon this will change cause, in case you haven't heard yet, Prodigy will play live at Leeds festival, Glasgow Gig on the Green and Reading festival this weekend! That's quite a lot of action, and i'll be at all 3 shows and will hopefully have some reports for you by the end of next week. So watch this space! There are still day tickets for all 3 shows available, so you might as well want to get there yourself and send me your report!

31/07/02: Liam and Keith are interviewed in the new NME talking about their forthcoming shows at Reading, Glasgow and Leeds. Evans has typed it out for us and you can check it out [HERE][discuss on nekoforum]

27/07/02: Prodigy played a gig at Fuji Rock festival in Japan last night, see some pics and reports [HERE].Apart from that not much new, apart from the continuous campaign by Maverick, emailing us with desparate attempts to make us join their 'Prodigy team' and tell us how cool the BGAT video is because it is 'banned all over the world'. Whoah, how cool...

19/07/02: after all my slagging of the Maverick's sites, its got to be said that the new Prodigy site is not like that at all. Done all in shockwave, you first gotta have the plug-in instealled to run it. What you will find is a wicked piece of design work done by Rockstar letting you explore different areas about the prodigy, have a look around in Liam's studio, read the biography, listen to past Prodigy tracks etc. All that is underlined with loops of sometimes new Prodigy material and all is presented in a quite innovative, but very military-style, look. Navigation is done is a innovative, yet still menu driven way, using a gun and missiles you can fire. There's even little tasks you can find, and some lucky person has already won Maxim's snowboard! The site is not finished yet and several sections are still locked, but this will probably help keeping people interested. Only things that could probably be improved are that a simple easy-to-access html page with just news and tourdates would be nice. Also the main challenge for the web site will be to stay updated and interesting, so that visitors will actually come back and revisit the web site despite the a bit slow and 'difficult' navigation. check it out [HERE]

18/07/02: new official Prodigy site is online today, check it out [HERE]

18/07/02: Finally written the report about Prodigy's gig at Witnness festival last weekend, you can check it out [HERE]Also, is anyone going to Fuji Rock next week? I'm not going (yeh, first show in over 3 years I miss, scary) but I'd love to hear how it was. e-mail me if you're going!Meanwhile Maverick have released the new single as well, and when you put the US-single into your computer it takes you to a 'secret' web site where you have to register (so they can spam you with news about the streetteam) and can access some 'secret' web site. This web site consists of a cheesy little flash tool, letting you change colour and stuff, and a screensaver and the BGAT video. Pretty pointless. If they wanna have a 'secret site', then why not put some content on it? You can only register if you have the US single (how clever) but thanks to Steve who has provided us with a log-in, you can look at it anyway. Go to www.maverickecd.com/prodigy/index.html and log in using email 'temper@prodigy.com' and password 'prodigy'. Are Maverick ruining Prodigy's image? discuss on neko's forum [HERE]

16/07/02: New forum launched on nekosite! Discuss The Prodigy, get answers to your questions, chat with other fans and more... Check it out [HERE]

16/07/02: Today BGAT is released in the USA by Maverick. So far so good, but the way it's promoted to fans makes me sick. I'm getting several e-mails from Maverick to join their Prodigy streetteam, or how they call it, 'Prodigy Official Online Team', run by Marketing company M80. Nothing wrong with that, but the way its run and written is so aimed at 13 year old nu-metal fans and contradicts just about everything The Prodigy are about. Didn't they just say in an MTV interview that they regard their fans as 'grown-up, responsible adults'? The single is advertised with the words "It's been been banned from radio and tv around the world!!" (yeh, that's why it's good, huh?) and goes on with "They need your help to spread the word! By joining Prodigy’s Official Online Team you will gain access to exclusive downloads, videos, contests, news, and merchandise! Most importantly, you'll be helping Prodigy by showing your support!" That all would be good for a new up-and-coming band, but Prodigy don't look cool with a shitty marketing campaign like that. It sounds just so desperate: "Also, make sure to check out all sections on this site often (everyday if you can!) and help out as much as possible with radio/video requesting, posting online, street promoting and more.". This can't be in the interest of the band.At the moment the member count is, wait for it, 55. I don't know how this campaign is supposed to do the Prodigy any good, apart from ruining their image. Definitely the worst marketing campaign EVER. Sorry, it had to be said. If you still want to have a look at their s(h)ite you an do so [HERE]
>> discuss

15/07/02: Liam Howlett reveals in the French magazine 'Trax' that there is a new track called 'Vacation' written for the new Prodigy album. Liam says: "Vacation" is about the USA. It's not anti-USA, it's just against that new "metal" scene. On a general aspect, the message is still the same: "Let's fucking go!". 'Shenter' has translated parts of the interview from French and you can check it out now [HERE]Also updated the AONO section [HERE]Report and some pics from Witnness festival coming soon ...anyone who e-mailed me today and did not get a reply, please send again as the nekosite.co.uk server was down all day long! thanks.

14/07/02: Just got back from Ireland, Prodigy played a good gig at Witnness festival last night. check here later for a report and some pictures. Apparently MTV UK showed a new updated version of their 'Essential Prodigy' last night. Obviously I missed it, but Steady, who has already seen it, writes:"The first half was the old stuff that had been on before and the second half was full of new stuff like their solo stuff you saw keith riding his bike for red bull , Maxim talking about hells kitchen , Liam chatting about the dirtchamber album, and leeroy leaveing the band. it went right through to july and about B.G.A.T,aslo Liam talked about new tracks like nuclear saying that he likes it live but can seem to get it right yet in the studio.
And liam talked about no souviners ,hinting yet again that it has "beach boy lyrics"."
And the best bit is that its actually repeated tonight at 10pm on MTV2 UK, on 17th July at 10pm and on 24th July at midnight. So watch out!

12/07/02: I have taped the XFM interview last night and encoded it. Quality isn't perfect (especially first two min are bad) but its better than nothing. and its quite a cool interview with the band. Now available in the Media Section. [HERE]

11/07/02: Prodigy are gonna be interviewed on XFM tonight by Zane Lowe on the show 'Music:Response' between 7pm and 9pm GMT. You can listen to it live on www.xfm.co.uk. More info: www.xfm.co.uk/webClient?guid=5526&site=xfm&rs=xfm

08/07/02: An interview with Prodigy from Seat Beach Rock festival has been posted on the Studio Brussel's web site www.stubru.be. The guys seem to be in pretty good mood but the poor moderator doesn't exactly get everything they say, especially Liam's "10 mile run". Interesting bit is that Liam says that the new single isn't a represantation of what the new album is gonna sound like (he already puts a date on it again: March 2003) and he states that BGAT 'sounds quite similar to the last stuff' and that they might change direction again will become more electronic. Liam closes the 5 minutes interview with the words: "we were The Prodigy by the way, if you didn't realize, thanks!". You can listen to it streaming from the Studio Brussel web site [HERE]

07/07/02: Saw The Prodigy last night in Belgium at Seat Beach Rock and written a quick review about the show. Read about the brand new instrumental fill that got played, what happened to Dust Yoself and how the crowd reacted to BGAT now that its released as a single. [HERE]Also Babys got a Temper is no.5 in the official UK single charts (here goes NME with their 'guaranteed No.1'...), which is higher than many people thought, but still makes me sad they're right behind Scooter ...

04/07/02: As announced on nekosite yesterday, The Prodigy were interviewed on Radio 1 last night. Nismo has encoded it for us all, and you can find the mp3 now in the media section [HERE].
Its a very good interview and quite interesting, as Liam reveals that he considers BGAT more to be an in-between TFOTL and the new album, and not necessarily the kind of sound to be expected for the new album. He says it isn't a comeback single, but more an ending to the last album. Anyway, have a listen for yourself!Also, the book competition has now closed. The 5 winners have been notified, and their names are on the competition page [HERE].I'm off tomorrow morning to Belgium, so expect to hear from me early next week...

03/07/02: well, the new single (Baby's got a Temper) is out now since Monday in the UK. Feels good to be able to walk into a shop and buy a 'new Prodigy single'. And it's a wicked track, but i'm not too impressed with the B-Sides and the DVD...
But anyway, there seems to be a Prodigy interview on BBC's Radio 1 tonight during Steve Lamacq's Evening Session! It will be on sometimes between 8pm and 10pm GMT and you can listen to Radio 1 live on www.bbc.co.uk/radio1
thanks to Smitty for the info

28/06/02: If you bought the Independent Newspaper (UK) today you could find an article about Prodigy in it, written by Martin James. Titled 'Liam Howlett: Punk and disorderly' it adresses the issues of censorship and controversy The Prodigy were facing and questions whether that censorship was really appropriate or even needed and what the band think of it. You can check the article out online [HERE].There were a couple of reviews of BGAT in the music press recently. NME, who have praised the song over the past weeks and predicted a 'guaranteed no.1', suddenly turned around and gave the song a rating of 0 out of 10. Meanwhile Kerrang praise it as their single of the week and Mixmag haven't really got an opinion but put it as no.1 of the tunes to get this month. No matter what the critics say, being the no. 1 single in dance mag Mixmag and metal mag Kerrang at the same time with the same song is quite something to achieve! Mixmag also have a 2 page piece about the recent Prodigy live shows, all based on outside opinions and although they tried to do proper research its full of mistakes. Mixmag, which this month comes with a free 'guide to Ibiza' booklet, also quote Liam on that he would like to 'bomb Ibiza'. And funnily there's also a quote by Prodigy fan Elle Taghavi (taken from some online forum), very much to the surprise of Elle. Anyway, you can check out all those reviews now [HERE]And if you really need to, you can now even get a Baby's got a Temper ringtone for your mobile phone [HERE].
thanks to Smitty.

26/06/02: Ok, some updates. Next Monday BGAT is released! Then, there's a few tourdates coming up as well, 6th July in Belgium, then Dublin. And, oh yes, I am SO gonna be there, it's about time! To celebrate this, I've now got a video of 'Baby's got a Temper' live at Coachella Festival (April 2002) on this web site for you all. Thanks a lot to Prodigal1 for encoding it. You can find it in the media section [HERE].

Also available is now the video of the MTV interview from last week, plus some screenshots [HERE]. (Liam's wearing a BGAT badge, eh?)

Last but not least, Prodigy also gave an interview for Radio 1 (I hope they didn't forget to say 'thank you' for the nice editing work the BBC did).

There's a pic and a quote by Liam in the 'dance news' section now: www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/news/dancenews/020624_prodigy.shtml Liam explained: "We've only got a single out. We don't consider ourselves totally back as yet. We've got some new material we want to play and we thought Reading was the best ground for that. It's more of an intense line-up. It's more of a rock festival - the crowds always seem to be, I don't know, more intense really."
'Acid Twin' reports that radio 1 have mentioned that Liam will be talking live sometimes next week. (thanks to 'Acid Twin', Smitty, Anton Bobrovitsky and everyone else who reported R1 news)There's also a completely boring piece on Prodigy in the new Mixmag, but more about that later.

22/06/02: MTV have conducted a short interview with The Prodigy which is currently shown on MTV UK [HERE]

Anyone who tried to e-mail me this morning and got an error message back, please send the email again, something was wrong with the mailserver. Sorry about the inconvenience. Otherwise resend to neko@btinternet.com.

21/06/02: The new book 'PRODIGY' by Martin James will be pubished on 28th June 2002 by Sanctuary Publishing. Read why you you need that book, how you can get 20% off when ordering it and enter a competition to win one of five free copies of the book! [HERE]

Also updated the Baby's got a temper tracklisting. Mark G Boxshall reports that the DVD will now contain 2 tracks, the video of Baby's got a temper' and 'A day at work'. [HERE]

20/06/02 - II: Baby's got a Temper is now also finally gonna be premiered in Switzerland (my lovely homecountry). While the Swiss music channel 'Viva-Swizz' refuse to show the clip at all with the comment 'it is disgusting', it will be premiered on Swiss national television SF DRS in the show 'Ooops' at 18.40 on Friday 21st June, so reports magazine '20 minutes' in Zurich. The magazine also reports that the video is so skandalous that it features 'members of the Prodigy drinking several bottles of Rohypnol'. Aaaa---HA!
thanks to Jahredina

20/06/02: This week's NME magazine has a cover feature dedicated to The Prodigy. I've scanned it all in for you, so you can read the full article and check out all the pics now on nekosite [HERE].

And watch this space tomorrow for a cool new competition ...

18/06/02: There's a chance that Leeds festival is going to be cancelled! Apparently the festival has been refused the license, but the festival organisers Mean Fiddler still have 21 days to appeal to local magistrates. This affects us as The Prodigy were booked to play this festival on Friday, 23rd August 2002 as part of the Carling weekend (see tourdates).
thanks to 'the click'

As reported below, there are some new posters for BGAT around now, at least in London, with no text at all. But also there is now a poster with text, as you can see on the left. I guess that one is gonna go up shortly before the single goes on sale (1st July). The good news is that you can already order it for £6.99/$10.49 and decorate your living room. You can order the poster and other Prodigy items (just search for 'Prodigy') [HERE].
thanks to Mahyar Ghassem

15/06/02: Yesterday I saw the first posters for Baby's got a Temper (BGAT) around, there's some here at Old Street station in London. The posters have got orange background and the policeman clown, very much like on the single artwork, but no text at all. It doesn't say Prodigy or anything that would refer to BGAT at all. nice.

11/06/02: Nekosite (the website you are looking at right now) was chosen by MTV UK as one of two web sites featured on 'Fansite Insight' this week, along with Musenet. MTV write: "The Prodigy - Nekosite. Live in the UK and want to see Prodigy live? Make sure you check out the tour dates on Neko's fansite devoted to that band with real attitude... The Prodigy" Also check out the new issue #35 of ProCON today on www.prodigynews.co.uk10/06/02: I've had the chance to make an interview with Prodigy's live guitarist Jim Davies. To read about his work with Prodigy and what its like to have rejoined them, check out the interview [HERE]


07/06/02: The artwork for Baby's got a Temper single revealed! Check out the BGAT section for scans of the artwork for the new Prodigy single. [HERE]


And then there's the new NME magazine. Guess Liam Howlett would not be too happy if he picks that magazine up, as his Sex Pistols hero John Lydon is dissing The Prodigy!"Get out of my dustbins. Come up with your own shit. I'm still here. Hello, Prodigy. Think you can copy this one? I've no problems with them at all, but they should fess up where that fucking look came from. 'Oh yeah, I just invented this Sex Pistol hairdo the other day'. Essex boys. What d'you expect?" AwwwBut, hello, John! Prodigy isn't about inventing hairstyles, huh? John's trying a bit too hard lately.And you can still download the new video from the new BGAT video section [HERE]

06/06/02: NME.com have got a little piece about the new Prodigy video with some quotes by Liam Howlett. Liam explains the video and adds: "’Cos the milk is like their fucking buzz, y’know, it’s like a drug reference I guess. This one will be memorable. This is a good video." You can read the full thing on www.nme.com/news/101965.htm

For more info , screenshots and the download of the video go to the new BGAT video section [HERE]

05/06/02: Just watched the premiere of the new Baby's got a Temper video by The Prodigy on MTV2!!! Wicked video, really cool. I really like it cause its quite humerous and funny, and really well done.

You can now download an mpeg of the video on nekosite and check out many screenshots from the new BGAT video section [HERE]

01/06/02: Updated the Baby's got a Temper section with more info about the video [HERE]. Have also updated the fan feedback for BGAT for a last time [HERE]. You can of course still e-mail me, but no new e-mails will be added to the section.

29/05/02: Just seen a teaser on MTV2 about the new Prodigy video, which will indeed be premiered on 5th June at 9pm on MTV2 in the UK. But MTV also have a competition where you can win Liam's Moog Prodigy that he has been using for the past 5 years. www.mtv.co.uk/prodigy

26/05/02: Apparently the video for the new Prodigy single Baby's got a Temper will be shown for the first time on MTV2 in the UK on 5th June between 9pm and 10pm. The band have shot the video in Prague and as revealed in THE FACE (see below) it was directed by TRAKTOR and is based on a dream Liam had about playing live in front of a herd of cattle. No, really, that's gonna be interesting to see. I can't quite see the connection between Rohypnol and cows yet, and I wonder what exactly they want to tell their fans with that video. hey? But easy, actually this concept might be about showing that they dont need a fake "oh I'm so much into it" human audience like just about any other band has in their videos. But let's see.
(thanks to Evans for info about premiere)Also the Seat Beach Rock festival where Prodigy will play their next live show (watch this space for review) have now updated their web site on www.seatbeachrock.be and announced the full program. Unlike announced before, Primal Scream are now unfortunately not on the same day as Prodigy anymore, and instead before Prodigy we'll get Paul Weller (*yawn*), Muse (*yawn*) and Garbage. Prodigy are on at midnight and scheduled to play until 1.30am, which would make this the longest festival set they played this year (if they do). It is not known whether cows will be allowed in the audience.

23/05/02: The new 'THE FACE' magazine have got a Prodigy cover feature in their newest issue and dedicate about 10 pages to the band. Cool recent interviews and pics. Have I got it all scanned for you? Yes, of course I have. [HERE]

Also it is worth having a look at the XL Recordings web site since they have done what no one would have ever expected. Yes, they finally updated the Prodigy section. It does not say anymore that the forthcoming album will be out in 2001 and now features a cool new band bio written by Martin James. Check it out. [HERE]


18/05/02: Apparently the 'Dub mix' of Prodigy's new single 'Baby's got a Temper' has now also been played on Radio 1 on the Pete Tongs Essential selection last night. It does not contain the 'we love Rohypnol' part and therefore does not face any weird bans and censoring. The 'Dub mix' sounds cool, but all in all not so different from the original at all, its more an in-between between the original and instrumental version, keeps repeating and echoing Keith's vocals 'she's gonna ignite the skyline' and also features that instrumental 'rohypnol, rohypnol' sample which then leads into Keith's voice going 'Rohypnol, Rohypnol'.
(thanks to nismo)

17/05/02: Updated the Babys got a Temper 'fan opinions' with more fan feedback. plus finally also updated the Prodigy links on this web site. more soon. watch out for the new ProCON this weekend.

16/05/02 - II: Just heard the Belgium premiere of Baby's got a Temper - uncensored! wahey! Also, earlier today the German premiere was uncensored too. So there's hope, except for us people living in England.

16/05/02 -I: As reported a few days ago, the new Prodigy Babys got a Temper had its UK premiere today on Radio 1, one week after it had its world premiere on Finnish radio. This was just a one-off spot for the song which might get banned from the radio. Unlike the Finnish radio station Radio Mafia, Radio 1 were apparently sent the unedited version and have edited the word 'Rohypnol' out by themselves. NME.com are on the case again, and have the following information:

A spokesperson for the band told NME.COM that the group had not provided a radio edit of the song to the station and have no intention of doing so. She said the track was edited by Radio 1 at their end so it would fit into their daytime schedules.
She commented: "We've given them the finished track but it's up to radio to do what they see fit." It is understood that the band have not heard the edited version, as they are on the way back from a video shoot for the single.
A spokesperson for Radio 1 said that no decisions have yet been made on whether to playlist the single, and the track had been given a "spot play" by Jo Whiley's show. The word Rohypnol was "masked", which means a layer of sound was added over it.
from: www.nme.com/news/101755.htm

a rather critical comment about the new Prodigy single called 'the prats of the land' was published in the BBC 6music's Music Editorial, I've got it here for you [here]

There's also a cool new interview with Liam Howlett from the 'Las Vegas review', where he is talking about writing the new album, the 'punk-rock revival', what he thought of SMBU being used in Charlie's Angels and the real reason why they played that small Las Vegas show [here]

14/05/02 - III: Right, update no.3 for today. I dont know what this is leading to.

NME have a printed article about Prodigy's new single and how controversial it is. The article features interesting quotes by Liam Howlett and Keith Flint, explaining what the song is about. The article also features a new promotional picture by Steve Gullick. Because I like you all so much, I have posted the full thing [HERE]

But NME have got even more about Prodigy. As reported a while ago on this site, there was some speculation about Liam Howlett collaborating with Liam Gallagher from Oasis. Liam Howlett has now indeed confirmed this, talking to NME: "There's been a lot of confusion over this. I read some fucking nonsense in the paper that it was the single or something, I don't know. Me and Liam, we fucked around about a year ago, in my studio one night when the family were over. The ideas were sounding cool and at some point I will finish what we did. Whether it's Prodigy or something else, I don't know. Once it's finished it might be something that me and Liam put out separately (from Oasis or Prodigy). It's not like a guaranteed thing that's going to be on our album, but its something that's going to be cool and it's going to be finished. It fucking sounds good."



<<-- on another note, also keep watching out for this policeman clown that keeps popping up in more or less weird places.

14/05/02 - II: even more updates. I just got the new NME mag which features much more than the online version with a lot of quotes by Liam and Keith about what the single Babys got a Temper is really about. check back here later today for a scan and the quotes.

'BlueGecko' has e-mailied me saying he has found the promo for Babys got a Temper and apparently the promo features the lyrics to the song! This emphasizes once more how much more focus The Prodigy put on lyrics this time. You can find the updated 'official' lyrics now in the BGAT section [here]

Last but not least there's also a newletter from XL Recordiongs with the following info:

"The Prodigy emerged as the undisputed heroes of last weeks Coachella
Festival in California. According to the NME, 'it's hard to see how
they could get any louder or more confrontational...their return is
looking more relevant than ever'. The band are currently in Prague
shooting the video for their new single 'Baby's Got a Temper'
, due for a
UK release on July 1st. The Face magazine has The Prodigy on the cover
of the next issue, along with an exclusive new interview."

14/05/02 - I: There definitely is a lot going on in Prodigy-land. Apparently the new single Babys got a Temper is now also finally gonna be played in the UK (1 week after Finnland) and will have its premiere on Radio 1 during the Jo Whiley show on Thursday 16th May between 10am and 12.45. You can listen online on www.bbc.co.uk/radio1 (thanks to Smitty and Carl Jermy)

Also the track will be played in Belgium on Thursday on the radio station 'Studio Brussel' during a show called 'Radar' between 7pm and 9pm. you can also listen online on www.studiobrussel.be (thanks to Miwant and Sophia)

Also the press have now picked up on the controversial topic of Rohypnol and NME claim that the song will probably not get any daytime radio play, but is still expected to reach no. 1 as Firestarter did. They also have a quote from Keith Flint: "I don't know its true medical title. Have I tried it? Oh yeah, absolutely. That's what the song's about. It's a reflection on going out, maybe doing cocaine, then doing downers. Y'know, some people do all manner of downers and Rohypnol is one of them."
Also Liam Howlett described the track as "a wall of fucking noise".
the full article can be found here: www.nme.com/news/101716.htm
(thanks to Smitty)

more info about the new single [here]

13/05/02: apparently that story about the Essex farmer wasn't really true as the Mirror reported it and it was just Keith and a friend getting in a row with an angry farmer who indeed then threatened them with a shotgun. I guess that'll teach us once more not to pay attention to silly tabloid stories.

It seems as the new Prodigy single Babys got a Temper now definitely is be going to be released on 1st July 2002, as an official press release seems to be going around (at least in Belgium) now with the info:

"The Prodigy release their new single, entitled 'Baby's Got A Temper',
through XL Recordings on Monday the 1st of July 2002. Menacing, stately British noise, with an eerie sinister groove, 'Baby's Got A Temper' heralds the return of The Prodigy, all guns blazing. Lyrics on the track were written by Keith Flint and music by Liam Howlett. 'Baby's Got A Temper' will be available on CD, DVD and 12. The single is backed with a dub mix and instrumental mix the DVD features the striking new video for the track."
[download pdf] (thanks to Miwant)

12/05/02: Since the full version of Babys got a Temper is 'around' now, I've made a page dedicated to the new Prodigy single. On it you can find information about the track, reviews, the lyrics and some fan opinions [here]
have you already heard Babys got a Temper? email me what you think to bgat@nekosite.co.uk !

Today in the Sunday Mirror is a story 'Prodigy stars in gun drama near mansion'. Apparently Liam and Keith were walking Liam's dog somewhere in Essex, and some crazy Essex farmer called John Kirby threatened them with a loaded shotgun. Keith and Liam were horrified, flee with their mountain bikes and called the police. The police came to seize the farmer's shotgun and suspended his license.
thanks to Decky for the info

10/05/02: WOW!! Now who would have thought that! FINALLY!!! new Prodigy studio material seems to be around, and the studio version of the new single Babys got A Temper is played reqularly on the Finnish Radio station 'Radio Mafia' since yesterday. I dont know why Finnland is first, but I have heard a bit of the track, unfortunately very poor quality and the word 'Rohypnol' seems to be censored out in some really strange way which kind of ruins it a bit. BUT! Very hard track, Keith sounds wicked on it, very different from the version they had played at Big Day Out, closer to the version that they had played in the States 2 weeks ago, just sounding better on studio version now. I'll wait with my judgment until i hear the full thing uncensored though. www.radiomafia.fi
have you heard the track? email me what you think to bgat@nekosite.co.uk
thanks to 'the ant'

08/05/02: Just letting you know that the Prodigy newsletter ProCON has relaunched again. So if you aren't already subscribed, do so now by emailing subscribe@prodigynews.co.uk to stay up to date with the latest news about The Prodigy. For more info and to check out the latest issue, go to www.prodigynews.co.uk.

05/05/02: Finally uploaded reviews and pics of The Prodigy's shows in Las Vegas and at Coachella Festival in USA last weekend. Also revealed the title and more info about that wicked new live fill that was only ever played once in Las vegas. And if you got tired of my own reviews by now, there's a few guest reviews by other people to check out as well! [HERE]

02/05/02: Just spent a week in the States and had the joy to attend the two Prodigy shows in Las Vegas and at Coachella festival, both shows were wicked! Check back here for some reviews and live pictures soon, including info about the new Babys Got A Temper and a new track that was only ever played once at the Las Vegas show.

Also, The Prodigy have been announced to play the Carling weekend in the UK in August! This means, they will play Leeds Festival, Glasgow Green and Reading Festival. More details coming soon in the live section [here]

19/04/02: Not that the Sun is the most reliable source of information, but apparently Liam Gallagher from Oasis has told them that he's doing vocals for a new Prodigy track that he had written together with Liam Howlett which will be on Prodigy's new album and could even be released as a single:

'LIAM GALLAGHER has teamed up with THE PRODIGY on one of their new tracks. The dance band wanted a more rocky sound for the yet to be named song and Gallagher was the obvious choice for the Prodigy star LIAM HOWLETT ... Gallagher admits: “I’ve done something with The Prodigy and it might come out as a single. It’s a tune we wrote together and Liam asked me to sing part of it. It’s great." ... “I hate dance stuff but this is a really good rock and roll song." ... “It was a good song for me to sing and I wasn’t told how to do it. I did it my way.”

18/04/02: NME in their new issue have made a list of the 'best 50 artists ever', and Prodigy are 22nd. It features a rather new full-size picture of the band with their 'NME's in their pockets. Check it out [here]

This after last week's Kerrang had the '100 coolest Rockstars' and Keith Flint made it to spot 90. Being beaten by Fred Durst's and Linkin Park Chester's 'coolness' must be very depressing indeed. (surprising though that there's Kerrang readers old enough to remember Prodigy)

also, there are now new images from the Tokyo show available, they're taken from the Japanese Crossbeat magazine. I've put them within the Tokyo review [here]. (many thanks to Yuki)

17/04/02: According to Ananova news, The Prodigy are going to play the Witnness festival in Dublin, Ireland, and will be headlining the Saturday on 13th July 2002. Definitely good news, I'd say! www.ananova.com/yournews/story/sm_569181.html

11/04/02: Just about two weeks before Prodigy are off to play two shows in the United States (watch this space for reviews), Liam Howlett has talked to RollingStone.com and revealed some interesting information about the new album and forthcoming singles. He reveals that on the new album lyrics will become more important and will have an equal role with the music. And other aspects will change as well: "There are two main differences on this new record," Howlett says of the still-in-progress Always Outnumbered. "I haven't used my record collection as a source of sounds and samples, and I've tried to bring in other musicians and play a lot of instruments myself."

Also the article claims that XL are planning to release 'Babys Got a Temper' in July, which could be followed by 'Nuclear' as a second single and the album later this year. You can read the full article and interview now [here].

Already picked up on the news also have MTV Germany [here], NME [here] and other media, and if you speak Russian you can read on the band's Russian label Feelee's web site that the single 'Babys got a temper' is supposed to be released July 1st [here].

In other news, the Seat Beach Rock festival in Belgium, formerly known as Axion Beach Rock, has revealed its line-up, and according to their official web site, The Prodigy will appear at the festival as headliner on Saturday, 6th July. More info on the festival web site [here].

01/04/02: The Japanese Fuji Rock Festival have announced their first part of the line-up today, and it looks as if The Prodigy are part of it. Other cool acts on the line-up include The Chemical Brothers and DJ Shadow. The festival takes place 26th to 28th July 2002 in Naeba Ski Resort, Japan. Info from: www.smash-uk.com/frf02/lineup_stages.html

Also check out the ticket conditions: "Due to local regulations, people under 18 years must return to their accomodation by 11pm.". yesssss.

(thanks to Ayako for the info)

30/03/02: not much new, apart from the frontpage [here] . but more soon.

28/03/02: The Prodigy's 'Smack My Bitch Up' promo video has been named by MTV USA as the most controversial video of all time. It will air on MTV's 'Controversial Countdown' on 13th April at 1pm (USA). This is reported on the website of Prodigy's US record label Maverick. ( thanks to Sam T)

21/03/02: It's Maxim's birthday today, so happy birthday to him!

also, on a bit a more negative note, that new unofficial Prodigy tribute album (see news 18th Feb) has been released now and i've had the 'pleasure' of listening to the tracks from it. I usually try to give a bit more intelligent criticism, but that tribute album is just a complete piece of shit. Dont buy it, unless you are into wannabe metal crossed over with wannabe trance produced by some kid in his bedroom using e-jay. I didnt even manage to listen to any of the tracks more than 2 minutes, it is just really bad. save your money, its a rip-off (and has got nothing to do with The Prodigy themselves - i hope so at least).

14/03/02: Muzik have a bit about 'Big new albums 2002' in their current issue, and Prodigy's is one of them. They write:
"AONO is well under way, One track Muzik has heard, provisionally dubbed 'No
, has Massive Attack-style vocals with crunchy Chemical beats
while a possible single (probably called 'Babys got a temper') features
grungey guitars and keith Flints in full rottweiler Mode: "you see me
coming from a mile off! This babys got a temper!""

thanks to Des McGouran

funny how they call it 'massive attack-style' vocals, eh, since it DOES actullally have 3D from Massive Attack on vocals. for more about the new album, visit the > AONO section

13/03/02: added an old mpeg of rhythm of life performed in 95 into the media section. more soon.

03/03/02: Couple of updates. First of all, if you consider ordering the new unofficial Prodigy 2002 calendar, you will be in for a good laugh. Cause apart from 11 really old Prodigy photos (mostly Keith), there's the month April with a photo of, erm, ... John Lydon (Sex Pistols). the similarities, huh? (note that these unofficial calendars, just as unofficial merchandise, are done without permission by the band or their record label, hence they're usually very bad quality)

But besides that, tickets are now available for the 2 USA shows Prodigy have confirmed for April '02. Please be aware that the Las Vegas show seems to be a 21+ only event. For details and info where to buy tickets you can check out the updated [prodigy-live] section.

More updates also in the [prodigy-media] section. New additions are the scans of the new interview with Liam Howlett from Big day Out in Perth from the recent Q magazine, scans from an early interview with Liam Howlett in futuremusic in 1993 and last, but not least, there's the video of No Good performed live at Glastonbury '95. There will be more mpegs and soundfiles of Prodigy live stuff in the near future again, thanks to Tom Ward for web space.

also updated the [aono section].

27/02/02: The Prodigy confirm 2 US shows for April 2002:

27th April 2002: The House of Blues, Las Vegas
28th April 2002: Coachella festival, Indio, CA

Coachella is a festival, the Las vegas one is an indoor venues! more info will be added to the [live-section]. wooohoo!

Also, Q mag have a got a feature about Prodigy in Australia in this month's issue. In there (finally) revealed is the "name" of that 'downtempo fill' they've been playing between Breathe and Smack my Bitch Up for a while now, its apparently called 'Little Goblin'.

24/02/02: As you might have heard Prodigy gave their first TV interview as a band for years while in Australia on the Big Day Out tour. You can now check it out in video, audio and pictures on nekosite, everything's downloadable. Check it out [HERE].

18/02/02: I've uploaded some little info about 'always outnumbered never outgunned', it basically contains all info currently commonly known about the fourth Prodigy album and some quotes from interviews in the Australian press about the new material. check it out [here]

and if you can not wait until Prodigy release their own album, you might wanna check out the Prodigy Tribute album. Titled 'A Tribute To The Prodigy', the album is going to be released on March 19th 2002 on Hypnotic Records. Advance orders can be placed on cdnow.com. Note that this is NOT official Prodigy material. We've also got the tracklist for you:

1. Breathe - DJ Matthew Grimm & Alan T.
2. Smack My Bitch Up - Haujobb
3. Serial Thrilla - Glampire
4. Diesel Power - Imperious Rex
5. Narayan - Funker Vogt
6. Firestarter - DKAY.COM
7. Poison - Razed In Black
8. Mentello & The Fixer - Jericho
9. Voodoo People - Mindless Faith
10. Climbatize - Beeston
11. Mindfields - Neotek
12. No Good - DJ BP

many thanks to Damon Fadjo and Hypnotic Records

11/02/02: Prodigy tour is over and I'm back in the UK. I've written some review about the Prodigy's show in Tokyo, which was a little different from the Big Day Out shows in terms of setlist, venue etc. All reviews from this tour can now be found [HERE].

According to Ananova news The Prodigy will play at the Coachella festival taking place in Indio, California, USA on 27/28th April 2002. The line up apparently also includes Oasis, Chemical Brothers, Foo Fighters, Basement Jaxx etc. (what a cool line up that would be) Please note that this is just a rumor and has not been confirmed. Check the link out [here]. Or the same story is on Billboard.com [here]

Also, check back here soon as i brought a couple of interesting interviews and stuff from Australia that I will upload here shortly.

05/02/02: Big Day Out is over and Prodigy have performed six great shows at this wandering festival in Australia & New Zealand. I've had the joy of attending them all, and you can read my reports and look at some pics of all 6 shows now. [HERE]

Next Prodigy show will be in Tokyo tomorrow!

03/02/02: two days ago at the Adelaide show Liam surprised us all and just before Firestarter played 'Benny Blanco', an unreleased old track, featuring the 'remember me? benny blanco from da bronx' sample from Carlito's way. more about that later. Apart from that, I am still not getting over the fact that when i flew from Adelaide to Perth yesterday I was sitting just directly behind Mike Patton and his new band Tomahawk in the airplane. thats kind of scary, even after a week like that.

and today unfortunately is already the very last Big Day Out show :( i am so gonna miss this. only two days more summer for me ...

31/01/02: after all these years of silence you can pick up literally any magazine here in Australia now and each smallest free mag seems to have its own exclusive interview with Liam Howlett. Some of them are actually quite interesting as he talks quite a lot about how he progresses with the new album, what the difficulties are in doing so and when they will finally come out with it ("not until once we got a fucking bomb to drop" - Liam in Inpress mag). Spoz has scanned in one of those interviews from JUICE mag, you can read it by checking out the scans [Page 1] [Page 2] thanks to Spoz for the scans

30/01/02: as promised, Sydney interview and pics, plus Melbourne review and many new live pics are online now (damn, I am quick these days) [here]

29/01/02: oh my god, yesterday The Prodigy in Melbourne at Big Day Out was just the best show EVER! forget the stuff i wrote in the other review, at this show really it rocked from minute one until they left the stage, i'd say for this hour alone it was worth coming over to Australia. The setlist was the same as at the other shows, but Liam (back to blonde again) also played a few unexpected beats and fills here and there. And performance wise the gig was absolutely the best ever...wow! anyway, i guess a review and some pics will folllow, so check back here soon.

Back in Sydney The Prodigy also gave a short TV interview for Australian music channel Channel V, I believe this is the first TV interview they did as a band since the EMA's 98! The interviewer was apparently not allowed to ask questions about the new record, so the whole thing turned out rather silly and he asked the most stupid and outdated things you possibly could. I mean, the Reading Beasties incident and stuff like that. The band look pretty bored during the whole thing, can't blame them, but they're trying to make an effort and answer nicely, Liam even telling the nation about his new shoes ("I bought these today, they're very comfortable"). They talk a bit about the festival in general, how they respect all the bands on the bill, and that they think Gold Coast was the best gig they've done for a while. anyway, i got an mp3 of it somewhere, will try to upload it for you, check back tomorrow or so.

27/01/02: Yesterday I saw The Prodigy here in Sydney at the Olympic Park, most probably the biggest stadion I have ever seen them in. Already during Garbage's set (who were on about 3h before Prodigy) Shirley Manson was talking about Prodigy, how everyone wants to know what their new material was like, etc. Then during New Order the whole audience was already shouting 'Prodigy, Prodigy!' and the show was, once more, pretty amazing! Being at the front in this huge stadion almost broke my neck a couple of times and I'm still feeling more dead than alive, but hey, it was well worth it! setlist was the same as at the other two shows, with the three new tracks going down very well with the audience. Also Keith doing vocals during Mindfields, i guess that was a first too.

24/01/02: Right, I wont be reviewing every single gig of the Big Day Out tour, that wouldn't really make sense, but I've written one about the Gold Coast show and some pics of Auckland and Gold Coast are there too. so to check out how The Prodigy are doing and what this stuff about the new material is all about, you can check it out [HERE].
the next show is in two days, and then all the other ones soon after, I'll keep you updated with that as well.... greetings from Sydney!

21/01/02: Prodigy just played two shows at the Big Day Out festival in Australia and new Zealand, and while Auckland was an 'ok' show, the Gold Coast one last night was pretty amazing! Apart from Trigger and Nuclear, another new song got played, called 'Babys got a temper'. Its an unusually downtempo track, with a lot of weird noises and effects, features Keith on vocals. Keith's vocals in that track are very different from his usual style and much slower. Its a very interesting track indeed, and although its doesnt 'rock' as much as a live track as Nuclear and Trigger do, i'd say out of the three it would be the most interesting one to hear the studio version of. Also the Big Day out shows saw the return of Jim Davies on guitars, which in particular brought a new dimension to Nuclear. Apart from that not so much different from the summer shows in Europe.

setlist for both shows was:
Their Law
(downtempo fill)
Babys got a temper
Fuel My Fire

Unlike most people expected, they dont seem to go away from that 'war theme' at all, in fact are taking it even further. the intro still is that army march, altho for gold coast that got modified a bit as well. none of the merchandise sold at the summer shows is available anymore, instead i saw three new shirts. One is a girly, while armless top, with half an ant on it, the new prodigy logo, and the words 'always outnumbered, never outgunned' (supposedly a 'working title only', according to Liam in recent interviews). second one is a grey shirt with Maxim, Liam and Keith, drawn as sort of 'computer icons', all of them holding a machine gun (!), again also the words 'always outnumbered, never outgunned' and the new Prodigy logo. Third one seems to be Australia specific, is a red shirt with guns on the front, on each gun is the Prodigy logo. At the back the map of australia, with two Prodigy logos, with arrows pointing to all the places where Prodigy are playing BDO. Again also the words 'Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned' on it.

Anyway, i will chill out a bit here at the Gold Coast now and should soon be bringing you some full reviews and a couple of pics.

10/01/02: in just 8 days Prodigy play their first shows this year and obviously the press now also starts to write a bit about them in Australia.

Spoz has spotted an article in "Advertiser", an Adelaide newspaper, in the "Gig Guide" section (10/1/2002) where Liam reveals some more details about how long the album might really take to finish, why there was such a long break and that he got 'talked into' doing the Madonna thing. You can check it out [here]

Oh, and make sure you check back here in a bit more than a week and i will hopefully be able to give you a little update about how the Prodigy shows down under are going.
thanks to Spoz

07/01/02: new video! removed the cut 2 kill audio and instead i uploaded some old video mpeg of Prodigy performing a bit of Break and Enter and Their Law back in 1995 with Jim Davies on guitar, so we can kind of know what to expect at the next few shows (well, not really). This file will will be online for very short time only due to web space constraints. To download the file, go to the 'media' section [HERE].

Big Day Out festival have published their timetables, and not only are The Prodigy headlining the whole festival, they are also actually playing 75 minutes and therefore as only one of the main bands more than an hour! This is longer than their sets last summer which were usually about 60 minutes, therefore we can maybe even hope for some new material?

And also the old material isn't forgotten yet, the English Q Magazine has as title story 'the 50 most exciting tunes ever', and does not only feature Keith Flint on the front page, but also Firestarter is actually on place 2 of this chart, only preceeded by the Sex Pistols with 'God save the Queen'. Its a bit arguable what exactly 'most exciting' means, but here's what Q have to say about their choice with 'Firestarter':

'Even without the kiddy-scaring video to jam the Top Of The Pops switchboard with calls from concerned parents, Firestarter would have been the queasiest Number 1 since The Special's Ghosttown. Humming with evil-eye aggro, it starts on a note of nervejangling tension and never lets up. Every element is tripwire-taut: the whipcrack drums, that unjoly screeching like a joyrider's tyres on tarmac and the ghostly "hey Hey Hey" scavenged from Art Of Noise's Close To The Edit. Previously jolly dancer Keith Flint was reborn here as a spiky-haired punk imp, spraying absolute cobblers with such conviction that it sounded like revoloutionary rhetoric, and thus attracted moronic tabloid allegations that he was promoting arson. The subsequent album took a full year to complete because, as Prodigy mainman Liam Howlett rightly pondered, "How the fuck do you follow that song?"'

31/12/01: added new audio file, 'listen to the basstone' by Cut to Kill, again just temporary online. This time its the full version, and not the instrumental one. The track was written by Liam Howlett and D.Grass and released on 12" by TAM TAM records in 1990. The mp3 is made from vinyl, therefore quality cannot be perfect. To download the file, go to the 'media' section [HERE].

and of course i wish you all a happy new year! lets hope the new year will finally bring us some new Prodigy material and a proper comeback of this greatest band of all.

29/12/01: xmas is over and therefore the xmas specials are gone again. I'll hopefully have some other stuff for you soon though. And meanwhile an URL for the Prodigy's Japan show to check out: http://www.creativeman.co.jp/020106pages/prodigy.html

26/12/01: Today in 23 days I will not only be one year older, but also The Prodigy will play their next gig, and therefore the last of the x-mas specials on nekosite has to be a live video. You can download Breathe from Brixton Academy 1997 in real media, when you go to the 'media' section [HERE].

25/12/01: so, i finally got to listen to the full 'Listen to the Basstone' 12" by Cut 2 Kill (Liam's first band), wahey. Listen to the beginning of the B-side track 'Talkin' Facts' and you might find some similarity with Cut la Roc's 'freeze'. I'll try to get a soundfile online at some point. Anyway, today's x-mas special for you guys is a downloadable real media file of the very rare Fire video by The Prodigy. To download the file, go to the 'media' section [HERE].

24/12/01: well, merry xmas everyone. i'm currently snowed in here in Switzerland, and off snowboarding soon, nice!! anyway, today's 'x-mas special' audio file is a rare Jam track called 'Kick it In', played at a gig in Brixton Academy back in December 1995. To download the file, go to the 'media' section [HERE].

23/12/01: Mixmag in their current issue have an apology about the 'did Charly kill rave?' article from 1992. You can read the apology and, for the first time ever on the net, now also check out all the scans from the original 1992 'did charly kill rave?' article now on nekosite [here]

also, you can now check out the 2nd audio xmas special on nekosite. For the first time online you can download the 'live beats' from Sofia 99, some beats Liam played at this gig and nowwhere else. Please note that the quality is quite bad, this is really one for the hardcore fans only. [here]

22/12/01: Korg magazine recently made an interview with Liam Howlett to discuss the new album, Korg equiment and lawnmowers. I've typed it out for you [HERE]

Also, this is the first day of the xmas audio special on nekosite, where every day i will add some rare audio file that will be available for download for a limited time only. The first audio file is a recording of Breathe from Lowlands Festival 2001 as it was brodcasted on Dutch radio. Go to the media section [HERE].

21/12/01: There were two major things in 2000 causing discussions among Prodigy fans, one was Leeroy Thornhill's departure from the band [read], the other was Liam Howlett DJing for Madonna [read]. Now, kind of the first time in public, Liam gives his opinion about those two issues in an interview with Australian magazine 'HIT'. Also Liam again hints at that 'AONO' probably wont be the final album title. Also note the new promo pic on the cover. 'ChemKeith' reports:

"Thursday, 13.12.01 our daily newspaper came out and that on every Thursday a lift-out "Hit" which is an entertainment lift-out had the Poridgy on the cover with the article's
headline, "Prodigal sons return". The article featured Liam talking about the last four years about their [the bands] ups and downs and how the [working title] LP, "Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned" more than likely may of not came out, except that the bands' "buzz" was still there to come out with a new LP and tour.

Liam also talked about signing up to Madonna's US label, Mavrick and how she [Madonna] called Liam 2am and talked to him about the band supporting her on her "Downed World" tour, but they couldn't make it, with the Euporian tours happening around the same time and so forth, but he did end up DJ'ing for her along with Goldie and he said it was the "biggest fucking mistake he'd ever done", but he couldnt let her down ["seeing that she's like their boss"].

Liam went on about how Leeroy lost the buzz and that Liam gave him the oppotunity to learn an instrument and that to keep with the band, but Leeroy lost interest and that "Leeroy
left the band at the right time" [Liam].

He also talked a bit about them returning to Australia for the Big Day's Out tours happening in January/Febaury, how he, and along with the band, are really looking foward to returning to OZ to play to the 50,000 strong crowds...."

Many thanks to ChemKeith

Also, if YOU find any new material about Prodigy in the press (most likely in Australia) then please e-mail me (neko@nekosite.co.uk), thanks!

10/12/01: As reported on nekosite a few days ago (see below) it seems as that Jim Davies will play a few gigs with The Prodigy again. Posted by 'pitchshifter' on the official website of Jim's band Pitchshifter is the following statement:

"Pitchshifter guitarist Jim Davies will be reuniting with his former band mates 'The Prodigy' when they play 'The Big Dayout' tour of Australia and Japan in January of 2002. This is the first time Jim has played live with The Prodigy since 1996.
A quote from Jim: "I'm very flattered and excited about being asked to do this tour. I love the band and have done some great things with them in the past, so I couldn't really say no! "
Jim stated that his decision will in no way effect Pitchshifter's future- "I spoke to the guys about doing the Prodigy tour before I agreed to do it, and they were really cool and supportive of the idea. Pitchshifter are taking a well deserved break after an intensive recording period in January anyway, so it felt right to do it,"
"I feel that J.S. and I have written an amazing album which I can't wait for people to hear, producer 'Machine' made the whole recording process a real pleasure and the end result just sounds amazing!""


It is believed that Jim will stay with his current band Pitchshifter after the tour. Pitchshifter are going to release a new album on Sanctuary Records in April 02. For some more info about who Jim is, visit my biographies section [here].

06/12/01: Apparently Liam Howlett did an interview with JJJ Radio in Australia yesterday and revealed a few more details about what is going on. Jim Davies is supposed to be back on the road with them for the Big Day Out shows and 'Alway Outnumbered, Never Outgunned' is only a working title (now there's a surprise, ... ). 'Chemkeith' emails:

"Liam howlett was on JJJ (an Australian radio station) last nite [Wednesday, 05th December] approx. 9pm, and he was talking bout the new LP, "Always Outnumbered..." and that it is ONLY a "working title" so far and that he went on about Jim Davies, how he is returning with the band to tour with them down here (Australia) in January for the Big Day's Out tours. He talked about how they will more than likely play some new tracks and see how they go down with the audience and how "we" respond to them, and also play some old classics ["Breathe", "Firestarter", "S.M.B.U.", etc]... But all-in-all, he kept pretty quiet about the whole tour and the new LP, so we really dont know wots gonna go on with the new material..."

many thanks to chemkeith

26/11/01: The Prodigy add one more gig and will play in Tokyo, Japan in the NK Hall on 6th February 2002! Address of the venue: 1-8 Maihama, Urayasu-shi, Chiba (0473 55 7000) Maihama station (Keiyo line). Capacity 6,000 (near Disneyland)

Capacity of 6'000! Thats how we like it :)

also they are of course still playing the Big Day Out shows:

18th January 2002: Auckland (New Zealand)
20th January 2002: Gold Coast
26th January 2002: Sydney
28th January 2002: Melbourne
1st February 2002: Adelaide
3rd February 2002: Perth

more cool bands have been added to the BDO bill, in particular FAITHLESS, but also New Order, Garbage, NOFX, Jurassic 5 etc.

10/11/01: Q magazine report that at the recent Q Awards Liam Howlett has been talking to the press about the new Prodigy album, supposed to be released in 2002. The new LP is supposed to be 'Quite Electronic' and also Liam reveals that Perry Farrell, but not Liam Gallagher, would guest on the album. And Keith will apparently get to use his new guitar skills too. The article says:

"The long awaited new Prodigy album looks as though it will finally arrive next year after main songwriter Liam Howlett admitted to taking "ages to get it started on records".

Speaking at the Q Awards Howlett said of the album, tentatively titled Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned, "I Thought it was going to be really, really rocky but it's turning out quiet electronic".

The 30-year-old boyfriend of former All Saints member Natalie Appleton also revealed that ex-Janes Addiction frontman Perry Farrell will appear on one track. Band mate Keith Flint, who provided the vocals on the hit single Firestarter, has also taken on a new role. "Keith 's playing guitar on the album too", said Howlett, "he's never gonna be Jimmy Page but he's found his fuckin' hole."


same story also on NME: http://www.nme.com/NME/External/News/News_Story/0,1004,49304,00.html

Many thanks to Chris S, Maria E., Serendib and everyone else who mailed me about this. (and sorry, ProCON will be back once i get a free minute or two, whenever that will be)

11/10/01: New Prodigy tourdates! The Prodigy are confirmed to play the Big Day Out festival in Australia & New Zealand in January/February 2002. The dates are as follows:

18th January 2002: Auckland
20th January 2002: Gold Coast
26th January 2002: Sydney
28th January 2002: Melbourne
1st February 2002: Adelaide
3rd February 2002: Perth

Other acts announced so far to play at the festival are Garbage, New Order, NOFX, Crystal Method, Gerling, Shihad and others. I will try to add more info about the festival dates on this site as I find out. You can also visit the official festival web site for more info, on www.bigdayout.com.

Not sure yet if i can make it down there myself, although I would of course love to, the Auckland one is even on my birthday. Looks a bit doubtful at the moment though, flights aren't exactly cheap, but we will see :).

(Thanks to Damon, Lola, Cory Williams, Shayne Morgan, Bastian Bammert, Mikey M. and everyone else who has mailed me about this)

06/10/01: yeh, i know, not so many updates lately. Last week I went to see Leeroy Thornhill aka Flightcrank DJing at the Rocket in London and, guess what, his set was actually quite cool. I am not quite sure about how much time I will have in the next few weeks to update this site, it's a bit a crazy time right now, but as soon as there is anything new officially confirmed about The Prodigy, then i will of course let you know. At the moment it seems to have gone a bit quiet again.

02/09/01: Yeh, finally got my Lowlands & Pukkelpop review and pictures online [HERE]! And sorry, I know that it took ages... but you can go and blame the people who made me go out all week (you know who you are ;D). hehe.

Also I yesterday watched a bit of a repeat from Ray Cokes on 'Still Wanted' (the guy who used to present 'Most Wanted' (RIP) on MTV some years ago). He presented his 'life changing videos' and one of them was indeed Firestarter by The Prodigy. Nice tale he had to tell with it too, he said he after a night partying fell asleep in a sauna next to Keith Flint and that once they woke up Keith's pink hair colour was apparently all over his body ;).

01/09/01: 'The Prodigy featured on Ibiza compilation by Paul Oakenfold', who would have thought that? Follow the link [here] and see for yourself. Either someone is having a laugh or the guys at XL really have lost it a bit lately. Ibiza and Oakenfold are just two things I never wanted to have to associate with my favourite band. (thanks to Sam T. for the info)

Lowlands & Pukkelpop review & pics should be up tomorrow.

30/08/01: Right, NME have a 4 pages story and interview with Prodigy. The first 'real' interview they gave for two or three years. Unfortunately it seems as things went a bit wrong, and instead of info about the new album we get tales about the Appletons. For some quotes and critical comments go [here]

28/08/01: I'm sorry but it will take some more time for the new reviews to be finished. I haven't really slept for ages and I'm pretty damn busy at work and got a couple of friends to meet as well. I just got my pics from the gigs though, and the few ones I took actually look great (check one of them below), so watch out for the report sometimes before the end of this week. Also there should be a new ProCON newsletter soon to sum up The Prodigy's short summer tour.

Another thing that I have been asked quite frequently is whether I will be putting up some audiofiles of the new Prodigy songs.


I can tell you now that, although I am in the possession of some live recordings of the tracks, they will not appear on my website, at least not until the tracks are commonly around anyway. The reason for that is a) out of respect for the band and b) the tracks ARE around already anyway, so if you look properly you can find them yourself. And don't let any poor quality soundfiles confuse you, live the stuff sounds brilliant :).

<-- Liam Howlett and Keith Flint live at Pukkelpop last Saturday


26/08/01: Alright, I am back now from Belgium and Holland, so indeed managed to do all 4 Prodigy shows and it was so worth it! Let's hope that Prodigy will soon be back with more! I gonna write some reviews of Lowlands and Pukkelpop by about the middle of this week, which will contain a bit more detailed info about the new stuff and the remaining live shows plus I will probably also add some more new pics from the shows! So make sure you check back soon! For the reviews from Avenches and Bizarre you can go [HERE]

Also if you went to any of the shows, you can of course send me your review and I will also put it on the site! Just email me to gigs@nekosite.co.uk.

21/08/01: First of all, today is Liam Howlett's 30th Birthday! Happy Birthday to him!

Second, you lot have been bothering me so much about those Prodigy gigs at the weekend and the gigs were indeed so amazing that I actually decided to write some quick reviews straight away (instead of studying for my exams this week..). So there ya go, all the setlists, the info about the new songs, info about the new live line up and what the gigs were like and a couple of pictures too [HERE]



14/08/01: ok, just 3 days left for The Prodigy to make their return, and i finally booked all my flights now, means i'm heading off to all 4 Prodigy gigs, woohoo!!! :) They will be on stage at Rock oz Arenes in Avenches on 17th August at 11pm and at Bizarre on 18th August 11pm (according to festival websites).

so, guess i'll see some of you on tour!

also in other 'news', Maverick, the US Label of the band have got some 'info' (not much new) about the fourth album of The Prodigy [HERE] (thanks to Gary Robinson)

12/08/01: Ok, it's been a while. Doesn't mean i'm dead or not interested in The Prodigy anymore (cheers for all the emails checking whether i'm still alive). Next weekend finally The Prodigy will be playing live again after almost 2 years of 'break'!! woohoo! You can read my update on the live shows [HERE]
If you are going to any of the gigs, here's your chance to get your reviews, pictures, impressions up on nekosite and featured in the newsletter ProCON! Please check the details [HERE]

also, strangely enough it seems that ex-Prodigy member Leeroy Thornhill will have his kinda first major London DJ set exactly on the same date as Prodigy are playing the first gig ever without him. So if you're 'stuck' in England and can't make it to the gigs, then you might wanna go to The End on 17th August and check out Leeroy Thornhill DJing [Details].

Oh, and i'm going to see Primal Scream at the Astoria tonight, live can be great, huh?

09/07/01: Last night, Channel 5 (UK) showed a documentary about Lara Croft and Leeroy Thornhill was interviewed. He talked about how he and Liam were completely addicted to the Tomb Raider game in the year before The Fat of The Land came out (which, in fact, IS probably the reason that there was a year before The Fat of The Land came out!). Old story, but was funny to watch. Anyone record it by any chance?

also, anyone who has e-mailed me during the time 21st June and 27th June 2001 and hasn't received a reply yet, please send it again. I seem to have lost all my e-mails from that time due to travelling. sorry.

more soon.

20/06/01: Pukkelpop have updated their site a bit and Prodigy are now up on the official advertisement, check it out [HERE]. Also you might have noticed the new intro pic on www.nekosite.co.uk which is an edited version of the new promo pic of Prodigy that appeared in NME this week. Thanks to 'the ant' for help.

17/06/01: Last night i went to see Gizz Butt's Janus Stark live in Tuttlingen (D). they're currently on tour in Germany with Justin from Elastica as guest drummer, so if you're in Germany go and check them out! Tourdates (germany, england, scotland) are on www.janusstark.com or directly [here]

16/06/01: NME this week had an article with a brand new promotional picture of Prodigy, declaring the Prodigy's comeback. check out the scans [here]

15/06/01: some updates and quite a lot of additions in the 'prodigy-info' and the 'prodigy-media' sections, including a new and updated 'flashy' biography section with biographies of all Prodigy members, ex- and live-members.

Nikola Petranov has contacted me and asked me to announce that he has organized an online chat with Decky from Hedrock Valley Beats which will take place on 16th June 2001 on 20.30GMT in IRC channel #prodigy. For more details check out Nikolas site on www.prodigy.dir.bg

Right now I'm in Switzerland and it seems as that the Swiss media has now finally picked up on the news that Prodigy will play a gig here in August. More false than correct news are being spread though: TV channel Viva-Swizz just announced that the 'new album' will be out on 19th June (which is of course the release date of Experience Expanded), while sounds.ch actually announce the gig but state that not only Leeroy Thornhill but also Keith Flint have left the band. Meanwhile at least radio station VIRUS got it right and were running competitions to win tickets for the gig today. For more reliable info about the forthcoming Prodigy gigs check out 'prodigy-live'.

13/06/01: website is now on a 'proper host' again, sorry about the downtime. all the missing sections (due to redesign) will be added soon.

I also found out that the Swiss Prodigy gig at Rock Oz'Arènes is apparently taking place in a Romanian Amphitheatre! Avenches, the place where the gig takes place, is actually also known as Aventicum (yeh, thats latin), for those of you who care. For more info about Prodigy live go [here]

12/06/01: Unfortunately had to take down the whole website for a while, but now relaunched it in completely new design! hope ya like it! Not all sections are online yet, but soon will be, as I had to change every single page. feel free to leave your comments in the forum of nekosite [here]

btw, it is only temporarily hosted on geocities as I am changing host right now. It'll soon be back properly hosted without shitty ads.

10/06/01: even more info about the Prodigy gigs, how to get there etc [here]

08/06/01: Added a review of Rock im Park festival in Germany 1-3 June 2001 with Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Kid Rock, Tool, Papa Roach, Slipknot-not, hed(PE), OPM, Grand Theft Audio and many more [here]

05/06/01: Added more info about the Prodigy gigs, how to get there etc [here]

04/06/01: THE PRODIGY ARE BACK! According to their management The Prodigy are going to play the following 4 tourdates:

17/8/01: Avenches, Switzerland :)
18/8/01: Bizarre Festival, Weeze, Germany
24/8/01: Lowlands Festival, Holland
25/8/01: Pukkelpop, Belgium

Those are the first gigs The Prodigy are going to play since their last gig to date in Sofia, 28th August 1999!

wooohoooo! :)

and yes, you can expect a couple of those gigs (probably all) to be reviewed on this website. Also sorry to everyone who has e-mailed me about Bizarre, i was away all weekend (at a German festival, just the 'wrong' one)

29/05/01: the new 'audio/video 2001' section is now online, featuring the mpeg of Maxim's promovideo for Scheming and for the first time on the web an mpeg of Smack my Bitch Up from Prodigy's last gig to date in Sofia 99. Also, due to popular demand, i have added the full Rockwave 99 gig in mp3 again and a few other things. and, there is more to come [here]

Also I am going to keep the review section updated again. Obviously there is no Prodigy gigs to review at the moment (unfortunately) but there's a couple of other good bands out there too. So for a start check out my review of last Saturday's Ozzfest in Milton Keynes (UK) with Slipknot, Tool, Black Sabbath etc [HERE]

And, although I know it is terribly late, I have finally uploaded some pics I took at U2's 'secret' clubgig at the London Astoria on 7th February 2001, check them out [HERE]

for other live reviews have a look at the 'nekozine' section [here]

23/05/01: added scans of the forthcoming Experience Expanded album - plus a few more fan opinions [HERE]

16/05/01: Experience Expanded - the tracklist of the 'new' old album now online. Also added fan opinions about Prodigy re-releaseing their first album with extra CD. [HERE]

Also I'd like to let all subscribers of ProCON (www.prodigynews.co.uk) know: we're still alive! The mailinglist is still alive too. It's just that in the last couple of weeks nothing really worth mentioning has happened in the world of Prodigy except this re-release of Experience. We'll be back!

07/05/01: sorry about the lack of updates lately, been a bit busy. Anyhow, many people have been enquiring about a new album 'Experience Expanded' by The Prodigy that was spotted on CD NOW. Like most people I thought it was nothing than a bootleg. But now it looks as if the double album is indeed OFFICIAL and going to be released on Beggars Banquet USA! Many thanks to Robert who has pointed out the mention of the album on the official Beggars Banguet site [here]
The double album is supposed to be out on 19 June 2001 and I will let you know as soon as I can find out what is going to be on there. Check the info on CD Now [here]

The question remains though, do Prodigy really need to re-release their first album with a couple of extra tracks (thats what it seems its gonna be) just to 'cover' the lack of new material? [opinions]

15/04/01: really guys, don't believe the hype. There's been a lot of people e-mailing me about a 'new Prodigy track' on Napster. My opinion? Bullshit. The track doesn't sound anywhere like Prodigy and it is in the nature of Napster that anyone can rename any track to 'Prodigy' and upload it. I could sing into a microphone, make an mp3 of it and upload it as 'new Prodigy song' (don't worry, I won't). There aren't any promos around of any new prodigy material and i'm pretty sure the band are well aware of the dangers of the net these days and will keep any new material (if there is any at all anyways) well locked in a safe place. So really, don't let napster fool you!

and, btw, its no news that there is tons of fake Prodigy tracks and remixes going around on napster.

09/04/01: There's a video online of Carmen Queasy performed live at the Monza Festival 2000 in Italy performed by Skunk Anansie with Maxim as special guest. Check it out [HERE]
(thanks to Iris)

05/04/01: according to some sunday papers in England apparently "THE PRODIGY's Keith Flint has asked '80s girl group BANANARAMA for help on his solo project... "
... Keith Flint's solo project??
And I've done a little bit of research and found this interesting interview with Bananarama:

"Your version of Careless Whisper was originally meant to be a duo with young French rap artist Yannick. Would you imagine yourself associated with a teen star like Madonna with Britney Spears?
S : "Keith from The Prodigy wants us to write stuff with him 'cause his doing some solo stuff."
K : "We've been friends with him for a long time." "

Also I've been told that the song Climbatize was used in the movie trailer for the new movie 'Tomb Raider'. Funny link, considering that the game Tomb Raider is famous for having delayed The Fat Of The Land, the album Climbatize is on, for so much. Don't remember? check this: http://games.netscape.com/News/Item/0,3,0-1341,00.html
"Her latest foray into the music world involves Prodigy leader, Liam Howlett. Apparently Howlett preferred playing the original Tomb Raider more than recording in the studio, and his gaming habits were possibly responsible for pushing back the release date of the group's last album, Fat of the Land. When record company executives called to check on the status of the group's recording progress, Howlett often lied about his game playing habits, claiming he was working, when in fact he was actually in the midst of playing Tomb Raider." (Erica Smith, 1997) :)

04/04/01: added a brand new web site dedicated to Leeroy's solo project as Flightcrank. Its all in Flash, so get the player before you open the site [HERE]

02/04/01: First of all, today now finally Leeroy Thornhills solo album was released! Check it out! (more info www.prodigynews.co.uk)

Also, last Friday apparently Judge Jules on Radio 1 played some new remixes of Prodigy tracks. First a remix of Smack My Bitch Up that was called 'Smack My Bass Up'. Second was a new remix using samples from Voodoo People. 'Nismo' managed to record the second one and has encoded it for us! You can download the mp3 [HERE]

Also as you might know I am running the official site for Gizz Butt's Janus Stark. Check out the new redesigned site and there's a chance for you to submit questions to the band for an upcoming interview too!
--> www.janusstark.com

28/03/01: weird and at the same time scary stuff has happened over the last few days. Being quoted on some big music web sites and even music television is a bit weird if you're running a fansite, and the media has once more proofed to be brilliant at misquoting. A 'probably' was quick turned into a 'definitely' and soon all the journalists went hysterical. They went hysterical over a 'possible release' of a new Prodigy single. Ha ha! A bit silly considering the fact that over the last two years the band have kept talking about possible releases all the time. In the rare occasion of an interview anyway.

In fact, they have been reassuring us all the time: "Probably 2 singles in '99, but I think the album wont be out until the year 2000" (Liam nov '98, MTV), "I'd like to release a single before the end of the year" (Liam Aug 2000, NMETV) and there would be many more examples.

We should have learned by now that they keep changing their mind. The fact that 'there are plans' doesn't always mean it is going to happen. Especially in the case of The Prodigy. And then the songtitle. Everyone knew that there was a song called 'No Souvenirs' around, a collaboration between Prodigy and 3D. Everyone knew it would probbaly get released sooner or later in some form. This was news in winter '99.

But anyway, this is a fansite, and although I will always try to act in the interest of the band, this site is in no way official or has anything to do with The Prodigy or their record company.

And for those of you waiting for the good news, yesterday Maxim posted into the Forum of his website (www.maxim.uk.net) that "Indeed there will be an official Prodigy site in the near future,watch this space."

Can't wait for that.

25/03/01: There is a rumor that apparently James Lavelle has remixed the new Prodigy single! James Lavelle is the owner of the Mowax label and has been DJing a couple of times with Liam over the last 2 years. In fact, he has been DJing at about ALL of Liam's DJ sets! But anyway, this is nothing but an unconfirmed rumor.

If you live in UK make sure you watch Channel 4 next Saturday (31.3.) where they gonna show a Top Ten of X-rated videos... and Prodigy's Smack My Bitch Up will be one of them. Apparently they're gonna show some other goodies such as an interview with Shahin Badar, the woman who did the vocals on SMBU.

And to keep you all entertained I've scanned in a snippet from the current 'Now' magazine, who compares the looks of Keith Flint with an, erm, Orang Utah. No, really. [check pic]

23/03/01: Now, Leeroy's album had its release date postponed to 2nd April 2001, not on 12th March as i posted below. Some record shops in central London have had it on sale for weeks already though. But anyway, 2nd April is the date! Also check out this weeks NME for a quote by Leeroy: "I was probably the most talented of the Prodigy" ... probably been ripped out of conext though.

And quite funny is that just after for about a week about 90% of IRCnet #prodigy regulars have been dissing Gorillaz, nme.com got a report about their debut gig at the Scala in London (last night): 'The celebrity-packed audience included Blur drummer Dave Rowntree, Nicole Appleton, Helena Christensen, Sadie Frost, Jude Law, Jonathan Ross, Keith Flint, Liam Howlett and Ant & Dec'. he he [HERE]


19/03/01: Just after the press has picked up on Prodigy's 'inactivity' and started to question the future of the band (see NME article below), it seems as that The Prodigy are now finally gonna be back this summer and will, according to their management, probably release the single 'No Souvenirs' around July-September 2001! 'No Souvenirs' is the collaboration of Liam and Rob Del Naja aka 3D from Massive Attack !

For more about 'No Souvenirs' go [HERE]

Leeroy Thornhill was interviewed by Radio XFM on 6th March 2001. You can listen to the mp3 of the interview [HERE].

16/03/01: sorry the link below didn't work for a while, i by mistake uploaded an empty file when i updated it.

15/03/01: After my nice comments below on the current situation with Prodigy, NME have had a rather critical article leading a bit into the same area. I've added the article 'Has the Prodigy's fire gone out?' from NME [HERE]

12/03/01: Leeroy's solo album is released! Flightcrank - 'Beyond all reasonable doubt'. More info about Flightcrank on Nekosite soon!

11/03/01: After the last 2 years have been full of activities for the band it now seems that The Prodigy are taking a well deserved break to get back into shape for all the upcoming tours they have been promising over the last 2 years. Liam Howlett, reported to be still exhausted from the 4 DJ sets he played last year, is rumored to have indeed put a foot into his studio earlier this year, only to discover that there's about 10cm of dust all over his equipment.

Its a bit hard to keep track with all the news about the band these days with the almost yearly updates about the 'upcoming' 4th Prodigy album. The latest news include the announceent of the album title 'Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned' exactly one year ago. It can only be a question of another couple of years until the actual release, so to keep you entertained until then i thought I'd find something 'new' to add about Prodigy (not so easy these days..)

The new feature in question is related to Liam's DJ mix album The Dirtchamber Sessions Volume 1. This album, released in Feb '99, came along with a tracklist, naming 'all' the tracks on the album. If you listen closely though, you realize that there is quite a lot of uncredited songs on the album. And thats what the new section on nekosite is about [HERE]

also updated the eventplaner [here]

28/02/01: Find out how to get hold of original merchandise as well as a live video from Prodigy's last gig to date in Sofia 28th August 1999. [HERE]

24/02/01: for some reason BT haven't deleted my audio / video section, so there ya go again (it might not be forever tho) [HERE]

15/02/01: nekosite had to be moved to a new server and the audio/video section is currently down. Please read my announcement. [HERE]

04/02/01: Finally added the soundfiles of 2 'recent' DJ sets by Liam Howlett. one of them his set at Fabric in July 2000 and the other one his NYE set from the Resolution Party. [HERE]

27/01/01: and before you get all bored here a little recommendation from neko: check out www.breaksworld.com and check out the cool live set by Hedrock Valley Beats, a Prodigy inspired band from Northern Ireland [HERE]

27/01/01: ok, I know, not much updates lately. This was mainly due to me being busy with other stuff (travelling, snowboarding, exams etc). But this will change now and you should keep an eye on the site over the next few days for a new Liam Howlett DJ set soundfile and other additions. Also make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter on www.prodigynews.co.uk. For now I have added a new guestbook: [HERE]

6/01/01: updated the Resolution review with a new pic of Maxim [HERE] and updated the eventplaner [HERE]

4/01/01: Added new review, pictures and setlist of the Resolution party on NYE with a DJ set by Liam Howlett and gigs by Primal Scream, ADF and Ian Brown [HERE]

19/12/00: uploaded a review, setlist and many pictures of Liam Howlett's DJ set last Saturday in Bristol at the Massive Attack x-mas party at The Rock [HERE]

03/12/00 : updated audio section! With Titan (the track Liam did for the Uranus Experiment movie), We eat rhythm remix and the Sneaker Pimps Firestarter cover [HERE] more to come!

30/11/00: pictures of Liam DJing at the Madonna gig (taken from the webcast) added to the review now [HERE]

29/11/00: YES! I managed to get in! Read about Liam Howlett's DJ set at the Madonna gig last night!
A personal report by neko about what happened outside Brixton Academy before the gig, how I managed to get a ticket and finally, what happened inside Brixton Academy at this very extraordinary event. [HERE]

26/11/00: Just 2 days to go! In 2 days Liam Howlett will be DJing for Madonna at her 'Music Business'-only gig at Brixton Academy. So far I don't know a single Prodigy fan with a ticket. So if you have a ticket for that gig and are going please contact me and I would be grateful for a short review! Also if someone has a spare ticket, please let me know cause I havent got one, unfortunately :(.

26/11/00: Added more fan feedback about the Prodigy DIY article [HERE] and the Liam DJing at Madonna gig discussion. [HERE]

25/11/00: redesigned the main page and added a few pages, one for 'first-time visitors' and one with 'contact' and 'about me' info. If you have any comments (good or bad) about the new look, please let me know!

15/11/00: Added more comments by fans about Liam's DJ set for Madonna [HERE] and also finally updated the eventplaner [HERE].

14/11/00: A hot debate has arisen among Prodigy fans about Liam's DJ set for Madonna. Has he 'sold out'? Or is everyone just going a bit too hysterical? Check out what other fans think and add your opinion. [HERE]

14/11/00: Added the first feedback about what Prodigy fans think about the DIY Prodigy article [HERE]. To read the article go [HERE].

12/11/00: Added details about Liam's 3 next DJ dates, including the Madonna one! [HERE]

12/11/00 : added 'DIY Prodigy' - a tutorial about how to create Prodigy music [HERE]

1/11/00: more details of Liam Howlett's next DJ set [HERE]

24/10/00: Added the complete lyrics for all tracks on Maxim's Hells Kitchen album, check it out at the Maxim section! [HERE]

23/10/00: new DJ date for Liam Howlett confirmed! He will DJ at New Years Eve at Alexandra Palace in North London along the likes of Primal Scream, Asian Dub Foundation and many more. For more details check out issue #19 on www.prodigynews.co.uk.

25/09/00: updated info and pics on the biographies page for all Prodigy (ex-) (live-) members [HERE]

23/09/00: updated and redesigned Maxim section. Now also added info, tracklist and scans from his new album Hells Kitchen [HERE]

15/09/00: added soundfile of new interview with Maxim from Xfm London from 13th September 2000. Check it out in the audio section! [HERE]

12/09/00: Just added a new cool and easy to use Forum on this website! You can check it out in the 'guestbook' area or by clicking here

Apart from that there haven't been much updates here as I've been busy with other stuff (and it's not like that Prodigy are really doing anything). To catch up with the latest news about Prodigy and updates on this website just stay subscribed on www.prodigynews.co.uk

06/09/00: Janus Stark site updated [HERE] and new guest review from the Barfly Sessions with Pitchshifter, Crocketts and My Vitriol [HERE]

03/09/00: Added new live reviews and pictures from Reading Festival, including RATM, Slipknot, Foo Fighters, Primal Scream, Manchild, Limp Bizkit etc. [HERE]

28/08/00: Added new live reviews from Janus Stark, Hedrock Valley Beats and V2000 festival (Moby, Underworld, manchild, bloodhound Gang, Cypress Hill etc.) [HERE]

28/08/00: yes, guys, today it's exactly one year since Prodigy played their last gig to date, in Sofia, Bulgaria. And nothing much has happened since, except Leeroy leaving the band, 'No Souvenirs' being shelved and various band members appearing in gossip sections of tabloids and magazines for dating whatever celebrities. It can only get better now!

Anyhow, this site hasn't really been updated for *gasp* over 2 weeks, mainly cause I've been so terribly 'busy' attending various gigs and festivals. Reviews and pictures will eventually appear here, watch this space! Also I've been working on an update for the website of Happy Gilmore (the band of Prodigy live drummer Kieron Pepper),so if you haven't already, check it out : www.happy-gilmore.co.uk

26/08/00 : Liam Howlett has talked to the press at Reading 2000. Prodigy were NOT playing, but Liam and Keith were there on the Friday, watching Primal Scream and the Foo Fighters. Review of the festival to follow on this website. See, hear, read the video interview from yesterday with Liam [HERE]

12/08/00: soundfile of the mega rare Slacker Remix of Smack my Bitch Up in full studio version is in the sudio section now [HERE]

09/08/00: added info and scans about 'scheming' in the Maxim section [HERE]

07/08/00: massive update in audio/video section: added Vienna '97 gig in mp3, Semple Stadio '94 in Real Audio, a video mpeg of 'We Do What The Fuck We want' in Sofia '99 plus the most hilarious interview from the mtv awards '96 ... [HERE]

05/08/00: Sample Sources updated including intro beats of DCV1 [HERE]

03/08/00: Added 2 short video interviews  [HERE]

31/7/00 : Added We eat rhythm to the audio section [HERE]

28/7/00 : updated the layout of this newspage and added the fact that I am desperately looking for a ticket for Reading Festival [HERE]

27/7/00 : added 10 min excerpt of the soundfiles of Liams DJ set [HERE]

26/7/00 : Full Review and many pictures of Liam Howlett DJing at Fabric last Friday are ONLINE NOW!!!! [HERE]

22/7/00: Biggest 'Prodigy event of the year' so far yesterday at Liam Howlett's DJ set @ Fabric in London. neko was there for you! Read the 'preview of the review' [HERE]

19/7/00: Completely restructured nekosite!

Its now in 3 parts:

The Prodigy site, the nekoZine and the 'etc' section.

I guess the navigation is much easier now, hope you enjoy!

12/07/00: added review of Pitchshifter @ Ozzfest, USA [HERE], updated PSI section [HERE], updated eventplaner [HERE]

10/07/00: Janus Stark played a storming set at the Willow Festival in Peterborough, including their remix for Maxims new single Scheming [HERE]

08/07/00: wrote a little story about INXS [HERE]

08/07/00: Audio section: new soundfiles from Sofia '99 plus video from Kerrrang Awards '97 [HERE]

07/07/00: New live reviews and pictures! Kieron Peppers band Happy Gilmore and Underworld [HERE]

06/07/00 : Made a few updates in the ETC section, new 'selected links' section, new trade section, credits updated [HERE]

03/07/00: Tickets for Fabric Live with Liam Howlett on sale [HERE]

02/07/00: New Discussionforum, check out NekoBoard! [here]

30/6/00: the worst 'Prodigy article' ever, hilarious attempt to analyze The Prodigy and their fans. Horrible. [HERE]

30/6/00: Audio/Video Section updated with new Prodigy stuff! [HERE]

30/6/00: Sofia live review revised [HERE] & video of Prodigy leaving Hotel [HERE]

29/6/00: Massive GLASTONBURY 2000 review added, all the cool bands, with many pics [HERE]

27/6/00: Maxim chats to the fans - read the whole "conversation" [HERE]

19/6/00: All you need to know about Liam's next DJ date! [HERE]

18/6/00 : The last issue of NEKONEWS plus the launch of a brand new Prodigy mailing list! [HERE]

17/6/00: Added Pictures and the video of Maxim and Leeroy presenting the Dancestar Awards earlier this month [HERE]

17/6/00: Many new Janus Stark tourdates confirmed [HERE]

15/6/00: Added info and stuff about NO SOUVENIRS, the Prodigy-Massive Attack collaboration [HERE]


7/6/00: Janus Stark site updated [HERE]

6/6/00: Added lyrics for Carmen Queasy [HERE]

4/6/00: Soundfiles and scans from Leeroy's forthcoming Flightcrank EP [HERE]

2/6/00: Radio 1 interview with Maxim (incl. soundfiles) uploaded plus 3 page story from Kerrang magazine, all in my new Maxim section in 'articles' [HERE]

2/6/00: Homelands England feat. Public Enemy, Leftfield, Moby, Manchild, Richard Fearless, Ian Brown etc: Review and pics now online [HERE]

1/6/00: Added guitartabs for Carmen Queasy in Maxim section [HERE]

1/06/00: Added new Prodigy Poll [see on the left]

31/5/00: Added Video Interview with Maxim and Skin to Maxim section [HERE]

31/5/00:Funky Shit and Breathe live at Brixton on Real Media Video [HERE]

30/5/00 : Redesigned Maxim section, now with interviews, articles and a discography with info about Scheming, his forthcoming collaboration with Liam Howlett [HERE]

30/5/00: Sample Sources page updated [HERE]

29/5/00: Nekonews 70: Maxims single released and reviewed, Leeroy plays gig and gets airplay, more info on 'Scheming', Podigy fansites in the media [HERE]

24/5/00: Nekonews 69: Maxim Psychobabble interview from Melody Maker plus more news on Prodigy and Leeroy [HERE]

20/5/00: Check out a massive report about the tour that kept me away from updating this website for so long: Janus Stark and Die Toten Hosen touring in Germany and Switzerland, Reviews, pictures, live, backstage, soundchecks, exclusively on Nekosite! [HERE]

11/5/00: NEKONEWS 66 [HERE]

8/5/00 : Gizz Butt's new band : FORCE FED. Force Fed are the brandnew band formed by ex-Prodigy guitarist Gizz Butt, Janus Stark bassist Shop, Joyrider drummer Carl Alty and Kim Nail, former backing vocalist for Marilyn Manson. Combining Gizz's songwriting skills with a heavy, agressive and dance influenced sound, this band definitely rocks! Check out the brand new website with soundfiles and make sure you subscribe to the Force Fed newsletter: http://forcefed.cjb.net    (debut gig 24th May in London!)

8/5/00: A new section dedicated to Cut 2 Kill including a rare soundfile [here]

5/5/00:If you can read this now you are actually lucky. At the moment BT Internet, who are hosting this site, are incredibly unreliable. They don't deliver me some of my e-mails and sometimes their servers are completely down (which means you can't access the site). Not much I can do about it since this site is completely non-profit or whatsoever. Anyway, there's a few updates in the eventplaner and the Sample sources page.

3/5/00: FINALLY the site is updated again! (yes, I didnt get tired of it yet!)

New DJ Date for Liam Howlett at the Fabric in London Farringdon 21st July 2000 confirmed by Midi Management.

NEKONEWS 57: Maxim collaborates with Eagle Eye Cherry (17/4/00)
NEKONEWS 58: Carmen Queasy on radio/ Garbage remix shelved (23/4/00)

Many more updates coming VERY soon!

23/4/00: Uploaded new addition: Prodigy Sample Sources [HERE]

21/4/00: Redesigned Prodigy live at Rockwave '99, added some pics, revised story a bit [HERE]

17/4/00: Soundfile and almost complete Setlist of Liam Howlett's DJ set from Homelands Ireland [HERE]

16/4/00: Download the MPEG Video of Maxim's new single 'Carmen Queasy' and read more info about it [HERE]

15/4/00: Exclusively for nekosite I translated a new 2-page German article and Interview with Maxim talking about The Prodigy and his solo work to English! You can read it all and see the scans [HERE]

14/4/00: Uploaded Part 2 of 'fan reactions to Leeroy's departure' [HERE] + updated the eventplaner [HERE]

13/4/00: New live reviews and pics: Pitchshifter in London and Die Toten Hosen in Germany [HERE]

10/04/00: What the Prodigy fans think about Leeroy quitting Prodigy

06/04/00: Nekonews 53: New details on Leeroy's and Maxims solo material!

06/04/00: New live reviews: Pitchshifter / Janus Stark [HERE]

05/04/00:  Are The Prodigy going to split? [HERE]

04/04/00: Leeroy Thornhill quits The Prodigy :(  [HERE]

27/3/00: AUDIO update: Glastonbury '97 and France '96 by The Prodigy in mp3 plus High Quality mp3's or Primal Scream live at Maida Vaile Studios [HERE]

25/3/00: New live review of NSMA with Manchild, Chicane (feat.Bryan Adams) and 3 more bands! [HERE]

23/3/00: major update and redesign of Janus Stark section (soundfiles!) [HERE]

21/3/00: new live pictures for Manchild in Dudley [HERE] and new Janus Stark tourdates added [HERE]

17/3/00: Liam is talking about his work on the new Prodigy album: "I'm really buzzing with it right now" he said "I just think its time now for Prodigy to come out with something strong now because so much stuff sounds dull. Apart from the Primals album, there's hardly any real energy or anger out there."
Plus the press responding to announcement of new album title. Read NEKONEWS 47 here!

16/3/00: Manchild live at the Dudley Campus 15th March 00 [HERE]

12/3/00: Facts, news, HQ soundfiles, scans and more about Liams collaboration with Primal Scream! [HERE]

12/3/00: Phat Candy bootleg plus Marquee '94 plus Real Video of breathe live at Brixton '97 added in the Audio section.

11/3/00: new live reviews section including new review and pics of the Foo Fighters [HERE]

9/3/00: The album title for the 4th Prodigy album is revealed! Read Nekonews 44

9/3/00: Full Longman EP in the audio section [HERE]

7/3/00: Read Nekonews 43 ! [HERE]

7/3/00: added Dog Day mp3 plus updated 'Artists inspired by The Prodigy' [HERE]

2/3/00: Now available the MPEG of the Voodoo People (Dust Bros) Videoclip  and an the Diesel Power Dirtchamber remix on mp3 plus the mega rare Funky Shit (edit) on mp3!  [HERE]

28/02/00: High Quality recording of the Sneaker Pimps cover of Firestarter and scan of the rare 7" now available, plus a new Soundfile of Swedish Band 'Refused' playing a coverversion of Voodoo People. [HERE]

27/02/00: 2 Full gigs (Cambridge '96 + Brixton '95) and other tracks added in the audio section, altogether 47 new files!  [HERE]

26/02/00: Review of Manchild live at the Imperial College 25th Feb 2000 [HERE]

23/02/00: updated eventplaner plus NEKONEWS 41: Madonna talks about The Prodigy + more

19/02/00: Added more scans from Russian magazines [HERE]

19/02/00: More updates in Audio section: The FIRE VIDEO in MPEG and Real Media plus the whole Semple stadion gig with a never heard 'guitar version' of Voodoo People! Plus the Sneaker Pimps cover of Firestarter now in mp3!

18/02/00: Audiosection updated: EXCLUSIVE, very rare and never seen online before the cover of the Sneaker Pimps of Firestarter! Plus the Bloodhound Gang singing Smack My Bitch Up. More updates this weekend!  [HERE]

17/02/00: Read NEKONEWS 39: Leeroy talks about what's happening with The Prodigy, Janus Stark on new soundtrack, Pitchshifter line-up change! [HERE]

17/02/00: I lost all mails which were sent to me 16th Feb !! If you have mailed me 16th Feb, please send your mail again! Sorry for the inconvenience!

13/02/00: new flash intro by the ant + updated credits

11/02/00: updated Eventplaner

6/02/00: More artists in the Inspired section: Tempus Fugit, DJ Charly, Mike L.

25/1/00: New section featuring 'artists inspired by The Prodigy' is up now, already with the first band: Hedrock Valley Beats [HERE]

25/1/00: Updated Janus Stark Picture page [HERE]

22/1/00: The audio section is up again and from now on will be constantly growing with many rarities and live sounfiles  [HERE]

16/1/2000: Launched the new URL: http://www.nekosite.co.uk !!!

9/1/2000: Nothing much has happened here in the last 2 weeks, but the readers of nekonews know that I've been far from lazy! Nekosite is currently being moved to a new server which will give you faster and more reliable access to this site. It takes me ages to rewrite all the links, but as soon as  this is done you can expect loads of great new files and features. The URL http://nekoprodigy.homepage.com will then directly lead you to the 'new' site!  Meanwhile feel free to mail me!

28/12/99: How to support and link this site with a special banner and get linked, too!!

26/12/99: Uploaded an EXCLUSIVE Interview with Gizz Butt, including loads of Soundfiles!!          [HERE]

26/12/99: The new Prodigy single in April 2000 !!!  [HERE]

26/12/99: Scans of Prodigy articles from Russia [HERE]

14/12/99: FLIPSIDE has a 5 page article on Prodigy plus Prodigy as band of the year 1997 !! Check it out here !

14/12/99: Janus Stark: Updated picture page, new reviews

8/12/99: New Prodigy single in Spring? Leeroy DJing in London? Read NEKONEWS 23!

8/12/99: Chemical Brothers in London, report and pictures [HERE]
8/12/99:Basement Jaxx live in London, report and pictures [HERE]

2/12/99: NEW Audiosection, 13 MP3's of the FULL Prodigy gig from Rockwave 15/7/99, including the new song "We do what the fuck we want"   [HERE]

2/12/99: Many new scans of Prodigy rarities [HERE]

29/11/99: Liam to remix Garbage

29/11/99: Prodigy deny sample for charity single

29/11/99: Eventplaner updated [HERE]

29/11/99: JANUS STARK Update: new picture section added, new tourdates + review and pics from Bimingham 24th Nov 99 [HERE]

22/11/99: New review and pictures of Liam Howlett DJ at the FABRIC in London 19/11/99! [HERE]

17/11/99 ; New Face Of The Week 16: Lucid Anne

17/11/99:EXCUSIVELY on neko's site: listen to Liams DJ Set at Homelands Ireland 25th September 99!!      [HERE]    (you need real player G2 to play it, the file is 9,2MB big)

17/11/99  Huge update on neko's Janus Stark site: 9 new reviews and GREAT pics of the Nov 99 tour + a brandnew Janus Stark FAQ!!!    [HERE]

5/11/99 JANUS STARK live in Colchester and Chelmsford! review and great pictures [HERE]

2/11/99:Listen to Maxims Sugar hill report for Radio 1! [ PART 1 ](4,1MB) or  [ PART 2 ](3,08MB) (you need Real Audio G2)

2/11/99: Bloodhound Gang live! New section added, with pictures and review from 3 gigs! [HERE]

28/10/99: I just got a new DJ date for Liam Howlett confirmed! As rumoured before, he will be Djing in the new club in London : THE FABRIC. The date is 19th November 1999, and the DJ set will be reviewed by neko. More info in my Liam Howlett DJ Section [HERE]

28/10/99: Maxim will host a documentary about the Sugarhill Gang on Radio 1. Read the whole article [HERE].

26/10/99: Finally a new Face Of The 'week'. No 15: DANISH / SOREN (HERE)

26/10/99: uploaded a list of almost my whole recordcollection (HERE)

24/10/99: INTERACT with other fans of The Prodigy, Janus Stark, etc and try IRC and newsgroups! More info HERE !!

23/10/99: Finally uploaded review and pics of Soundisciples at the Red Eye Venue (HERE)

22/10/99: Liam DJing again Midi Mangement confirmed to me that Liam Howlett will be DJing in November in Londons new club The Fabric. The Fabric had its opening night Thursday  21stOctober. 

21/10/99: 'No Souvenir' is the the provisional title of the first song completed for the next Prodigy album!! Its a song by Liam and 3D (Massive Attack)together, but NOT part of the soundtrack for 'The Beach', which is another project of them together. The new Prodigy album probbaly wont be out before 2001. Maxim is almost finished with his solo album, which features collaborations with Skin (Skunk Anansie), Gangstarr and the Sneaker Pimps.
                                READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE HERE     (Scanned from Meloy Maker)

17/10/99:  NEKOSITE is 1 year old!  neko gives the awards to tjose who deserve it!! (HERE)

17/10/99 : Janus Stark live in London 14th October 99 plus brandnew tourdates!!! (HERE)

17/10/99:  updated the eventplaner (HERE)

17/10/99:  Liam Howlett and 3D in NME  plus  Leeroy in the Evening Standard!! (HERE)

7/10/99: JANUS STARK live in Watford! (HERE)

3/10/99 : new pictures of The Prodigy and BHG at Rockwave festival in Greece 15/799 (HERE)
3/10/99: PITCHSHIFTER at Big Day Out 15/7/99 (HERE)

30/9/99: added a new Guestbook page (HERE) and updated 'about me' (HERE)

27/9/99: Uploaded the review of Liam Howlett DJing at homelands Ireland (25/9/99) plus Underworld and the best pictures I've ever taken.  (HERE)

18/9/99: An Interview with the Prodigy, the best screengrabs, plus quotes from Liam, Keith and Maxim (HERE)   "Its all down to the music"

16/9/99: All the info you need about homelands Ireland!  (HERE)

14/9/99: RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE live in the London Astoria 13/9/99, get the review, get the pics!! (HERE)

12/9/99:  Added loads of scans of Prodigy- singles (XL/Intercord/Maverick) and -rarities. (HERE)

11/9/99: Soundisciples@ the Borderline and Janus Stark @ the LA2 10th September 99, see the pictures, read the review!! (HERE)

9/9/99: NEW pictures of The Prodigy from the EMA 98! Plus full story! (GO HERE)

   new: Pictures of Liam Howlett DJing at Bug Jam (HERE)

6/9/99: Liam Howlett DJing at Homelands festival in Edinburgh 4/9/99! Check out my review and the great pictures! (HERE)

Some impressions from V99 Chelmsford (HERE)

31/8/99: THE PRODIGY LIVE IN SOFIA 28/8/99! neko reports and brings you amazing and exclusive live- and backstage pictures of The Prodigy plus a review with full setlist and some background info. Reading the 3 parts of this review is a 'must' ! (HERE)

24/8/99: Maxim reveals in ID that he had released a 500 copies whitelabel under the name 'Grim Reaper' 5 years ago! 
The Prodigy in Melody Maker: no album in the next 3 years?   (go here)

24/8/99: new face of the week: Prodigyfan Elle from California! (go here)

21/8/99: CONGRATULATIONS! Liam Howlett has his 28th Birthday today!!!

20/8/99: Once again some EXCLUSIVE soundfiles! Only on Neko's page you can already listen to the new EP by Pitchshifter 'UN-UK', which will be released 6th September 99. GO HERE

19/8/99: Added 2 new Janus Stark Tourdates!  (check HERE)

18/8/99:. Liam: "We`re playn` a couple of new tracks in Bulgaria but nothing is gonna be like solid album tracks, I`m just preparing the stuff"  Find a brandnew Interview with Liam on the Bulgarian Addicted to Prodigy site! Liam talks about how he is progresing with the new album, his favourite live tunes, says that there is nothing else in his life than music etc. For a fan its a MUST to check it out!

17/8/99: NME: Prodigy back in the studio!, Leeroy as TV Host? + Melody Maker: Leeroy playing football! Get the full articles HERE

14/8/99: finally added a Faithless section, with exclusive live pictures by neko from 5 gigs! HERE

14/8/99: New tourdates by one of my favourite livebands Faithless!! And also a Janus Stark/ Pitchshifter tourdate! (Go HERE)

13/8/99 : EXCLUSIVE 'Funky Shit (edit)' , the shorter version (official!!) of Funky Shit by The Prodigy can be found on nekos exlusive tracks site now! (Go here!)

11/8/99: the newest Prodigy Biography on each member and the live crew written by neko, plus some nice pictures (and some of them are unseen before) uploaded now!!! (go HERE)

10/8/99:  Survey and competition is running for another week! Take part before it is too late!
10/8/99: Finally finished my new navigation help!

6/8/99: Finally changed the design of my page throughout!! Now waiting for feedback!!
Article about Maxim in SELECT scanned (go here for Maxim)

4/8/ 99: neko's HomePage can proudly present the NEW PRODIGY SONG, performed live in Greece 15th July 99!  (go here to listen to it)

Neko's HomePage also has the full EP of Maxim which will be out 9th August 99 already on Real Audio, plus scans of the promos and the actual EP!! (go here for Maxim)

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